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5 best all weather motorcycle jackets

If you have any prior experience with 4 season motorcycle jackets, you are no doubt aware (painfully so) that it can be quite expensive. 

A full set of protective equipment can set you back up to and, in some cases, beyond $1,000.

Much of that outrageous price can be traced back to the motorcycle jacket. Which is an essential component of any collection of motorcycle equipment.

Quality all season motorcycle jackets tend to go for a couple of hundred dollars and it is extremely rare to find one which sells for less than three figures.

Because of this, the last thing you want to do is spend money on multiple jackets to keep yourself safe all year round.

5 Best All Weather Motorcycle Jackets 2017





Our Rating



Joe Rocket 92

joe rocket 92 motorcycle jacket

All Weather

five stars



Viking Cycle Asger

viking cycle asger motorcycle jacket

All Weather

4 and a half stars



Bling Soul Alex Mercer

Bling Soul Alex Mercer

All Weather

4 and a half stars



XtreemGear 4 Season

Xtreemgear 4 season

All Weather

4 and a half stars



Adaptiv Glowrider

Adaptiv Glowrider

All Weather

4 and a half stars



Joe Rocket 92

joe rocket 92 motorcycle jacket

Best All Weather

five stars


Viking Cycle Asger

viking cycle asger motorcycle jacket

All Weather

4 and a half stars


BlingSoul Alex Mercer

Bling Soul Alex Mercer

All Weather

4 and a half stars

4 Season Motorcycle Jacket Reviews

Of course, you can’t wear a jacket that is designed to be used in winter during the summer months without risk of heat stroke or worse.

Similarly, a motorcycle jacket intended for use in the warmer months should not be worn during winter if you want to make it home without frostbite.

Are you hoping to minimize the number of jackets you need to make room for in your wardrobe and decrease the money you must spend on protective equipment?

If so, you should set your sights on a 4 season motorcycle jacket, otherwise known as a "3 in 1 motorcycle jacket" which works perfectly in all weather conditions.

Check out our favorite 4 season motorcycle jackets of 2017.

#1. Joe Rocket 92
(Best All Weather)

joe rocket classic 92 motorcycle jacket review

The Joe Rocket 92 is literally the best all around motorcycle jacket i've ever owned. Period.

Yeah, I know it's not technically waterproof and doesn't offer all of the features of some comparable textile models. But for an everyday, all weather motorcycle jacket, it's top notch.


  • Leather is broken in out of the box

If you've ever purchased a leather riding jacket brand new, i'm sure you know what it feels like to get one that hasn't been broken in. Enough said.

  • Classic vintage leather design

This jacket is flat out beautiful and surprisingly durable.

The Joe Rocket 92 is the type of jacket you can wear out for a night on the town, or if you happen to get stuck in the occasional drizzle on the way home from work. It will get the job done.

  • Quilted lining

Leather has always been known for it's great looks and comfort. This bad boy is no different.

The quilted lining feels like you wrapped a blanket around yourself and then put your jacket on over it. Talk about comfort.


  • Armor inserts cost extra

My only gripe is that it doesn't come with built in armor like many of the Textile models do.

Though I am pretty particular when it comes to choosing my armor, so it's not the worst thing in the world.

five stars

#2. Viking Cycle Asger

Viking cycle asger motorcycle jacket

If you want a quality 4 season motorcycle jacket for under $100, then look no further then the Viking Cycle Asger. 

Considering how cheap this jacket is, it really provides the rider with some useful features.

Many riders prefer textile over leather when it comes to all season use. If that's you, then take a look at the Asger over the Joe Rocket 92.


  • Tri-tex waterproof textile material

If you primarily ride in a colder climate where there is always a chance of rain, then this jacket is a good choice. The Asger is waterproof, yet still is able to provide the rider with proper ventilation during warmer temperatures.

  • 5 total pockets (Separate phone and tablet pockets)

Pockets galore! You can't go wrong with a multitude of pockets. The best thing about this jacket and many other Viking Cycle models, for that matter, is it has a pocket big another to fit your Ipad. Most people may not bring their tablet with them everywhere, but it's nice to know it has the space.

  • Zip-out polyester quilted liner

It has a nice polyester liner which can be removed when the temperature permits. The jacket needs to be comfortable if it's something you'll be wearing all day.


  • The collar is made of velcro

For those of you that have been riding along time, a velcro collar may be kind of annoying as it can start to rub up against your neck.

The way to solve that is just grab some scissors and cut it so there is no excess material.

4 and a half stars

#3. BlingSoul Alex Mercer Jacket

Bling Soul Alex Mercer

Okay, this is certainly one of the most interesting four season motorcycle jackets I have ever come across.

This is a replica of the jacket worn by Alex Mercer in the video game Prototype, so I’m sure it will be of interest to you gaming bikers.

However, bikers who are not knowledgeable about video games also have quite a bit to gain from purchasing this jacket.


  • Premium Leather
The Alex Mercer jacket is composed of high-quality genuine leather, ensuring you don’t have to worry about the material tearing or chipping after a couple of rides in harsh weather.

