The Best Motorcycle Blogs of 2017

best motorcycle blogs

These days, there is a blog for everything. In my time of carelessly searching the internet, I have stumbled upon websites and blogs dedicated to ant keeping, moleskin notebooks, and even clearing the name of Richard III, who was apparently actually quite a nice guy.

There are hundreds (maybe even thousands) of blogs dedicated to motorcycles and life in the biking community, many of which I have spent hours scrolling through, happily reading the thoughts and opinions of my fellow bikers.

Obviously, some motorcycle blogs are better than others, oftentimes by quite a large margin. If you have just entered the internet biking community, you may have a hard time separating the worthwhile motorcycle blogs from the not-so-worthwhile motorcycle blogs, but don’t worry, I’ve got your back.

I have been a devoted member of the Internet biking community for many years - since before Facebook was a thing - and in that time I have built up a pretty comprehensive list of the best motorcycle blogs around, basing my rankings on a number of factors such as quality of writing, usefulness of information, and site layout.

In this article, I’m going to be delving into that list and pulling out some of my favorite biking destinations on the World Wide Web.


If you’re going to discuss the top web destinations for motorcycle information and reviews, is a pretty good place to start.

This has been one of my favorite biking blogs since the day I discovered it and not for a moment has my dedication to the site faltered. Not only do I visit it every day, I seriously recommend all bikers do the same. Whether you are a novice with a biking fascination or a grizzled veteran of a hundred highways, this blog will have something for you.

One of the greatest things about is its ability to present top ten lists without coming across as cheesy or pandering, a talent which is frustratingly rare. The lists you will find on are not only loaded with information but are almost baffling in their creativity. Recent titles include Top 10 Motorcycles for Millennials and 10 Interesting Sights From the Super Duke R Launch in Qatar. also features regular motorcycle reviews, covering both recent releases and classic models, with insights from experienced bikers who are just as skilled behind a keyboard as they are behind a pair of handlebars.

#2 The BikeBandit Blog

BikeBandit is a popular online store that deals in all sorts of protective motorcycle gear, including armor, goggles, helmets, and even chaps. The BikeBandit store also offers a variety of OEM and aftermarket parts, so you could conceivably go your whole biking life without ever taking your business elsewhere.

While the BikeBandit store is no doubt impressive, it is the website’s blog which draws in so many motorcycle newcomers. The BikeBandit Blog, as it is creatively called, is as diverse in its offerings as the BikeBandit store. The blog offers comprehensive buying guides for motorcycles and motorcycle equipment, ensuring you know exactly what you should be looking for when in the market for machinery and accessories.

The BikeBandit Blog also posts news bits to keep readers up to date with the world of biking, covering everything from the Isle of Man TT to the latest innovations in electric motorcycles. Editorials are also a common feature, though they may be a little bit longer for some readers. Thankfully, the BikeBandit Blog team balances such potentially tedious postings with fun, oftentimes comical listicles, so you can be sure the blog will have something for you to enjoy, regardless of your mood.

#3 RideApart

If you’re looking for a motorcycle blog with a heavy focus on news and what’s going on in various biking communities throughout the world, you’re definitely going to want to take a look at RideApart.

RideApart is constantly updated to bring readers and brand devotees the latest developments in the biking world, whether it is the announcement that a certain helmet brand has just struck a deal with a certain comic book juggernaut to produce superhero themed helmets or the inspiring news that an elderly Chicago woman just fulfilled her dream of riding a Suzuki Gixxer.

As well as round the clock news updates and captivating features, RideApart offers in-depth motorcycle reviews and a series of how-to articles to help newbies find their way in the world of biking. It also boasts a classifieds section for users to buy and sell motorcycles and equipment.

#4 TheVOG

Some may look at TheVOG with skepticism due to its .net web address, but I assure you that this blog is not to be scoffed at.

An acronym for Victory Owners Group, TheVOG is the largest blog dedicated to Victory Motorcycles and is perfect for Victory enthusiasts who want to share and discuss their passion. relies on such Victory enthusiasts to keep the page alive and is more of a community effort than any of the aforementioned blogs.

While the site does include a Victory news section, the majority of the action can be found in its various forums, which cover topics such as cross country races, motorcycle photography, tech Q&A, and general discussion. The most dedicated of blog readers use these forums to organize meetups so they can discuss Victory motorcycles and biking in a face-to-face setting.

I know experienced bikers who aren’t particularly sold on Victory Motorcycles won’t get a whole lot out of this blog, but I advise any biking novice, whether they are fascinated by the brand’s products or not, to pay it a visit. The site’s forums are a great place to seek advice from those who were once in your position and you can be certain that all of your questions will be answered by enthusiastic bikers who are eager to help.

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