10 Best Alpinestars Motorcycle Jackets of 2018

Best Alpinestars Motorcycle Jackets

Alpinestars has been crafting beautiful casual and racing textile jackets since the 1990's and boy have they come up some amazing models.

What a lot of people don't know about Alpinestars brand is that they were founded in 1963, and initially only focused on hiking and ski boots.

Which is funny when you think about it, because they've come to be a staple in the motorcycle community for their boots and jackets.

Today I want to go over my top 10 favorite Alpinestars riding jacket reviews. I'm not going to lie and say it was easy picking my top 10 because they have so many of the best jackets in the entire motorcycle community.

10 Best Alpinestars Motorcycle Jackets




Our Rating



Alpinestars T-GP Plus R


five stars



Alpinestars Drystar Andres


4 and a half stars



Alpinestars Celer


4 and a half stars



Alpinestars Gunner


4 and a half stars



Alpinestars Evolution


4 and a half stars



Alpinestars T-Viper AIr


4 and a half stars



Alpinestars Quasar


4 and a half stars



Alpinestars T-jaws


four stars



Alpinestars GP Pro


four stars



Alpinestars Oscar Monty


four stars


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#1. Alpinestars T-GP Plus R

I absolutely love this alpine stars jacket. I have owned this fashionable gem for a while and have had next to no problems with it. The jacket is aimed at sport bike riding enthusiasts and provides great protection, as it has CE-Certified shoulder and elbow protectors. It has large accordion stretch panels which help with the movement and rider comfort.

One of the best aspects of the Alpinestars GP Plus R Motorcycle Jacket is the stretch panels built into the sleeves. It has a pre-curved sleeve constructed waist adjustment hook and loop straps.

The jacket includes two zippered pockets located on the hands, a waterproof wallet pocket, along with a chest pad compartment. The T-GP Plus R is a great night companion, with its reflectors located on the sleeves and back.

Considering everything Alpinestars offers on this jacket, it takes the cake for my top choice.

#2. Alpinestars Drystar Andes

This bad boy is 100% waterproof with removable thermal lining, and removable elbow and shoulder armor protectors. It is built with a dynamic stretch panel in the sleeves, to give it an improved fit and feel.

The chest and back pad compartments include PE comfort padding which is reinforced by TPU print texture.

The Texture has abrasion resistance located in the most critical points in the elbow and lower arm areas.Another solid feature of the Alpinestars Andes is the front closure with YKK zipper double sliders.

There is a large external utility pocket located on the lower back of the jacket, with multiple internal pockets and a wallet pocket that are both waterproof.

#3. Alpinestars Celer

The Celer is considered by many as the top-notch by motorcycle enthusiasts and casual riders alike. This is for good reason, as the Celer has a lot to offer.

It comes with 1.3 mm leather for a highly durable and abrasion resistant performance, multiple snap button systems, which integrates level 2 CE-certified Bionic back protector.

The Alpinestars Celer Leather Jacket has a control system that provides a more customized fit. It has zippered air intakes and exhausts, which allow regulation of the airflow inside of the jacket.

This thing literally feels like you have the air conditioning turned on inside of the coat. Last but not least the combined D-ring provides perfect waste adjustment and gives the rider a super personalized fit.

#4. Alpinestars Gunner

Are you looking for a stylish, functional and waterproof jacket? Well look no further, the Alpinestars gunner might just be what you're looking for.

This coat has a breathable comfort lining that is CE-Certified and removable. The comfort edge neoprene collar makes it so your neck doesn't get all scratched up when cruising.

My favorite part is the zippered back air exhaust vent, which allows you to open and close it based on the temperature outside. This makes it a nice option for warm and cold weather.

The Alpinestars gunner also includes two external hand pockets and a wallet pocket. You can always count on the nifty wallet pocket with the majority of Alpinestars branded jackets.

#5. Alpinestars Evolution

The Alpinestars Evolution is one of the lightest Alpinestars jackets out there. It has a versatile mesh vest for added comfort, hydration pack conduits.

One of the major perks with this guy is the option to add a 2L camelback crux bladder. This is super convenient for long distance road trips when you have no interest in making any pit stops.

The bladder crux hooks to a tab at the top of the back pad area. The jacket stays in place when riding at any speed, but does not include removable chest protection.

It also has two storage pockets located next to the kidneys, with additional padding in case you happen to fall and land near the kidney region.

#6. Alpinestars T-Viper Air

This street bike jacket is made from durable 600 denier poly-fabric, includes a windproof vest, and pre-curved sleeves for increased comfort when street racing.

It includes removable and adjustable CE-Certified Bio Armor protectors in the elbows and shoulders, Internal waist connection zipper for adding a pair of pants into the mix and a couple zippered hand pockets for good measure.

