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best armored motorcycle jacket

So you're looking for the best motorcycle body armor but have no idea where to start?  I get it, at first I had no idea why anyone need armor when riding a motorcycle.

After being a part of the motorcycle community for a while I came to the conclusion that you really need a different type of jacket or armor for each occasion. 

Motorcycle armor comes in handy when you're riding in really hot weather but still want the protection from street abrasions.

Today I'm going to cover my top picks for the safest, and best protection armor jackets on the market.

Best Armored Motorcycle Jacket Reviews of 2018








Fox Racing Titan MTB 

EVS G6 Ballistic

Alpinestars Bionic Tech

Icon Stryker Rig

TMS Pro Street


Fox racing titan mtb armor jacket
EVS G6 ballistic motorcycle armor
Alpinestars bionic tech armor
Icon Styker Rig body armr
TMS Pro Street motorcycle body armor


Mesh Armor

Mesh Armor

Mesh Armor

Textile Armor

Mesh Armor


4 and a half stars
4 and a half stars
4 and a half stars
four stars
four stars


#1. Fox Racing Sport MTB

Fox racing titan mtb armor jacket
4 and a half stars

#2. EVS G6 Ballisitic

EVS G6 ballistic motorcycle armor
4 and a half stars

#3. Alpinestars Bionic Tech

Alpinestars bionic tech armor
4 and a half stars

#1. Fox Racing Sport MTB

fox racing titan sport mtb protective motorcycle armor

If you're looking for the best motorcycle body armor that looks good, provides great crash protection and insane airflow, then take a look at this option from Fox Racing.

The Fox Racing Sport MTB is lightweight motorcycle mesh armor which provides top of the line chest and armor protection, with a form fit to keep the jacket tied to the rider at all times.

There are definitely cheaper motorbike body armor options out there, but when it comes to your safety, as well as protection from the elements, the Fox Racing Sport MTB comes in at the top of our list.


  • Available in orange white and black
  • Full Mesh main body fabric
  • CE-Certified
  • Centrally located zipper for easy access
  • Increased airflow
  • Form fitting
  • Kidney belt
  • Full armadillo back protection
  • Removable articulated back armor protector
4 and a half stars

#2. EVS G6 Ballistic

EVS Sports G6 Ballistic jersey motorcycle armor

The EVS G6 motorbike armor is the only option on this list with articulating spine protection, which moves with you as you ride.

This is a big deal because it makes the armor feel as if it's a part of your body and does not stop movement in any way.

While providing great protection, the E6 also offers a thumb hole for easy accessibility, which provides the rider the easiest possible on and off armor on the market today.


  • Full torso and elbow absorption panels
  • Made from high grade plastic
  • Full articulating spine protection that moves with you body
  • Body armor in the chest, back, arm and shoulders
  • Hinged elbow pads
  • CE-Certified
  • Lightweight ballistic fabric made from mesh
  • Compatible with neck brace
  • Built in kidney belt
  • Thumb hole for easy on and off design
  • Machine washable
4 and a half stars

#3. Alpinestars Bionic Tech

Alpinestars Bionic Tech motorcycle armor

The Bionic Tech motorcycle armor is just another great option from Alpinestars. This bad boy is lightweight, ventilated and made from super soft mesh material.

This armored riding jacket comes equipped with a top of the line Cross Lacing system, which uses an elastic cord to secure the jackets sleeves in place.

The reason this is such an important feature is because CLS was created to reduce the risk of armor pump riders get, from putting too much pedal to the medal. 


  • Protector panel shells constructed from polymer performance blend
  • Optimized for flexibility
  • CE- Certified
  • Made from lightweight mesh material
  • Vented shells to improve airflow and prevent heat build up
  • Removable comfort padding
  • Lace sleeve enclosures with removable sleeves
  • Detachable back protector
  • Innovative cross lacing system
  • Elastic kidney TPR belt system for improved ergonomics
  • Dual protector cup in shoulders for added manoverability 
4 and a half stars

#4. Icon Stryker Rig

Icon Stryker Rig field motorcycle body armor

Say hello to the sexiest looking armored motorcycle clothing on this list. The Icon Stryker is made with a mesh and textile blend, and breathable inserts, the rider will stay cool in even the hottest of weather conditions.

This armor is thin enough that the rider can wear a motorcycle jacket over the top of it if you're looking for extra street abrasion resistance.


  • CE- Certified elbow and shoulder protection
  • D30 breathable inserts with BIO Foam
  • Molded chest plate with integrated air intakes
  • Hard back armor with multiple airflow channels
  • Adjustable waste straps
  • Thumbholes to hold the jackets sleeves in place
  • Made with mesh and textile to keep the rider cool
  • Great looking armor
  • Lots of mobility and good impact protection

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four stars

#5. TMS Pro Street

TMS motorcycle full body armor

The TMS Pro Street motorcycle body armor is my budget pick. This is by far the cheapest option you're going to find, and for good reason.

It definitely is not made to provide the quality of the other body armor options.

The TMS body armor comes equipped with a full zipper front closure, and adjustable straps in the arms and shoulders.

For the price this armor is a solid option, though I wouldn't expect it to last you very long.


  • Back protector
  • Shoulder cups
  • Forearm protector
  • Chest foam
  • High impact injection molded plastic
  • Full zipper front closure
  • Super inexpensive body armor
  • Made from a thin mesh padding
  • Highly breathable, made for warm weather conditions
four stars

Types of Motorcycle Body Armor

With so many different types of armored motorcycle jackets on the market, you may be wondering what kinds of material are the best for protection from the pavement. 

I mean, as riders that's our biggest worry isn't it?

We want to stay safe, while not being dragged down by heavy riding material. 

Hard Plastic

This is the most common material which you will find in just about any type of body armor.

It consists of extremely hard plastic designed to resist injuries which may result in the skin being punctured. 

Hard plastic armor is generally used in conjunction with a soft material such as mesh or textile.

As hard plastic will do nothing to provide shock absorption because there is no give in this type of material.

Which is why many of the hard plastic jackets use mesh use for comfort.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is a material which isn't used very often in body armor because it tends to get very warm, and not provide the rider with much ventilation. 

Though the impact absorption is out of this world, which is why you tend to find it in heavier winter jackets.


These are used for impact. Silicone is one of the softest materials for body comfort. It also has many densities which are used depending on the amount of padding a specific set of armor may need.


We've covered the best lightweight armor for protection, with 5 of our favorite options. Now it's up to you to make the decision of which motorcycle jacket is right for you.  

The Fox Racing MTB is a fantastic option for someone looking to stand out with a brightly colored vest, and also comes with a great one year warranty incase anything goes wrong with it.

Stay safe out there my fellow riders.

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