Best Motorcycle Jackets of 2018 | Top 5 Reviews

What are the Best Motorcycle Jackets in 2018?

best motorcycle jacket 2018

Choosing the best motorcycle jacket for your individual needs enables you to withstand any obstacle the open road throws at you.

This is why every riders top priority is to understand the most important aspects when shopping for one.

Even on hot summer days, you'll notice that many riders have on long-sleeved jackets.

No matter what riding style you are interested in, you should always have a quality jacket as part of your arsenal.

The toughest part is figuring out which type of jacket is right for each occasion.

Remember that a motorcycle jacket is more than just a fashion statement, it is the only thing protecting your body from the pavement.

5 Best Motorcycle Jackets (2018) 





Our Rating



Joe Rocket 92

joe rocket 92

Best Leather

five stars



Viking Cycle Warlock

viking cycle warlock

Best Textile

4 and a half stars



Milano Sport Gamma

milano sport gamma

Best Mesh

4 and a half stars



Speed and Strength off the chain 2.0

speed and strength off the chain 2.0


4 and a half stars



Milwaukee Leather

milwaukee leather


4 and a half stars



Joe Rocket 92 

joe rocket classic 92 motorcycle jacket review

Best Leather

five stars


Viking Cycle Warlock 

viking cycle warlock jacket

Best Textile

4 and a half stars


Milano Sport Gamma

Milano Sport Gamma Motorcycle Jacket With Red Accent

Best Mesh

four stars

Best Motorcycle Jacket Reviews 2018

With so many motorcycle jackets to choose from these days, it's no wonder many riders don't take the time to find the best one for their individual needs.

I mean, who wants to spend hours scouring the internet for the top motorcycle gear.

We got you covered with the latest motorcycle jacket reviews for 2018

Joe Rocket 92
(Best Leather)

joe rocket classic 92 motorcycle jacket review

This perfectly fitting leather from Joe Rocket is one of the best classic moto jackets i've ever had the pleasure of wearing.

  From the beautiful stripes, down to the form fitting, yet loose leather fit. It seems to nail everything on the head.

If you're looking for a riding jacket that won't break the bank, yet provides the best bang for your buck, look no further.


  • Made from Cowhide leather
  • Specifically tailored for a relaxed fit
  • 6 total pockets
  • Custom Zip-in lining
  • Classic old school biker look
  • Great for cold weather
  • Allows add on armor
  • Pre-broken in leather
five stars

Viking Cycle Warlock
(Best Textile)

Viking Cycle Warlock Motorcycle Mesh Jacket

Are you searching for something more than a simple vest or t-shirt for those long excursions?

Maybe something that is built to protect you in wet weather conditions but still stays cool in warmer climates?

Well, look no further because the Viking Cycle Warlock Motorcycle Jacket may be just what you need.—talk about swag on a budget.


  • Made from Textile/Mesh construction
  • Cooling mesh shell which covers the arms, torso, and back
  • Adjustment system which offers a Multi-point SureFit
  • Elbow and shoulder armor that is CE approved
  • Various interior pockets plus 2 outside pockets
  • Spine protector that features spine pads which are removable
  • Removable lining
4 and a half stars

Milano Sport Gamma
(Best Mesh)

milano sport gamma motorcycle jacket

If you would like to show off your athletic build and be safe on the road, you'll be pleased to know that the Milano Sport Gamma Motorcycle Jacket offers an athletic cut and built-in CE features.

Unlike a classic motorcycle jacket which tends to hang loose and potentially get in the way, this bad boy molds close to your body.


  • Waterproof
  • Quilted liner is thermal and can be removed
  • Chest and back features zippered vents
  • Shoulder and elbow armor is CE approved and can be removed
  • Available in four colors
  • 6 total pockets
  • 2 external vents
4 and a half stars

Speed and Strength
Off The Chain
(Best Streetbike)

Speed And Strength Off The Chain 2.0

Do you like picking up speed in rainy weather but hate getting soaked? Well, then this bad boy is for you.

The speed and strength off the chain 2.0 is one of my favorite jackets on the market and for good reason. This guy has a lot to offer for the price.


  • Textile material with a really clean look
  • Comes in stealth black, vintage black, brown, and a black and orange color combination
  • Removable hood that can be used to help keep rain, snow or hail out of your collar.
  • Speed zip ventilation controls
  • Reflective trim
  • Insulation is fantastic
4 and a half stars

Milwaukee Police Style
(Best Classic Leather)

Milwaukee Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Perhaps you would like the best of both worlds; maybe you appreciate the classic biker look but are still interested in being able to make a few adjustments from time to time.

 Milwaukee Leather is great for riders who are in search of the warmest riding jacket.


  • Premium milled cowhide
  • Thermal liner with full sleeve zip out
  • Side lace detail
  • Easily adjustable half belt
  • Two zippered pockets
  • Snap-close pocket
  • Good protection
4 and a half stars

2018 Motorcycle Jacket Buyers Guide

best motorcycle jackets

Riding Style

Understanding your primary use of the jacket is the first step in picking the perfect companion.

If you are looking for something that can be worn during your daily commute, well then, a comfortable ventilated Textile option is a good choice.

If you consider yourself a classy, old-school rider, then I would pick up a leather jacket.


One of a motorbike jackets biggest functions is to ensure the driver's safety.

A high-quality jacket provides an excellent barrier between the skin and pavement, should there be an accident.

Most are designed with a significant amount of padding in the highest impact areas, such as the elbows and shoulders.

Reflectors are also something to keep in mind, especially if you enjoy riding at night and want increased visibility.

Jacket Materials

When it comes to material, many riders believe the one and only choice is leather.

As it's been an iconic piece of clothing since the dawn of time. 

New age riders such as myself, have switched it up and are more interested in the features a jacket has to offer.

I'll be honest, I love to customize my jacket. With textile , I have more options when replacing my armor and padding.

Plus they provide great protection from the wind and are a good way to avoid the heat of the sun.

Not to mention protecting you from those pesky bugs that always seem to get in your way.

If you're looking for a jacket that is best suited for warm weather riding, check out mesh motorcycle jackets.

They are the most breathable, and lightest material you can find.

Motorcycle Armor

If you're asking yourself, "what are the best motorcycle jackets for men."

 I'm sure you've stumbled across some of the more expensive options, which include elbow, shoulder, chest and spine armor.

Flexible armor tends to be the most common type, which is the most comfortable and offers the rider the ability to remove and replace it.

The other type is rigid armor, while providing more protection, tends to be built into the jacket and is not removable.

It is advised you choose an armored motorcycle jacket, as the majority of them allow the built-in armor to be removed.

Final Verdict

Best Motorcycle Jacket Reiviews 2018

Selecting the right jacket material, protection, airflow, motorcycle armor and all types of other features can be a tough endeavor, but it doesn't have to be.

Just think about how you're planning on using the jacket and go from there.

The beautiful part about riding jackets is that you can have a different type for each occasion.  

This is why we provide you a multitude of All season, winter and summer motorcycle jacket reviews which will help you make the correct decision for your needs.

Just remember to check the size guide, as well as making sure the jacket is CE approved.