  • Multiple Pockets

You’d be surprised how many top-rated motorcycle jackets have no useful pockets.

If you are planning a long motorcycle journey, a multitude of pockets is an absolute must so you can carry a phone and some cash.

The Alex Mercer Jacket features a number of zip and button pockets, ensuring your valuables stay safe while you ride.


  • Lackluster Padding

If there is one major problem with the BlingSoul Alex Mercer Jacket it is that it is almost completely lacking in any worthwhile padding.

 Any biker who is serious about remaining safe on the road will want to purchase exterior CE-approved padding should they decide to go with the Alex Mercer Jacket.

4 and a half stars

#4. Xtreemgear 4 Season Textile Race Jacket

Xtreemgear 4 season

If there is one brand you can always count on to deliver quality motorcycle jackets, it is Xtreemgear.

The folks on the Xtreemgear design team hit it out of the park with every jacket they produce and this 4-season model is no exception. 


  • Double stitching

Your four season motorcycle jacket is going to see a lot of action and if it isn’t expertly sewn together, it will begin to fall apart after only a year or two in use.

The Xtreemgear 4 Season Motorcycle Jacket features double stitching with nylon thread, so you can be certain the garment will last you for years on end without the slightest tear.

  • Inexpensive 

You should never purchase a 4 season motorbike jacket just because it has a low price tag, but those hoping to find a quality jacket while keeping costs to a minimum should pay careful attention to the Xtreemgear 4 Season Textile Race Jacket.

It is inexpensive without being cheap and offers a variety of useful features, many of which you would expect to find on a far more expensive model.


  • Single color design

The most glaring flaw of the Xtreemgear 4 Season Motorcycle Jacket is, ironically, the fact that it’s pretty hard to see.

With its single color design, this jacket is far from ideal when it comes to riding late night.

While it does feature a number of reflective stripes, those who purchase it should buy some hi-vis armbands in order to ensure they will be seen while riding on dark roads.

four stars

#5. Adaptiv Glowrider

Adaptiv Glowrider

The Adaptiv GlowRider is similar to the previous jacket in that it is slightly unorthodox in its design, but is extremely effective in keeping the elements at bay all year round. 

If you're looking for something that will protect you when riding at night, with a unique flare of style, then this bad boy may be right up your alley.


  • Electro-luminescent technology

The major selling point of the Adaptiv GlowRider is the Electro-Luminescent technology which makes it arguably the best 4 season motorcycle jacket for those who like to ride late at night.

The garment is fitted with a number of bright EL panels that can be turned on with the push of a button, thereby illuminating the jacket and ensuring all motorists are aware of your presence, regardless of the hour.

  • CE-approved armor

On occasion, a jacket will offer a couple of cool high-tech features yet ignore common essentials found on other motorcycle jackets.

That isn’t the case with the Adaptiv GlowRider. As well as its innovative EL panels, it boasts CE approved-armor in both the elbows and the shoulders.


  • Expensive

As a consequence of its unique features, the Adaptiv GlowRider all season motorcycle jacket comes with a pretty high price tag.

 This jacket will make a serious dent in the budget of any biker.

Those who can afford it will likely get a kick out of its various high-tech tools.

But those who don’t want to drop that much money on a 4 season motorcycle jacket can be comfortable knowing they can purchase an equally effective model for $200 less.

4 and a half stars

All Weather Motorcycle Jackets: Buyers Guide

best 4 season motorcycle jacket

Today we wen't over the top 5 all season riding jackets and it's only right that we cover the most important aspects to look for in this kind of riding jacket.


If you're on the hunt for the perfect all weather riding jacket, make sure you pay close attention to the weight of the jacket.

The last thing you want as your one an only jacket is one that is too heavy.

The best all weather motorcycle jackets tend to be made of Textile, as they provide quality ventilation and are made of lightweight materials.

Removable lining

Another aspect of the best all season motorcycle jacket is a removable liner.

This is important because it allows the rider to keep the jacket layered up in the winter, and lose some of the weight during the warmer months.

Removable armor

Having the ability to remove the armor is another aspect to look for in a riding jacket used for every month of the year.

Anytime you can shed any excess weight, the jacket becomes more practical when it's hot outside.

Is waterproof important?

Having a jacket that is waterproof can be important for some riders, it really depends on where you live and how you ride. 

If you live in places like California or Arizona, a separate waterproof jacket may not be something you need.

But if you live on the East Coast, then it's definitely a feature I would consider.

Do I need reflectors?

The short answer is yes, motorcycle jacket reflectors are one of the more important safety features.

The longer answer, you do have other options for adding aftermarket motorcycle jacket reflectors.

In the grand scheme of things, do you really want to be riding at night without them? If a car shines it's lights on you while your wearing reflectors, you'll light up like a Christmas tree.

Best 4 Season Motorcycle Jackets: Conclusion

If you're looking for one jacket which you can wear all year round, an all weather options is definitely the way to go.

We went over a couple leather jackets, as well as textile. 

Just to recap, textile is the better choice if you live in stormy weather, unless you're a die hard leather lover.

Then that's cool too.

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