How do most motorcycle accidents happen | Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

common motorcycle accident injuries

I just got back from my first ever out of Country trip, where I visited Greece and Italy. It was amazing, to say the least, but that’s beside the point.

What I want to discuss today is the fact that no one was wearing a motorcycle jacket. It blew my mind, especially because it seemed as though every rider through caution to the wind and felt as though they owned the road. Whether you’re riding a scooter or a motorbike, you’re still sharing the road with a car and should be wearing protective gear.

There are many reasons wearing a motorcycle jacket is important, the number one being riders safety. After witnessing multiple motorcycle accidents in my two-week trip, It prompted me to discuss the reasons why wearing a motorcycle jacket is important and what can happen if you neglect to wear motorcycle safety gear.

A major thing many people tend to forget is that the vast majority of motorcycle accidents happen during short trips. A trip to the supermarket, or visiting some friends a couple blocks away. We tend to feel because something is such a short distance, there is less of a chance that an accident could occur.

It is for that exact reason that the majority of common motorcycle accidents occur within a short distance from one’s home. It also tends to be a common occurrence to do without your motorcycle jacket when riding a short distance, which can be a massive mistake.

This motorcycle rider is cruising at no more than 30 mph. One little dip can cause massive damage.

10 Reasons Every Rider Needs A Jacket

1. Provides the rider with protection from the sun, which can be a major help in hot summer weather.

2. Provides additional storage while on a motorbike riding trip.

3. In colder climates, a jacket provides protection and warmth from the wind.Shields, you from nasty insects and bugs.

4. Shields, you from nasty insects and bugs.

5. Keeps you safe during a crash.

6. Protects your body from road rash

7. Increases visibility with reflectors.

8. Reduces risk of dismemberment

9. The most common motorcycle injuries occur in the upper extremities.

10. Protects your body from internal bleeding, which can be hard to recognize and potentially fatal.

Where do most motorcycle accidents occur?

  • The man in this video is wearing an airbag motorcycle vest, which inflated upon impact. Had he chosen to neglect his motorcycle gear and assume that this drive which was just a normal everyday ride for him, the man most definitely would not have made it out unscathed.

  • This rider is just messing around with his buddy in a local neighborhood, not thinking that the unexpected is about to happen. Just another example of someone feeling they’re invisible because they’re in their own neighborhood.
  • I get it, we like to have fun on our bikes but come on. Why do we have riders out there not doing everything in their power to stay protected? Is it because it would have taken an extra minute to grab his motorcycle jacket?
  • Now imagine if he was wearing a leather or kevlar jacket (two of the most protective types of jackets) he would who have had a lot more protection.

  • Please don’t think just because you are riding a scooter and not a motorcycle, that everything is going to be fine cruising to a friends house a mile away with no protective gear. It is a fact that most the most common motorcycle accidents happen within a few miles of ones home.
  • This man turns his head for a split second and bam. The interesting thing about this one is turning one’s head when riding leas to many of the most common motorcycle accident injuries.

Factors to consider before riding without gear

common motorcycle accident injuries

  • How fast is every other driver moving on the road?

You may only be cruising along at 30 mph, but if the driver heading in your direction is racing at 50 mph, then that collision equates to an impact of 80 mph.

  • Do you really believe you are invincible? 

You may have been a biker for the last 20 years and never been in any sort of accident but what I’ve realized from my riding experience, an accident happens when you least expect it.

  • You think massive scars over your entire body are a battle wound.

If you happen to survive a terrible motorcycle accident, please don’t be the type of person showing your “battle wounds” off to every person at the local pub. These type of riders make the rest of us look bad. We ride because of how it makes us feel, not how it makes us look.

  • Over two-thirds of motorcycle accidents occur because of excessive speed.

The next time you decide your goal for the day is to hit top speed on your motorbike, remember that you are increasing the chances of a motorbike crash.

  • Riders without motorcycle helmet, are 40% more likely to die.

Whether you’re riding a motorized scooter or a low powered motorcycle, a helmet is a given for any rider. Remember how much more risk you are taking, and should you not make it, who it will affect.

Motorcycle Safety Gear Checklist

motorcycle gear checklist

  • Motorcycle Helmet – Dot approved
  • Motorcycle Jacket – CE Approved
  • Abrasion-resistant pants
  • Riding gloves
  • Ankle covered boots

How do most motorcycle accidents happen?

Most motorcycle accidents happen when you’re close to home, as this tends to be when a rider feels the most comfortable. A rider should always remain alert no matter where they’re cruising.

Motorcycle injuries are always going to be a factor when you decide to hop on your bike. The thing you must always consider, are you doing everything in your power to keep yourself safe. I used to love popping wheelies back in the day while checking out some cuties in a passerby car.

The one thing I never did was forget to wear any of my protective gear. It helped that the top motorcycle jacket I owned drew a ton of over the shoulder looks from the ladies.

We ride motorcycles because we love the thrill and the way it makes us feel. Not all of us have to be irresponsible, next time you’re about to leave the house to cruise over to a buddies place, don’t forget about your motorcycle gear checklist.

It will save your life.

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