What are the Different Types of Motorcycle Jackets In 2018?

different types of motorcycle jackets available

If you are a motorcycle rider then you will need to have a solid riding jacket.

You can find motorcycle jackets in a number of different styles which are created from a multitude of different materials.

No matter what you choose, you want to ensure that you get the best quality jacket money can buy.

With so many variables it can be hard to make the decision as to which jacket to purchase so we want to help you through the process of selecting one of the different types of motorcycle jackets available.

Different Types of Motorcycle Jackets














Motorcycle Jacket Materials

When it comes to the different types of materials used to manufacture motorcycle jackets, there are 3 primary types which are used:


This is the most popular material used to make motorcycle jackets. You will find a variety of different types of jackets are made from this material.

You will also find that jackets made from leather will be the higher priced options.

Leather jackets tend to last the longest and provide the most protection.


There is a large selection of motorcycle jackets made from different types of textile.

From super lightweight mesh jackets for hot summers to heavy wind and snow proof jackets for the colder months.

Jackets made from textile tend to be more affordable and often times are more stylish than they are functional.

When purchasing a jacket made from textile you want to ensure that it is indeed a motorcycle jacket and not just inspired to appear to be one.

A question I get all the time is,


"What about mesh vs textile motorcycle jackets?"

Honestly, the two types of jackets are similar in many ways, but also have some distinct differences.

For instance, textile jackets tend to be better for 4 season usage, as they provide the rider with much more protection from the elements.

While mesh jackets are best for a rider cruising in hotter climates, as they have ventilation holes placed throughout the jacket.

Now that we have covered the types of materials used to make different types motorcycle jackets we can delve into the different types of motorcycle jackets and what you can expect from each.

You will also learn how to differentiate between the vast selection of jackets, along with specific benefits of each.

different types of motorcycle jackets

Types of Motorcycle Jackets

A motorcycle jacket is no longer just a status symbol, it serves a multitude of other purposes, the number one being protection.

When it comes to deciding on which jacket type is right for you, first take into account your riding style and what you'll primarily be using the jacket for.

Racing and Sportbike Jackets

If you are an aggressive street rider you will need a jacket with a long list of safety features.

This means you will want a jacket that is made from a high-end textile or leather. These materials will provide you with the heavy duty motorcycle protective armor.

These types of jackets have a tight fit so that they offer more safety and better aerodynamics. These fit closely around the wrists and over the tops of your gloves too.

These jackets tend to have a speed hump which decreases fatigue in the neck and also helps to improve aerodynamics.

This feature though makes it hard for you to wear a backpack with this type of jacket.

Cruiser Jackets

These types of jacket do well to blend function and fashion.

They are typically made of leather and offer a form-fitting silhouette. You will also find some cruiser jackets made from textile.

These are great for summertime heat as they provide the advantages of ventilation and moisture wicking.

Touring Jackets

These types of motorcycle jackets tend to have a loose fit. They are the ideal choice for those longer rides in climates that are variable.

The good jackets in this category will offer a number of safety features along with a number of features that enhance comfort and functionality.

You want this type of jacket to be waterproof and to feature removable liners so you will remain dry even in uncomfortable weather.

These jackets come with a lot of straps so that you can add layers to the jacket and remove them when necessary based on the weather at the time of use.

Some higher-end models of touring motorcycle jackets offer built-in heating and hydration systems and may have special pockets for GPS systems and communication devices etc.

Adventure Riding Jackets

These jackets are made specifically for long days when you have to be on mixed terrain.

These types of jackets are very technical as well as they are protective, waterproof and are breathable.

Adventure motorcycle jackets generally made from textile, usually high-denier nylon.

These jackets will provide a looser fit and will also provide more pocket space and better comfort.

They will give you the ability to add and remove layers as necessary and will have a tough external shell.

Off-road or Motocross Jackets

These types of motorcycle jackets are perfect for dirt riders. These jackets are made to be abrasion resistant and offer high impact absorption.

These will be made with an interior armor and the outer shell will be made from the most durable material.

They are made to protect you in the event that you may fall on rough terrain or to protect you if you come in contact with tree branches etc.

Commuter Riding Jackets

These jackets are designed for those who ride motorcycles just for commuting and everyday use, and need a basic motorcycle jacket which will protect them in all weather conditions.

For the people who don’t take long road trips on their bikes but just need something to protect themselves and their clothes on a short commute to and from work.

These are usually crossover jackets made to be functional while still having a more normal look so you won’t look too much like a hardcore rider.

They tend to be loose fitting so they won’t crumble the clothes you are wearing beneath.

All Weather Jackets

All weather motorcycle jackets are the options which you can find that offer the most adjustability.

These jackets will have removable liners.

If you don’t want to purchase a motorcycle jacket just yet you can find yourself a jacket to match the weather right in your closet.

For hot weather motorcycle riding, you can take out your mesh jacket and when it’s wet you want to choose a jacket that has a waterproof membrane.

You can also purchase a rain shell and wear that over your existing jacket.

As for finding the best winter motorcycle jacket. look for an insulated liner or a jacket that allows you to customize layering.

For extremely cold weather you can add a heated liner as well.


There are so many different types of motorcycle jackets available, you might be thinking, how do I choose one?

Who's to say you can't buy one of each.

There's nothing wrong with having a different jacket for every day of the week!

Finding the right motorcycle jacket is just as important as finding the right bike.

Make sure you don't get stuck in the hot summer heat, with only a leather jacket. You'll thank me later.

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