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How Should a Motorcycle Jacket Fit

How Should a Motorcycle Jacket Fit?

  • With the motorcycle jacket layered on top, you should still be able to put your arms around your body and give yourself a hug.
  • The jacket shouldn't be too loose or tight. 
  • Try fitting it over some of your thickest clothing, such as a hoodie or a sweater.
  • Your most accurate gauge of proper fit is your comfort.

How should a motorcycle jacket fit is a question circling the biker community for ages.

When it comes to motorcycle jackets, there are a lot of conflicting ideas as to what exactly is ideal.

Some say that motorcycle jackets should fit snugly enough so that in the event of a fall, the fabric will not shift so much and will cling to the body to be able to adequately protect it.

Others say that a motorcycle jacket has to be a bit loose in order to fit any additional layer of clothing you might have to wear if riding in cold weather.

It is also able to cover a larger surface of the body adequately in the event of a fall.

So the real question is, exactly how should a moto jacket fit?

Motorcycle Jacket Fit Guide

A fitted motorcycle jacket, understandably, is different than your tailored suit that you use for cocktails and formal events.

From the casual and sportswear, you use for leisure or for other physical activities in that it serves a greater purpose than just to look presentable and cover your body.

It has the important task of keeping you as safe as possible in case of an accident.

This is especially important for first-time motorcycle jacket buyers.

Motorcycle Jacket: loose or tight?

Understanding exactly how tight should a motorcycle jacket be is a thing of preference.

It depends on a lot of factors because when it comes to safety, you don't want the jacket to be too tight or loose.

If the best motorcycle jacket for you is more body hugging, you don’t want to find one that is too tight against your body since you tend to forego insulation.

Also, the ventilation inside of the jacket will not be as efficient, causing the jacket to be hotter than you would expect it to be.

And besides, if you are wearing something thick like a sweater, you wouldn’t be able to layer it on anymore.

If you want the best possible tight jacket fit, make sure as little stress as possible is being placed on the seams and zippers of the jacket.

As any movement could cause a seam to rip, or a zipper to bust.

Motorcycle jacket too big

On the other hand, if you are the type who likes it loose, a jacket that is too loose will admit air at the bottom.

This leads to the jacket billowing up.

Which in turn can make you cold, especially if you are riding in winter.

That is most likely why many vintage jackets and some newer models have tapered waists in order to keep the wind out.

Another thing you will notice with an overly large jacket, the padding may tend to shift out of place with a quick movement, or sharp turns.

Make sure to keep in mind if you will be using this jacket during the summer or winter.

This is important because an oversized leather jacket will be very uncomfortable if you need to layer it up in the summer just to make it fit.

On the flipside of the coin, a lightweight jacket may have too much ventilation, in turn making it a terrible option for cold weather.

Tip for the wise your jacket is oversized

  • Put the jacket on and zip it up.
  • Sit on your bike, get in the ready position.
  • Grab a fist full of the jacket material from your upper chest, near the zipper.

If you are able to get a fist full of material, the jacket is oversized.

how should a motorcycle jacket fit

Motorcycle Jacket Sleeve Length: Too Short or Too Long?

Aside from wearing it with thicker clothing, try wearing it while in a riding position on your bike.

The sleeves should be able to cover your entire arm up to your wrist.

You may notice that the cuff may cover half of your palm if you place your arms at your sides.

Because of this, if you are planning on customizing your own riding jacket, it is not likely a good idea to use your long-sleeved shirt measurements since these measurements are not intended for when you are in a riding position.

Make sure to keep the length in mind when considering different options.

The last thing you want is a short motorcycle jacket when you're riding in cold weather. 

I can say from experience, 20-degree winds flowing all across your naked skin isn't very comfortable.

Cover your torso

As for the part that covers your torso, the jacket’s bottom should fall at the level of your belt when you stand so that it sits on your thighs when you are riding.

A longer riding jacket will only ride up when in sitting position and make you look and feel awkward.

Also, when you are in a riding position, make sure that the back part of the jacket covers up your lower back to keep you better protected.

If you are wondering how a motorcycle jacket should fit, take note that it is vastly different from picking out your shirt size.

More than that, there are a few specifics that you have to look into to be better equipped and better protected while riding your motorcycle.

Oftentimes, buying a motorcycle jacket is a considerable investment, and you not only want it to look good, but also feel good and effectively serve its ultimate purpose.

How Should a Textile Motorcycle Jacket Fit?

The fit of a textile motorcycle jacket depends on what you are wearing underneath.

If you are just wearing the jacket, then start off by making sure you can bend your elbow properly when in the riding position.

If you are able to move your elbow around very easily, then the jacket is too loose.

When deciding the proper fit of a textile jacket, first take into account how you will be riding and whether or not you will be wearing motorcycle body armor on a consistent basis.

As the size and weight of armor can make a big difference in the maneuverability of the rider.

For example. If you are a motorbike racer, then a tight fit is necessary.

If you are purchasing the jacket for all season use, a bit more of a loose fit is what you will want.

Fitted Motorcycle Jackets: Conclusion

Take down your measurements, such as arm and torso length. This is so that you know what size you fall under.

It is quite useful and smart to do, especially if you cannot physically try on the jacket for its fit, such as when you are buying it online.

Almost all manufacturers have a clear sizing chart that will help you determine the proper motorcycle jacket fitting.

Although not all of them will be following the same standard of measurements.

They will usually display sizes correlating to other sizing systems to better help you in figuring out which size will fit you.

 Understanding how a motorcycle jacket should fit is paramount for your safety, as well as getting longevity out of the material.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are motorcycle jackets supposed to be short?

Jacket should be short enough to sit above your belt. If the jacket hangs over your belt, it will bunch up and put you in an uncomfortable riding position 

Why are leather jackets so short?

They are short because the material is thick, and if it hangs too low, could impact the rider.

What size motorcycle jacket should I get?

There are many factors when deciding what size to get. The first step is the check the manufacture size chart, as many brands/materials have different sizing.

How to know what size leather jacket to get?

Make sure the jacket doesn't hang below your belt line and the sleeves shouldn't extend out past your wrist.

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