What is the Best Motorcycle Jacket Under $100?

best motorcycle jackets under 100

When it comes to purchasing a motorcycle jacket, you are pretty much-buying safety.

There are quite a number of different motorcycle jackets available for purchase and they can come at a pretty penny.

But you can find a good quality motorcycle jacket that will cost you $100 or less, it just takes some digging.

Here we will help you to determine which of the best motorcycle jackets under $100 are the most suitable options to spend your money on.

 We will guide you through the features you need to look for.

Best Motorcycle Jackets Under $100





Our Rating



The Pro Mesh

pro mesh motorcycle jacket


five stars



TMS Enduro

TMS Enduro armor with jacket


four stars



The Pro Mesh

pro mesh motorcycle jacket
4 and a half stars


TMS Enduro

TMS Enduro armor with jacket
four stars

Motorcycle Jacket Reviews Under $100

You need a quality motorbike jacket but you are on a budget and have been looking for motorcycle jackets under $100.

Yes, you can find a good quality jacket within this price range. You just have to know what you are looking for.

The information above can help you choose a jacket that is ideal for your needs.

But if you want more precise advice you can check out the two motorcycle jackets below.

Both of these come at a cost of less than $100 and are of good quality so you will be happy to know if you purchase either of them, your money will be well spent.

#1. The Pro Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

pro mesh motorcycle jacket

This motorcycle jacket is all season so if this is your very first jacket.

It is the only one you will need to buy, as it comes with all the bells and whistles that you would expect from a high-end and high-priced motorcycle jacket.

 It has armor in the back, shoulder, and elbows, all of which can be removed.

The pro mesh motorcycle jacket is made from textile, namely Cordura and lightweight poly mesh.

The poly makes it abrasion resistant and extremely breathable.

It features a waterproof lining and has reflective tape in the piping to ensure visibility in low light conditions.

4 and a half stars

#2. The TMS Enduro Amor Motorcycle Jacket

TMS Enduro armor with jacket

The TMS Enduro is another great pick for motorcycle jackets under 100 dollars.

It is made from high-density nylon which makes it both windproof and waterproof.

It features a removable lining which can be zipped out along with pockets where you can insert the included armor pads.

To help with insulation, this jacket has Velcro tabs at the cuff, upper arm, neck, and waist.

So you can tighten it as much as is comfortable to keep you warm and dry while you ride.

The TMS Enduro includes reflective strips and has zipper air vents so it is suitable for use in both hot and cold weather.

four stars

Are Motorcycle Jackets Really Different from other Jackets?

Best Motorcycle Jacket under 100

Yes, they are.

They are not your typical jacket as they are designed to provide you with additional warmth and protection. 

Even in the hot summer heat, heavy winds can cause brutal damage to you when out on a ride.

This leaves you with one important question.

How do I find a good quality motorcycle jacket for under $100?

Motorcycle jackets provide protection against weather, bike fails, and the occasional pebble that may flick off of a passing tire.

Depending on the type of motorcycle jacket you choose.

It may offer protective armor in the back, which protects the elbows and shoulders.

These jackets are designed to be comfortable for very long rides and many of them are made with airtight zippers so you stay properly insulated in colder temperatures.

Let's not forget, there are also plenty of riding jackets with ventilation systems for riding in warmer weather.

Things to Consider


You want to choose a motorcycle jacket that is your exact fit especially if the jacket is designed with armor.

Jackets made with armor won’t protect you properly if they are too loose.

Also, you want to purchase a jacket that fits closely so that you will get all the insulating benefits.

Then you won’t have to worry about the wind getting under your jacket and rendering it useless.

Your jacket needs to fit well in the sitting position as well as in the standing position so that it isn't too loose or tight.


When it comes to affordability you will need to understand that if you are on a tight budget you won’t be able to purchase a jacket made from premium leather.

Instead, you will find ​the most affordable motorcycle jackets are made from some sort of mesh but will still have the features of a motorcycle jacket nevertheless.


You want to choose a jacket that has temperature control in the form of removable liners.

You will find jackets with multiple vents which you can control in the front and back and sometimes on the sleeves.

Pockets for smaller items are always good to have.


Armor used in motorcycle jackets is made from high-density pads placed strategically in the elbow, back and shoulder areas of the jacket.

These areas are those most likely to get hurt if you fall off your bike.

You will find higher end jackets with European Community standards, provide far more safety.

They will have features like shock absorbing materials.

Which is used to reinforce the armor. But motorcycle jackets under 100 typically will not have such high-quality armor.


You want to choose a jacket with reflective areas to ensure you are visible to other motorists at night and in other low-light conditions.


When we talk about versatility, we are speaking about it in varying temperatures.

When you are on a budget you want to look for a jacket that will be versatile.

This is the type of jacket that you can wear across most or all seasons.

These jackets will have a variety of ways to be adjusted so you can be comfortable no matter what the weather.

It may be better to purchase such a jacket than to purchase two different jackets for the different seasons.


Purchasing a motorcycle jacket under $100 can be an inexpensive way to get your hands on your first riding jacket.

Make sure not to fall for some "deals" that different brands are offering, as you never know the true quality of a jacket until you try it on.

But to say the quality of a sub $100 jacket is on par with one under $300 is just not true.

So keep that in mind when making your purchase, as with most riding gear, you get what you pay for.

Both the Pro Mesh and Enduro motorcycle jackets are options that I have tried on and tested. I can say from experience that they are both solid options.

If you couldn't find what you're looking for with riding jackets under $100, check out the most affordable motorcycle jackets of 2018.

Get out there, and ride safe my friends!

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