Pilot Direct Air Mesh Motorcycle Jacket Review

The Pilot Motorsport Men’s Air Mesh Jacket Review

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In this review, we take a look at the Pilot direct air jacket and help you with the choices associated with getting decked out.

When you are in the market to buy a new motorbike jacket, there are a few things to keep in mind. What climate will you be riding in, what features do you need and how much protection is good for your type of riding. An air mesh jacket is a good choice for warmer climates and it comes with removable armor panels.

The Pilot Motorsport Direct Air Mesh Jacket (V3) comes with quite a few features to keep you comfortable and safe while you ride. It looks good with overlay panels on the shoulders. It has no center seams on the sleeves for added strength.

The pilot direct air jacket comes with a zip out, the sleeve length internal membrane that makes it the wind and waterproof. It also has removable CE approved micro-cellular armor in the shoulders and elbows. This armor is impact absorbing and dispersing.

The impact zones are double layered. The jacket has red tab visibility at the pockets and attachment points so you can see all the flaps and buttons in low light conditions.

It has back pad armor that can be upgraded to other back pads in the Pilot Motorsport range. The Air mesh jacket has a nice clean design with a rolled neoprene collar and a nice two-year warranty.

This pilot mesh motorcycle jacket promises to be a good choice, but we have some more information for you. We give you our verdict about the good features and bad features of this jacket. Let’s take a closer look.


    • The jacket has overlay panels on the shoulders
    • There are no center seams on sleeves
    • Comes with a zip out sleeve length water and windproof REISSA membrane
    • Has removable CE approved micro-cellular armor in the shoulders and elbows
    • The armor is impact absorbing and dispersing
    • Comes with red tab visibility at the pockets
    • Attachment points can be seen in low light conditions
    • Included back pad can be upgraded
    • Cas a clean design and it is compatible with Core chest protectors
    • It has a rolled neoprene collar
    • It comes with a 2-year warranty
    • Double layered impact zones
    • Made in Pakistan
    • Weight: 4 pounds (1.81kg)


  • Has a good number of pockets for a variety of uses
  • It is a very breathable air mesh jacket
  • It has a solid seal against rain and really is waterproof
  • The collar is smooth and comfortable
  • Has Velcro tightening straps to keep the jacket secure
  • The armor is soft and comfortable
  • The impact areas come with double layering
  • It has reflective strips for extra visibility
  • Designed with a custom fit
  • The zipper has a good rubber latch and seal


  • It is not a cold weather jacket
  • The jacket has a snug fit and can be difficult to size correctly
  • The lining fixers are not as durable as the rest of the jacket


This Air mesh jacket by Pilot Motorsport has a range of good qualities that really count in its favor. It is well designed with 8 pockets, and Velcro tightening straps to keep everything secure. It has good breathability and a smooth neoprene collar to keep you comfortable.

  • Great for rainy weather

The Pilot motorsport jacket will keep you dry in the rain and you can add layers underneath if you are doing cooler weather rides. It also performs very well in humidity and fog by keeping you dry but also ventilated so you don’t feel like boiling physically and emotionally when you get off the bike.

It is not a cold weather jacket though, in the colder areas you are going to need something a little thicker.

  • Well designed padding

The padding and armor are well designed to give your elbows, shoulders and back good protection when you might really need it.

It can be adjusted around the sleeves and waist with Velcro straps so you won’t have any issues with the wind while you ride. It has reflective strips that are well integrated into the design adds extra visibility.

  • Lining is not very durable

On the negative side, the lining fixings are not as durable as the other parts of the jacket. If you remove the lining often these fasteners will fail rather quickly.

Another negative that we have to mention is that the sizing can be a bit tricky. The pilot motorcycle jacket is streamlined, so for those of you who have a bigger build, it can be a bit tight around the waist. But other than the sizing there are very few things we can criticize this jacket about.


If you are looking for a good jacket for warm weather riding you really can’t go wrong with this Pilot men’s direct air mesh motorcycle jacket. It is well designed and stylish, it is available in a range of colors to fit your preference. It has high-quality protective armor that you can also upgrade to some of the higher level types.

It will keep you dry in the rain and dries out just as quickly after use. The pilot direct air jacket feels like it was designed by someone who actually rides and knows what works well and what doesn’t.

The only reason this jacket won’t be a good choice for you is if you need a little more warmth and if you don’t like to struggle with finding a good size. We can really recommend this jacket for its price class and type.

If you’re still having trouble finidng the right motorcycle jacket, check out our top mesh motorcycle jacket reviews.

Hopefully, this review of the Pilot Motorcycle Air Mesh jacket has given you the clarity you need to make a choice about your next piece of kit. Be safe on the road and enjoy your new jacket, this one’s a keeper.

Pilot Motorsport Jacket Size Chart


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