Best Hot Weather Motorcycle Jacket Reviews

Best Hot Weather Motorcycle Jacket


In the midst of the summer months, it's incredibly important to have the best hot weather motorcycle jacket that will keep you safe as well as cool.

The extra padding that a good summer riding jacket will provide can be a real lifesaver, but no one wants to be driving around in the heat wearing an uncomfortably heavy winter jacket.

On top of that, finding the best lightweight summer motorcycle jacket at the right price is an absolute priority. Not everyone has hundreds of dollars to spend on one jacket, much less two or more to cover the changes in seasons.

Summer Motorcycle Jacket Reviews






Viking Cycle Warlock

Joe Rocket Velocity

Xtreemgear Textile


viking cycle warlock
joe rocket vlocity 2018
xtreemgear textile






4 and a half stars
five stars
four stars


#1. Viking Cycle Warlock

viking cycle warlock
4 and a half stars

#2. Joe Rocket Velocity

joe rocket vlocity 2018
five stars

#3.. XtreemGear Textile

xtreemgear textile
four stars

#1. Viking Cycle Warlock

viking cycle warlock jacket

The Viking Cycle Warlock  is intensely stylish and with its Sure-fit adjustment system, it comes ready to provide the perfect fit for your needs.

It has CE-approved armor in the shoulders and elbows, as well as removable spine armor for that extra bit of protection.

This summer motorcycle jacket also comes at a great price that doesn't force you to sacrifice your wallet and your safety.

This bad boy is my choice for the best mesh motorcycle jacket for hot weather.


  • Very breathable

The Warlock jacket does a great job of cooling you off in the summer heat. As long as you're moving, the strategically placed vents will be working to allow the air to flow in and make sure you don't overheat.

Along with the great overall look of the jacket, you can rely on the mesh to keep your torso, back and arms cool and comfortable.

  • Plenty of pockets

The jacket has inside pockets, two outside pockets, and even a secret pocket made with extra padding will keep your most valuable items safe.

As an added bonus, a wire system embedded in the jacket which allows you to hide the wires and keep it out of your way.


  • Customer service issues/sizing

Customers have had issues with returning things, but they do get their money back if the jacket isn't right for them, but getting a hold of customer service is troublesome if you are just looking for a different size.

If this jacket appeals to you, then it would be ideal to make sure you get all the measurements needed to get the right size the first time in order to avoid the hassle.

4 and a half stars

#2. Joe Rocket Velocity 

joe rocket velocity mens mesh riding jacket

The Joe Rocket Velocity Jacket rides the line between class and safety. It has a great all-around look and comes with a reflective stripe to help other drivers keep you in their sights.

It also comes with belt loops that allow you to attach the jacket to your pants. The main benefit is that you will remain secure at all times.


  • Durable

This Joe Rocket jacket is one that will definitely keep you safe.

Between the contoured hot weather motorcycle armor in the shoulders and the optional CE spine armor, you're much more likely to be protected in the event of an accident.

While comfort and style are important, the protection that this motorcycle jacket can provide is well worth the cost.

  • Great ventilation

The mesh shell of this jacket allows air to flow through without having to give up safety.

The quick-release removable liner allows you to keep cool in the summer, and stay warm in the winter, making it beneficial all year long.


  • Runs small

This warm weather motorcycle jacket and has a tendency to run small and can sometimes be too short.

It would be a good idea to buy a size larger than normal to avoid this issue. While the Joe Rocket is still largely on the lower cost end of the spectrum, it is the most expensive on the list.

five stars

#3. Xtreemgear Textile

xtreemgear mens motorcycle textile mesh race jacket

The Xtreemgear jacket is very flashy. It's unlikely that you'll go unnoticed wearing this on the road. The jacket is made from mesh and a free-air polyester.

The jacket is abrasion resistant, allowing the convenience of being seen as well as protected by the armor in the jacket.


  • Very reflective

This jacket has a highly reflective outer layer, making sure that you stay visible at any time of day or night. While it may not be the most attractive look, it will go a long way toward helping you stay safe.

  • Great quality

The Xtreemgear race jacket is great quality, giving you more for your money with its abrasion- resistant material and removable impact armor.

 Made from mesh and polyester, it's a well-made jacket that won't cost you a fortune.


These jackets do tend to run large, making it important to pay attention to the sizing guide and make sure you have the measurements to ensure the best possible fit.

four stars

Summer Motorcycle Jackets: Do I Really Need One?

best summer motorcycle jacket

For those of you that have been into riding for as long as I have, you realize that having one jacket for every occasion isn't the most comfortable way to ride.

Though I understand funds can be tight for many riders, if that's the case, choose textile. As there are many quality all weather motorcycle jackets available.

It may be easy on the wallet, but you are most definitely sacrificing comfort.

There are far too many benefits to having a riding jacket made specifically for scorching hot weather. Growing up in hot Arizona weather, I realized that first hand.

So if you landed here because you were wondering, "what is the best summer motorcycle jacket?" then I think you've already made your decision.

Yes, you need one.

Best Motorcycle Jackets for Summer: Final Take

Today we took a look at three of the best summer motorcycle jacket reviews, with my top choice going to the Viking Cycle Warlock. Which in my opinion is one of the top bargains of 2017.

If you live in a hot climate and have been trying to find the best summer motorcycle jacket review, you will not regret grabbing any one of these jackets.

If you still only have leather jackets in your closet, something needs to change. Grab a comfy, ventilated jacket right now! It will change your life, I'm not kidding.

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