Goldfox Motorcycle Protective Body Armor Jacket Review

Goldfox Men's Motorcycle Protective Body Armor Jacket Review

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The Goldfox Motorcycle Body rermor is a heavy duty jacket. It comes with a weight of just over 1.000g making it one of the strongest armors in the segment. The jacket is impressive with its thick soft foam padding.

The motorcycle padding covers multiple areas of the body as you may expect. The jacket thus protects the chest, shoulders and forearms and elbows.

Harder foam padding has been added to the chest, upper arms, elbows, and forearms for increased protection. The padding is based on the foam mesh fabric which is good for breathability and ventilation during the hot days.

In terms of adjustability, the Goldfox Protective Body Armor Jacket comes with elastic straps in the forearms to secure the elbow guards. With full body armors, many users complain about the proper fit of the elbow guards.

Since Goldfox used an elastic system, the pads can offer the desired protection and fit for most users, even those who are taller, shorter or outside the regular body shape. The elastic system is essential for elbow protection since the area is in the most exposed zones of the body in the case of an accident.


    • Soft padding on chest, forearms, and shoulders
    • Thick padding at chest, forearms, and shoulders
    • Hard protectors on chest, upper arms, elbows, and forearms
    • Foam mesh fabric for improved comfort
    • 2.5 pounds weight


  • Combination of soft and hard flexible padding
  • Hard protection in the high-impact areas
  • Breathable mesh fabric
  • Affordable against the competition
  • Safety pads in high-impact zones
  • Simple, not much can go wrong


  • Not the best zipper for the removable back protector
  • Basic no frills design

The Fox Armor Juicy stuff

The Fox body armor sport jacket is heavy-duty and oriented towards maximum protection. With a combination of soft and hard protectors, the jacket quickly becomes a tool for combined technologies in terms of protection.

The jacket comes with pads in all of the important zones of the torso and of the hands.

The protection system comes with thick but soft protective padding on the chest, shoulders, and forearms. What I absolutely love is the soft padding that is added to the chest, shoulders, and forearms.

Fox Body Armor provides the ultimate safety

The system aims to improve comfort and protection in the high-impact zones. Since jackets without full armor only protect the back and shoulders, Goldfox used this opportunity to manufacture a design which can truly work in case of an accident.

Of course, there is little a jacket can do at very high speed, but having a protected torso is a good starting point. With added protection to the shoulders and the arms, the jacket can represent a good solution at low-speed accidents.

The Fox body armor sport jacket delivers one of the simplest yet most effective products in terms of safety during the warm season. With so many options to choose from on the market, the jacket finds the right balance between fabrics and armor resistance.

The ultimate breathable ventilation system

In terms of breathability, the fox armor jacket comes with a mesh fabric. This breathable material is among the best choices for ventilation during the summer months.

Considering the Goldfox Motorcycle Body Armor is made of a breathable mesh, it’s perfect for summer days. Without complicated materials to make the product heavier, the mesh fabric is perfect for breathability and weight management.

Since the overall weight of the pads might be increased with the full armor design, the mesh material acts to balance the final results. This, you get a jacket which only weighs above one kilogram.

Zippers have issues

One of the complaints with the motorcycle body armor is the quality of the zipper that’s used to remove the back protection. It seems the zipper can fail after a few uses, depending on the conditions. But since the jacket is not that heavy you can really opt to take out the protection on rare occasions.

When should I wear Fox Armor?

As a protective jacket, it can be used from early spring to late summer. You may want to consider other options during Autumn, as the weather during that period of the year is out of the recommended temperature.

Old-school riders might benefit from wearing it, together with users of fast bikes. The jacket works well for any type of user.


When compared to the some of the other armored motorcycle jacket reviews, the Webetop Full Armor Jacket, and the Goldfox Armor seem to lose in terms of adjustability.

Webetop`s design allows for full adjustability in the upper arms and forearms with a strap even for the wrists. But Goldfox`s Armor is superior in terms of layered protection.

Because it combines different types of padding it can be considered to be aimed more at the general public. The users of the Goldfox Motorcycle Armor can be new riders looking for their first full armor design.

While Webetop targets similar users, it differentiates itself with adjustability first.


The Goldfox Men’s Motorcycle Protective Body Armor Jacket provides a quick solution for better protection. Its combination of soft and hard padding make it a unique product which approves of safety and comfort before design.

If you`re looking for a memorable design, then maybe you should find some better alternative although it might be complicated at this price range.

One of the downsides of the jacket seems to be the zipper system in the back protection which might not be best for daily use. But if you need to take the protection down not so often, it might still work for long-term use.

Apart from this issue, it`s really hard to find something drastically wrong with this motorcycle body armor. As long as you find the right size for your shoulders, the jacket will perform well.

So who is the fox armor jacket for? Its quality and pricing recommend the product as the first full armor jacket purchase. It comes with plenty of features to introduce new bikers to full upper body protection without any unnecessary, complicated, solutions.

It also comes with a reasonable weight for full body armor. With just above 1.000 grams the jacket is light enough for daily use.

So you have a jacket which protects your arms, shoulders, and torso which doesn`t weigh too much and comes with mesh fabrics. This makes it one of the best options for summer days or for riders who put a great emphasis on breathability without compromising safety.

FAQ – Goldfox Motorcycle Body Armor

  • Is it possible to remove the shoulder pads?

The only aspect not sewn in is the back protector.

  • What size should I order?

This Armor runs small, order two sizes above your normal size. If you normally wear a small, order a large.

  • Can you remove plastic pieces for washing?


  • Will I be able to use it with airsoft?

Yes, many users have reported the armor being perfect for airsoft.

  • Does it restrict your movement?

No, rider movement has been reported as normal, though if it’s your first time wearing armor, it will take getting used to.

Gold Fox body armor size chart


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