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Are you looking for the best budget motorcycle jacket? Searching for an affordable new motorcycle jacket is hard enough as it is, with so many things one must look for when trying to uncover which jacket is needed for each occasion.

Their are a multitude of jackets ranging from super cheap, to insanely expensive it can be really tough to figure out which jacket is going to provide you with the most value, while still coming in at a price that won't break the bank.

Forget about looking for clearance motorcycle jackets at your local motorcycle gear shop and check out our top 5 choices for value riding jackets on the market today.

5 Best Budget Motorcycle Jackets








Viking Cycle Ironborn

Viking Cycle Thor

Nomad USA Classic

Hot Leathers Classic

Can-am Spyder


Viking Cycle Ironborn Motorcycle Jacket
Viking Cycle Thor Motorcycle Jacket
Nomad USA Classic Biker Jacket
Hot Leathers Classic Motorcycle Jacket
Can Am Spyder Moto Jacket








4 and a half stars
4 and a half stars
4 and a half stars
4 and a half stars
4 and a half stars


#1. Viking Cycle Ironborn

Viking Cycle Ironborn Motorcycle Jacket
4 and a half stars

#2. Viking Cycle Thor

Viking Cycle Thor Motorcycle Jacket
4 and a half stars

#3. Nomad USA Classic

Nomad USA Classic Biker Jacket
4 and a half stars

Best Budget Motorcycle Jacket Reviews

Today I want to cover the cheapest motorcycle jackets on the market. These are specific models which provide the most value and bang for your buck.

 No need to dig through the bargain bin at your local thrift store, I got you covered.

  • Most affordable price, while still providing excellent value
  • Inexpensive CE approved armor
  • Quality insulation
  • Reflectors

#1. Viking Cycle Ironborn

viking cycle ironborn motorcycle jacket

The Viking Cycle Ironborn is my top choice for the cheapest motorcycle jacket. Viking Cycle makes good quality, budget-friendly motorcycle jackets.

The features on this jacket are some that you only see on super high-end versions. The Ironborn looks great, feels great and is very easy on the wallet.

This is the ultimate jacket for someone who cares about looks and functionality at a budget price.


  • Adjustable belt strap
  • Headphones through collar system
  • Snap loops to attach jacket to belt
  • Quick access mobile pocket Reflective stripes
  • Reflective stripes
  • Full Armor


  • The main zipper has been known to jam
  • Jacket is heavy

4 and a half stars

#2. Viking Cycle Thor

viking cycle thor motorcycle jacket

The Viking Cycle Thor is just another awesome budget friendly motorcycle jacket from Viking Cycle. They sure know how to make rock solid jackets at great prices.

This bad boy has plenty of pockets, a 7-inch belt and looks great off the bike. My lady told me it really accentuates my frame and has a masculine look to it.

I was surprised when random passer-bys started asking me what kind of jacket it was. The Viking Cycle Thor comes in a close second place to its brother the Ironborn.


  • Lower Back Kidney
  • 7 Inch Belt
  • Breathable Lining
  • Reflective PU badges
  • Less Bulky Armor
  • Impact Absorption


  • Jacket can get chilly at 60 MPH Highway speeds
  • Plastic cover on the zipper gets loose
4 and a half stars

#3. Nomad USA Classic

Nomad Classic USA Biker Jacket

You're not going to find a cheap leather jacket better than this beast right here.

Nomad USA isn't a huge brand in the motorcycle jacket industry, but boy did they make a good one with the Nomad USA Classic Biker Jacket.

Heavy duty leather that feels and looks like it should cost a lot more than it does. If you're looking for the best budget leather motorcycle jacket, look no further this is the one for you.


  • Top Grade Milled Leather
  • YKK Zippered Cuffs
  • Quilted Polyester
  • Multi Pockets
  • Belted Waist


  • Fits small, order a size bigger
  • Stiff out of the box
4 and a half stars

#4. Hot Leathers Classic

Hot Leathers Men’s Heavyweight Jacket With Double Piping Review

This bad boy is the priciest jacket on this list and for good reason. It is a heavy duty quality leather, which looks good on or off your bike.

Plus it provides some of the best protection in its price range. Cheap mens leather motorcycle jackets don't always have to mean bad quality.

The Hot Leathers Classic is definitely not the cheapest motorcycle jacket but it provides more than enough value, to be worthy of making our top 5. 

The Hot Leathers Classic Motorcycle Jacket is the definition of style on a budget.


  • Classic style riding jacket
  • Cowhide leather
  • 3 pockets with zippers on the outside
  • Zip-out quilted lining
  • Removable insulation
  • Old school style


  • Leather smells bad
  • Stiff and heavy

4 and a half stars

#5. Can-am Spyder Roadster

CanAm Spyder Roadster Motorcycle Jacket

This budget motorcycle jacket is all about comfort, and customizability. If you want a cheap textile motorcycle jacket, this one isn't a bad pick.

The Can-am Spyder Roadster Riding Jacket is the first one I've reviewed from Can-am, and I've come to the conclusion that it is a solid jacket to have in your arsenal.

This jacket really provides ease of movement, much more so than leather counterparts.

 If you're someone who hates feeling constrained in your jacket, this is a good cheap motorcycle jacket.


  • Sleeve back and chest ventilation
  • Removable light insulation
  • Inside pouches for optional back, shoulder and elbow protectors
  • Nape collar cushion with Multi-adjustable biceps, forearm, and waste
  • Ease of movement
  • Waterproof


  • Inserts do not come with the jacket
  • Jacket can get expensive after purchasing inserts that come with similar Jackets
4 and a half stars

What Is The Best Hot Weather Motorcycle Jacket?

 Who says you have to sacrifice quality when you're on the hunt for a cheap motorcycle jacket?

With the jackets we discussed today, you will have a tough time finding a better quality inexpensive option.

All five options are a rock-solid choice, but in the end, the Viking Cycle Ironborn takes the cake.

This jacket provides the rider with good comfort, solid looks, and awesome features that you can't even find on motorcycle jackets that cost $300.

At one point I bought a jacket that cost as much as a month of rent on my condo.

In the past, all I cared about was my favorite black leather jacket. I had the dang thing for over 20 years, I thought I'd never need another one.

That was until I got in a motorcycle accident and my ride or die black leather jacket was gone forever.

 As time went on, more and more manufacturers started coming out with jackets of their own.

The first jacket I purchased after my 20-year-old jacket, was one made of textile.

 It wasn't super popular at the time and a lot of my friends thought I was crazy for moving away from my trusty old leather companion.

The thing about my first textile riding jacket is it made me realize that when you veer away from leather riding jackets, it opens you up to some of the more inexpensive motorcycle jacket options.

Just because a jacket doesn't cost a lot, doesn't mean it is bad quality.

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