Bilt Blaze Mesh Motorcycle Jacket | Bilt Jacket Review

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4 and a half stars

Are you on the hunt for an affordable motorcycle jacket with plenty of ventilation and is able to stand up to the scorching summer heat?

Say hello to the Bilt Blaze mesh motorcycle jacket. This good-looking, lightweight everyday use jacket is an impulse buy for most, as it comes in around $100.

For most riders, they don't see how important it is to have a mesh jacket until they try one on.

For motorcyclists looking to get in on the mesh game, the Bilt Blaze is the perfect introductory jacket for enthusiasts and new riders alike.

Who Makes Bilt Motorcycle Gear?

Bilt Racing has been around for a little while and manufactures all types of different motorcycle gear– from helmets, boots, gloves, jackets to even luggage.

They have jacket types ranging from; textile, mesh, leather and are available in one piece suit options.

Bilt prides themselves on providing the most value, at the best possible price.

Whether your a male or female, Bilt Racing promises to have something which will suit your unique riding style.

Bilt Motorcycle Jacket Review

For a motorcycle jacket that comes in under $100 the Bilt Blaze mesh motorcycle jacket does what it's intended to do– keep you nice and cool, while providing solid protection from the elements.

The Bilt Blaze Motorcycle Jacket is intended for riders looking for basic level protection, which is breathable and allows air to properly flow through the jacket.


  • 600 Denier panel
  •  Reflective piping
  •  Impact panels padded with memory foam
  •  Velcro zip and hip tabs
  •  Front pockets with zipper
  •  CE Approved elbow and shoulder armor
  •  Collar made from neoprene
  •  5-year manufacturer warranty


When searching for a mesh motorcycle jacket every rider needs to understand there are distinct differences between a jacket in this price range, vs jackets that are upward of $300.

Though if you're looking at mesh in the first place, it's probably because you want something perforated, which will provide some sort of barrier between yourself and the pavement. Nothing fancy, just basic protection.

It's Inexpensive & a great value

This bad boy is dirt cheap, which makes sense because mesh jackets are generally less expensive than their leather and textile counterparts, as they are mainly used during the summer months.

This is why man consider mesh material to be the best for summer motorcycle jackets.

Mesh Material with ultra flow

The Bilt motorcycle jacket was created with breathability in mind, making sure the biker consistently receives optimal airflow throughout the ride.

Front pockets with zippers

What can I say, I love zippers. These things come in handy when storing anything from your wallet to a cellphone.

It's a nice safety feature which keeps the rider at ease when cruising on the highway.

Bilt Blaze Jacket: 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Bilt covers all manufacturer defects on any of their motorcycle gear, for a total of five years. It's a pretty good deal considering how cheap you can grab this jacket for.

The majority of the gear I've owned over the years does not come with a standard warranty which last's as long as the one Bilt offers.

You can't hate on a motorcycle apparel brand that stands behind their products.

Night vision reflective piping

Across the center of the jacket, there is a safety reflective panel which makes the rider noticeable when traveling in darker conditions.

CE Approved armor, built to last

Built-in  motorcycle armor is common in a lot of riding jackets these days, but it's still nice to see on something in this price range.

When it comes to mesh jackets, it's all about making them as lightweight as possible.

Bilt was still able to achieve this while keeping certain extremities protected.


It's tough to critique such a cheap jacket, especially when comparing it to any of the top mesh motorcycle jacket reviews.

There are plenty of safety features higher-end models offer, but let's take a look at some of the most important issues riders have had with it.

Lack of padding

The Bilt Blaze mesh jacket fails to deliver when it comes to padding in the upper and lower back.

There really isn't a lot there, as it comes in at about 1/8 an inch of foam.

Riders have complained that the padding tends to move around during quick movement.

One thing to remember, you can add additional padding to this jacket, as it does have added space for aftermarket material.

Improper sizing

Bilt offers plenty of sizing options with this jacket, but reviews have stated that it's in your best interest to order one size up from what you normally wear.

Bilt Blaze Mesh Motorcycle Jacket: Our Take

If you're looking for a leather jacket replacement, which you plan to wear for a couple months out of the year– then the Bilt Blaze mesh motorcycle jacket is a great option.

It's also a very good option for beginners, who only plan on using it for commutes to work.

I wouldn't consider it an all-weather type jacket, as there is no waterproof lining or hood options.

This jacket does what a basic mesh motorcycle jacket should do. Protect your extremities, while keeping you cool in the blazing hot sun.

Oh, and it looks pretty nice too.

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