What are the Best Motorcycle Jackets Under $300?

best motorcycle jackets under 200

Motorcycle gear can be expensive, and that includes a quality jacket. Are you looking for a motorcycle jacket under 300?

One that is going to provide you with protective armor, as well as a comfortable fit?

If you are the type of rider that prefers the best of both worlds and are willing to spend a little bit extra, keep reading.

The biker jackets at the lowest prices are usually going to be poorly made and have different kinds of deficiencies.

Some of the cheapest motorcycle jackets may not last very long or provide the coverage that you need.

On the other end of the spectrum, spending over $500 on a motorcycle jacket, isn't the most practical option for every rider.

Best Motorcycle Jackets Under $300





Our Rating



Joe Rocket 92

joe rocket 92 motorcycle jacket


five stars



Viking Cycle Warlock

viking cycle warlock motorcycle jacket


4 and a half stars



Milano Sport Gamma

milano sport gamma


4 and a half stars



Joe Rocket 92

joe rocket 92 motorcycle jacket
five stars


Viking Cycle Warlock

viking cycle warlock motorcycle jacket
4 and a half stars


Milano Spoet Gamma

milano sport gamma
4 and a half stars

How To Find The Best Motorcycle Jacket Under $300

The idea is to find a great jacket at a great price. Regardless of whether your main priority is protection or staying comfortable.

It is possible to find a motorcycle jacket that will suit exactly what you are looking for, without breaking the bank.

When looking for such a jacket, it's important to do the needed research.

Which you are obviously doing, hence the reason you ended up here.

What to look for:

  • Removable CE-Rated armor
  • High-Quality material
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Minimum of a 1-year warranty
  • Durability
  • Well-made zippers

Here are 3 high-quality motorcycle jackets under $300 which are going to be reviewed in order to help you get an idea of the best one for you.

#1. Fox Racing Titan Sport Protective MTB Jacket

This is my choice for the best motorcycle jacket under 300, it's a great looking jacket made from a combination of breathable mesh and heavy-duty armor.

It comes with two high-impact chest, shoulder, and elbow plates as well as removable back armor.

The design comes both in all black and a black-and-white style complete with a center zip for easy removal.

An added benefit to this particular jacket is that not only is it CE certified, it also comes with a 1-year warranty that can come in handy if you have problems with the jacket


  • Extremely durable

The armor on this jacket is incredibly tough and able to handle all kinds of impacts with ease. Rocks, trees and even asphalt don't stand a chance against its hard shell.

This makes it really useful in particular for those who enjoy off-road biking of all kinds.

If you're looking for something that is going to provide a high level of protection, then this is the coverage for you.

  • Very lightweight

While it has a lot of armor, the design of this jacket is created so that you can still have freedom of motion. It won't hinder your movement or reactions in any way.

The mesh of the jacket also allows air to flow through the jacket and keep you cool even on the hottest days.


  • Poorly made zipper

The Fox jacket has been known to have a lot of problems with the zipper.

While the rest of the construction is strong and durable, the zipper has been reported to often break or catch.

While this is only a small problem, it can be frustrating to have to send the jacket back to be fixed or replaced.

This is something to keep in mind when looking for something that will best suit your needs.

#2. Pilot Motosport Men's Slate Air Jacket

The Pilot Motorsport jacket is made from micro-mesh, allowing it to be very breathable.

It has a rolled neoprene collar and overlay panels at the shoulders and elbows which are reinforced with triple or double-stitched seams.

This jacket also has the benefit of a red tab visibility system which makes pockets more visible, even when there isn't a lot of light around.


  • Substantial but not bulky

The pads in the elbows and shoulders of this jacket provide a high level of protection without feeling like they are weighing you down or hindering movement in any way.

Thus providing comfort and safety all wrapped up into one neat jacket. It's important to be able to move and react while on the road.

So a jacket with armor that is too thick or is placed in ineffective areas could cause a problem.

  • Good airflow

Due to the material of the Motorsport jacket, it's a great choice for riding in warmer weather.

It has great air circulation that will allow you to stay cool and comfortable at nearly any temperature.


  • Not meant for cooler weather

The downside to the jacket being made of mesh is that it does not protect well against the cold.

It's recommended that you add another layer under the jacket to help keep the heat in when going for a ride in cooler weather.

#3. Milwaukee Leather Men's Classic Side-Lace Police Style Motorcycle Jacket

If you're in the market for style and a tough, durable look, then the Milwaukee leather classic jacket is going to be the one for you.

It's made of real cowhide with a liner that will zip out if needed.

In order to create the ideal fit, the jacket provides also lace up sides that you can tighten to your liking.


  • Quality leather

The Milwaukee jacket is made from a high-quality durable leather with a fitted design.

The vintage biker look is likely to draw a lot of attention. As well as provide the comfort and protection necessary in a great motorcycle jacket.

  • Great for cold weather

This jacket is going to be great for cooler weather, keeping you at just the right temperature during your ride.

 If you live in a cooler climate and are going to need something that will help you stay warm as well as look great, then this jacket is an excellent option.


  • Sizes are confusing

It is especially important with this jacket to make sure you know your measurements to avoid any hassle.

Milwaukee jackets can run small or large, depending on the frame of the individual.

Knowing exactly what size you need is going to make for the best fit.

Best Motorcycle Jackets Under $300: Conclusion

When you're on the hunt for a top-notch motorcycle jacket you must know what type of jacket you're looking for.

With so many options available it can feel like a never-ending journey.

It's a tough decision, do you go with the cheapest motorcycle jacket? Or the most expensive?

Here at Top Motorcycle Jackets, our goal is to provide you with unbiased reviews, so you can make the best possible decision.

When it comes to the best motorcycle jacket under $300, there is a multitude of options available.

The Fox Racing Titan takes the cake in my book, because of it's high-quality materials and top of the line armor.

One of the toughest things to find is a lightweight riding jacket, that also provides maximum durability.

The Titan does both of those things and does them well.

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