One of the main addons ons Alpinestars touts with the T-Viper air is the CE Nucleon back protector and chest guard, which are available as an accessory upgrade.

#7. Alpinestars Quasar

This durable son of a gun is built with advanced polyester fabric that has strategically positioned stretch panels on the elbow. The stretch panels give the jacket a high-quality performance ft.

It has a volume control system within the sleeves for a personalized fit and an internal waist connection zipper, that allows you to add on a pair of protective Alpinestars riding pants.

#8. Alpinestars T-Jaws

Whenever I hear the name of this jacket, it takes me back to some of my favorite Jaws movies. This thing is like a shark just waiting to attack.

It is a sport bike riding jacket with race-proven protection, and a design to keep you looking at your best when cutting people off in traffic.

The Jaws jacket is made from durable 1.2mm perforated leather, with perforated panels for maximum ventilation. It includes high-density perforated panels and the Alpinestars dynamic flow control system.

If you're looking for an option that has top of the line tear resistance? Then this is the one for you.

#9. Alpinestars GP Pro

This is one of the most popular jackets for casual riders as the ergonomics are that of a professional racing jacket. So for those of us, that love speeding through traffic without a car in the world. or just taking it out for a day at the track, this is a rock solid option.

The Alpinestars GP Pro is built with a multi-fabric mesh shell construction, perforated mesh panels, and removable CE-Certified armor.

The great thing about the mesh inserts, which are located on the torso, is that they provide the rider with excellent cooling airflow.

#10. Alpinestars Oscar Monty

If you're looking for the classiest of all Alpinestars riding jackets, take a look at the Oscar Monty jacket. This one of a kind classic is a super stylish vintage leather riding jacket, made with hand finished premium full grade leather.

It has perforated leather zones on the sleeves and torso, which give the rider tons of ventilation and comfort. Like all the other Alpinestars models, it included removable CE-Certified shoulder and elbow protectors.

The Alpinestars Oscar Monty has a removable cotton flannel liner which allows the jacket to be used in a multitude of weather conditions.

This is a great option for riders in colder temperatures but with the removable flannel, it may work out in warmer temperatures as well. All in all, this is the best quality vintage leather jacket offered by Alpinestars.

Alpinestars Motorcycle Jacket Size Chart

Alpinestars Size Chart

Are Alpinestars Jackets Any Good?

When it comes to the discussion of whether a jacket is any good, there are quite a few factors one must consider.

  • Cost
  • Value
  • Protection
  • Style

Anyone that has been around the motorcycle industry for a while knows that Alpinestars tend to have some of the more expensive jackets.

So if you're looking for a churn and burn type jacket, Alpinestars is not the right brand for you. These are built with the latest in safety and comfort technology, which means a lot of work goes into creating them.

At the forefront in all Alpinestars jackets is safety. One of the terms many people type into google is, "Alpinestars jacket with hump".

People wonder why these jackets have the armor that they do, it's to save your life in case of an accident. It makes sense why they tend to be more expensive than many competitors.

Really though, would you rather spend a little extra money on something you know is going to save your life? I sure would. I mean, check out this list of Moto GP riders that sport alpine motorcycle jackets:

  • Mark Marquez
  • Casey Stoner
  • Jorge Lorenzo

In other words, if these beasts are wearing them, then they must be creating good quality gear. They have tons of motorcycle jacket options available in both leather and textile.

Quit your complaining and spend the extra cash on high-quality Alpinestars textile motorcycle jackets.

What Makes Alpinestars Unique?

One of the unique features with Alpinestars riding jackets is the class-leading airbag technology. Which provides the rider with unparalleled protection.

Tech-Air Street Airbag System

Tech-Air is the very first airbag system which is integrated completely independent of the motorcycle, yet provides airbag-like protection for your body.

It was designed for motocross riders and is used to provide the upper body with the most possible protection in the event of a motorcycle crash.

If you're a street bike racer, I'm sure you know how uncomfortable it is to wear one of the heavy-duty racing suits for an extended period of time.

Now imagine if you have an airbag built directly into your jacket, which will inflate upon impact. All of the most necessary body parts are going to be protected, shoulders, kidneys, upper abdomen, and chest.

Alpinestars was the first to bring it to market, and many other motorbike brands tagged along.


There's a reason you rarely find Alpinestars jackets on sale, and it's because they don't need to be. Everything in this world is based on supply and demand.

People love these jackets because you don't need to continually buy a new one every year.

They are all about innovation and understanding the needs of the riders choosing to wear their motorcycle equipment and apparel.

I realized how great this brand was the day I bought my first alpine stars motorcycle jacket. You can't knock them until you try them.

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