Cortech GX Sport Air 3.0 mesh armored jacket Review

Cortech CX Sport Men’s mesh armored jacket Review

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rmors any rider knows, a good jacket is really not negotiable when it comes to your kit. You need a jacket that can keep you warm and dry but also protect you when you most need it. There are thousands of options available and it could be difficult to know which own will suit you.

We are here to help with our review of the Cortech GX Sport Air 3.0 Mesh Jacket.  We will give you an overview of the jacket’s features, tell you more about its good and bad points, and our verdict so you can have a good idea if this jacket will suit you.

The Cortech GX Sport air comes with an armor-link III mesh shell and has 1680 Denier ballistic polyester padding for the shoulders and elbows. The fabric is mesh but with a thick weave.

The collar is a mandarin style and has a microfiber trim for extra comfort.  The sleeves are Pre-curved and rotated sleeves so it is designed with the riding position in mind.

The jacket has removable CE approved armor in the shoulders and elbows and there is a removable back panel as well.  It comes with a removable two-stage Aqua-therm liner for thermal comfort and waterproofing.

The Cortech GX Sport air 3 mesh jacket has adjustable waist straps and a zipper for a pants attachment. It has reflective piping for extra visibility.  But let’s take a closer look at how this jacket really performs.


  • It comes with an armor-link III mesh shell
  • 1680 Denier ballistic polyester in the shoulders and elbows
  • Mandarin style collar with microfiber
  • Pre-curved and rotated sleeves designed for the riding position
  • Comes with sleeve take-up straps that you can adjust
  • Removable CE Approved armor in the shoulders, elbows
  • Armor in the back panel as well
  • Removable Aqua-therm two stage liner
  • Adjustable waist straps
  • Jacket-pant zipper attachment
  • Two hand warmer pockets
  • Mobile phone pocket on the inside
  • Reflective piping
  • Solid weave mesh jacket
  • Machine washable
  • Made in Bangladesh
  • Weight: 5.9 pounds (2.67kg)


  • Replaceable back protector
  • It is very warm on cool days
  • Comfortably placed pockets
  • The external shell allows for good airflow on hot days
  • The reflective piping is highly visible at night
  • The waterproof lining works well
  • It’s versatile with the different liner options
  • It is available in different colors including bright blue or yellow
  • It has good padding and armor
  • The cuffs are comfortable
  • It is reasonably priced for what it offers


  • Weak adjustable arm straps on the sleeves
  • Internal zippers for the shell are small and difficult to use
  • Waist straps don’t have a very tight hold
  • Armor is a bit smaller than in other jackets
  • Different colors are only available in regular fit, not in tall fit


    This Cortech GX Sport Air offers a wide range of excellent features that you would really expect from a good motorcycle jacket. It will keep you warm on cool days and it is well ventilated so you will still be cool on hot days. When you remove the liners it really has effective airflow.

    • Well designed

    The Cortech has well-designed pockets that are a good size and comfortably placed. This coat has reflective piping that increases visibility at night, the waterproof Aqua-therm lining works well and gives the jacket some versatility of use.

    • Aqua lining

    This is definitely one of our favorite features of this moto jacket, as the aqua lining can really come in handy for those of us who typically ride in tropical climates and are never sure when that next rain storm might come.

    • Lengthy sleeves

    The arm length is longer and the size will allow for someone with a broader build.

    The cuffs are also well made and comfortable.

    Cortech GX Sport Air Armor is top notch

    This Cortech GX air jacket also has a good amount of armor and additional padding to keep you safe. It holds up well in different weather conditions and offers good protection in a crash.

    On the negative side, we have to mention a few things as well. The coat has adjustable arm straps but these are a bit weak and can work themselves loose.

    • Difficult to use zippers

    The internal zippers that attach the shell to the lining are small and difficult to use. The waist straps don’t hold very tightly (especially if they need to take, a little extra, strain).

    They don’t have much Velcro and it can become worn out quickly. If you are in the market for a Tall fit jacket you won’t have much choice for color.

    The larger variety of colors is only available in a regular fit. The armor is also a bit smaller than it is in other motorcycle jackets made of mesh material, but you can easily remove it and add your own armor to give you the peace of mind you need while riding.

    Why is Motorcycle Armor so important?

    When on the hunt for a riding jacket you must take in to account when you will be wearing the jacket. If you ride primarily in hot weather, and prefer a lot of insulation, this is where motorcycle armor comes in.

    Many of us riders hate seeing guys just cruising around on their bike in a T shirt, the last thing I want to see is someone getting into an accident with little to no protection.

    This is where armored motorcycle jackets come in to play.

    These bad boys are meant to protect your body from the pavement, and give you some cushion if you were to crash.

    The best part about them is they aren’t very bulky, but provide you the protection of a motorcycle jacket.


    We recommend this Cortech GX Sport Air 3.0 jacket for someone who needs a good versatile jacket for use in summer and slightly cooler weather. The removable lining gives it some extra versatility and if you buy a slightly larger size you can add a few thermal layers yourself.

    This is a great touring jacket because of its versatility and should give you good bang for your buck. The pockets are well placed and you will have no problems keeping your valuables close at hand.

    The jacket is available in a variety of color options (in the regular fit category) so you can look great while being safe on the road. We can happily recommend this jacket for the warmer seasons and some great protection from a textile jacket.

    This bad boy is a bit more expensive than some of its competitors but it offers good protection, comfort, and excellent air flow.  We hope this review gave you some insight into this Cortech GX Sport air 3.0 jacket so you can have a clear idea if it will join you for your next ride.

    Be safe out there, and never take something as important as your jacket for granted. 

    Cortech GX Sport Air 3.0 Jacket Size Chart

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