Hot Leathers Classic Heavyweight Motorcycle Jacket Review

Hot Leathers Men’s Heavyweight Jacket With Double Piping Review

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Great looking hot leathers motorcycle jackets are synonymous with bikers. For good reason, choosing a leather jacket when you ride is not just about how sexy they look, functionality is a big reason why leather jackets remain popular to this day.

A good leather jacket can be a great piece of gear. It can keep you warm and protected from the elements, but it will also be the last line of defense between your skin and the road should you ever have the misfortune of a crash.

I know you take your ride seriously, so you want good advice when it comes to your gear. You want to spend your hard earned cash on something that is worth it, so you need to get the intel on this jacket before you decide to spend.

In this motorcycle jacket review we will take a look at the Hot Leathers Classic heavyweight jacket. We will give you its main features. We will also look at its good side and its bad and give you our considered verdict. Is it really a heavyweight?

This review will give you the information you need to make a clear choice about the gear you put on your back.


  • It is made from heavyweight top grain leather
  • Comes with a quilted lining that can zip out
  • It comes with a racing collar with black snaps
  • The jacket has an interior chest pocket
  • Side pockets are slit designed with zippers
  • The cuffs have zippers
  • It has vented sleeves
  • It has two zippered chest pockets
  • Weight: 5.5 pounds (2.49 kg)


  • It is a heavy but comfortable jacket
  • It is warm and made from good quality durable leather
  • The jacket has sturdy zippers
  • The arms are long and the jacket fits well if you have broad shoulders
  • It is reasonably priced
  • This jacket has a great classic and very stylish look
  • It is well ventilated


  • The fit is a little baggy but leaves room for layering
  • It has quite a bit of a smell out of the box
  • It can be a bit stiff when new
  • The sleeve zippers are positioned on the inside of the sleeve
  • The sizing can be difficult to determine accurately


This hot leathers jacket is a straight classic. The stylish black leather fits perfectly on any type of rider, the best part is it’s reasonably priced.

  • Durable leather

This bad boy is made from a high-quality durable leather, which delivers on the promise of being a heavyweight contender.

  • Pockets

It has a side as well as chest pockets. It also has inside chest pockets for the things you want to keep next to your heart.

  • Jacket is smelly

On the negative side, this jacket can be smelly when it comes out of the box. You might need to give it some treatment with leather products to help it settle in.

It can also be a bit stiff, but the same treatment will help the leather loosen up. The fit can be baggy and the arms long, so size it properly might be a bit of a challenge. The sleeve zippers sit on the inside of the sleeve which can also annoy some riders.

  • Long sleeves

The long sleeves work well for cold weather riding, but could again be an issue if you wear it casually. Someone with shorter arms will also need to be sure of the fit.

As a classic black leather jacket for any rider, this jacket delivers well, it looks good and takes heavy use in its stride. The leather is really good quality and should be a winning feature on its own.

Comparison of Hot Leather Jackets

Compared to other leather jackets this Hot Leather riding jacket is well priced and won’t break the bank. It’s solid quality, has a good number of pockets and will keep you nice and warm (and looking very cool of course).

This coat does have a bit of smell, especially compared to textile jackets, and it can cost a little more if you buy some leather treatment products.

There are some textile and mesh jackets that will come in much cheaper than most leather jackets. These jackets often have many more pockets and don’t look as sleek.

So keep your budget and needs in mind.

As far as Hot Leathers Jackets go, this is a good choice. It will hold up well in cold weather and the collar does not rise too high to become an annoyance at your helmet edge.

You will be able to layer nicely underneath it, depending on how you prefer the fit.


If you are ready to buy your first leather jacket for the road this Hot Leathers mens jacket with double piping will be a good choice. It is reasonably priced for a high-quality leather jacket and should give you years of good service.

Make sure that you understand the sizing chart and your own preferences well and it will suit you just fine, especially if you want to wear another layer underneath in the cold.

It is well ventilated for warmer conditions and has enough pockets for your belongings.

This will be a good addition to your gear. Not only will it happily serve you on your rides, it will make you look great.

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