Alpinestars GP Plus R Perforated Leather Jacket Review

Alpinestars GP Plus R Perforated Leather Mens Riding Jacket

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Today I am reviewing the Alpinestars GP Plus R Perforated Leather Jacket, which comes with 1.3mm leather. The full-grain leather comes with perforations and is among some of the most durable materials on the market.

Although the leather has perforations for breathability, it will perform well against abrasion maintaining its resistance.

The design of the Alpinestars GP Plus R Perforated Leather Men’s Riding Jacket allows it to come with pre-curved arms which will ease in the break-in period. But these types of arms also have the ability to improve the riding position without putting extra pressure on the shoulders.

Alpinestars placed focus on the area around the shoulders which seems to get the most pull from different angles. Since the front side of the shoulders is helped by the pre-curved arms, the back side benefits from stretch panels.

The stretchiness of these panels means that when you get into position on a bike you will be comfortable even by adopting a forward-oriented riding position.

Similar stretchiness is also part of the design of the inner arms. This means you`ll have full lateral mobility for both arms.


  • Abrasion resistant 1.3mm full grain leather
  • Stretchable material on the back of the shoulders
  • Stretchable material on the inner arms
  • Perforated leather panels in the front
  • Perforated leather panels in the back of the torso
  • Adjustable Waist
  • Inner airflow liner
  • Inner waterproof pocket
  • CE‐approved Bio-Armor shoulder and elbow protectors
  • Adjustable back protector
  • Perforated padded panels in the main shell and sleeves
  • Zipped front hand pockets
  • Waist connection zipper allows two-piece riding
  • Reflective detailing


  • Strong full grain leather
  • Perforated design perfect for hot summer days
  • Pre-curved arms
  • Microfiber stretch on the back of the shoulders and on the inner arms
  • Two front pockets
  • Compatibility with riding pants to the inner zipper


  • Some users feel the zipper is not solidly stitched


The Alpinestars GP Plus R Perforated Leather Jacket comes with a great choice of materials and a comfort-oriented design. While most users can expect a comfortable ride even with a forward-oriented position such as with a fast bike, the jacket manages to deliver more than that.

It comes with stretchy materials in the back of the shoulder but on the inner arms as well. The mobility of this combination of full grain leather and stretchy materials is one of the best features of the jacket.

Some users may even argue that the textile material is among the best for proper airflow. Thus, during hot summer riding, you can expect good ventilation in the area of the arms.

These adjusted design patterns give the jacket its true unique identity within the market.

The torso area is dominated by the 1.3mm full grain leather with perforations. While the jacket comes with perforations in the chest area it is still sturdy and abrasion-resistant.


The torso area is also adjusted to the requirements of the user. For this purpose, the manufacturer used two adjustment straps for waist adjustment. This means the jacket can be used even by skinnier riders which want a close fit without extra ventilation, especially on the colder days.

Since ventilation is important, the manufacturer adjusted the inner area of the jacket to fit the purpose also. The jacket comes with an internal airflow liner.

This allows for a layer of air between your body and the jacket which improves its durability and usability through the season.

Waterproof pocket

One of the things I really like about Alpinestars Jackets is that the interior is made with special attention to detail, this continues with the waterproof pocket.

These types of pockets are multi-purpose and you can decide on how to use it. Some riders prefer storing their phone or wallets in these types of pockets.

I don’t know if you’re like me where accidents tend to happen almost every day.

I mean it when I say the waterproof pocket was a godsend. Not sure how it happened, next thing I know, I’m tripping over one of my daughters play toys and falling into the pool. Lucky for me I had that waterproof pocket.

Replaceable back protector

The interior of the gp plus r jacket allows it to come with a replaceable back protector. This important protection is one of the few safety measures riders can have. Of course, since not every rider is of the same height, the protection can be adjusted according to each individual.

The interior of the jacket also offers a simple approach to your dedicated pants. With an interior zipper which runs along the bottom side of the jacket, you can secure your dedicated pants also.

For professional use, this may not be the best alternative as most events will limit your ability to wear a two-piece design.

However, you may still be able to train using two pieces or you may just prefer the system for regular days out with the bike. The jacket runs from size 38 to 50.


Compared to the Webetop Mens Mesh Motorcycle Protective Jacket With Armor, the jacket manages to address a simpler design with a more low-profile look.

Although it doesn`t compare as well with the protection as it doesn`t come with full armor. The GP Plus R holds up well with its adjustable back protection and strong full grain leather.

It must be said the gp plus r jacket is oriented towards the social biker. One who can also use it as a daily alternative especially on the hot summer days due to the perforations.

Alpinestars GP Plus R: Verdict

The Alpinestars GP Plus R Perforated Leather Men’s Riding Jacket is a low-profile product which is simply made for delivers on its purpose. Since the design is simple and the colors are classic, the jacket doesn`t want to be something it`s not.

This is why the product is recommended for riders which don`t necessarily want to stand out with the design but who need to have a good jacket which will last a long time.

Since the gp plus r leather jacket is also compatible with riding pants as it comes with the inner zipper, it might represent a good option for people looking to take it onto the track.

But the jacket is much more than a simple protection element as its low-profile design makes it a good alternative for social riders which want to wear the jacket in town or at meetings.

With microfiber inner arms, the jacket is comfortable enough even on hot summer days with increased ventilation.

Alpinestars Size Chart

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