Joe Rocket Classic 92 Review – Leather Motorcycle Jacket 2017

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Are you looking for a top of the line classic leather riding jacket which you can proudly wear out for a night on the town, and will provide you with rock-solid protection?

The Joe Rocket Classic 92 jacket fits the bill.

This bad boy is one of the sexiest riding jackets I’ve had the pleasure of owning. I can honestly say I get more compliments on this jacket than any other option I wear on a regular basis.

I have a feeling people tend to notice it because of the beautiful lines that start off on the chest of the jacket.

One issue I tend to have with heavy duty leather jackets is the breathability factor.

The Joe Rocket classic 92 keeps you cool with its airflow and ventilation all at a cost that’s not going to break the bank.


  • Cowhide leather
  • Specifically tailored for a relaxed fit
  • 2 inside utility pockets
  • 4 outside pockets
  • Zip-in lining
  • Classic old school biker look
  • Great for cold weather
  • Heavy zippers
  • Adjustable weight and cuffs
  • External zippered key pocket

Joe Rocket Classic 92 Jacket Review – Advantages

Leather is pre-broken in

Not a lot of jackets these days come with a broken in leather. You may ask why that matters? All I have to say to that question is, you need to try this sucker on.

When leather is pre-broken in it gives the jacket a really soft and supple feel. It’s hard to put it into words, the best comparison I can make is to a snuggy blanket. I know you’ve seen those hilarious commercials, every time I put this¬†jacket on that’s how I feel.

Fitment is perfect

I asked some of my fellow riders about their take on this joe rocket leather jacket, and it’s pretty clear that this jacket has no fitment issues and is considered a rock solid deal at the price it sells for.

Soft interior lining with slots for armor

The lining is super soft and makes me feel like I’m wearing a soft leather blanked all day long. How much better does it get than that? One problem I have is my girlfriend always want’s to steal it from me, so I make sure to wear it on days when she’s not with me.

One of the best-looking classic jackets on the market

I can’t get over how unbelievably good looking this jacket is. If you’re looking for one possible jacket, and you don’t have a massive collection like I do, then the Joe Rocket 92 is a great choice.

Quilted lining = comfort

I can’t say enough about the comfort! It literally feels like you’re wearing a blanket.

Retro vintage design

I know I’ve said it a few times already but this is the definition of a classic, will remain cool forever type design. The lines are crafted beautifully and remind me of the lines on an old school BMW. You just can’t take your eyes off it.


Trying to come up with disadvantages for this classy jacket isn’t easy, as there is so much to like. But since I have to come up with a few, here they are.

Armor inserts are an additional cost

I would not consider this as a racing jacket, as it was built without armor, though it does have slots to add armor at an additional cost.

Requires consistent maintenance to keep the leather feeling soft

If you want to keep the leather looking glossy and pretty all the time, it does come with added maintenance. Every month I make sure to give this coat a nice wash and gloss. This can be annoying for some people, but no rider ever said looking your best doesn’t come at a price.

Does not keep you as warm as heavier leather jackets

Most of all, this coat is built with ventilation in mind, which can become an issue in colder climates. I would shy away from wearing this in sub 40-degree weather, as the ventilation will turn you into an ice cube.

Final Verdict

Joe Rocket has done an awesome job creating a high-quality, fashionable, comfortable and a reasonably priced classic leather motorcycle jacket.

You can’t go wrong adding the Joe Rocket 92 to your closet. For the price, it might be a little frustrating that armor is not included, but you can find plenty of cheap motorcycle armor options available out there.

I personally don’t mind when a jacket fails to include armor, that just means I get the opportunity to turn it into the perfect jacket for my needs.

If you really want something which includes armor, check out our best leather motorcycle jackets of 2017.

I know I’ve said how much I adore this jacket, that’s only because I want you guys to understand how awesome it really is. The clean lines that start off at your chest and rap all the way around to your back, give off a sophisticated mofo look.

As a result, If I could only choose one more riding jacket purchase the rest of my life, I might just choose the joe rocket 92 and pick up some killer armor to go with it.

You know you want it.

Joe Rocket Classic 92 Size Chart


  • Does the 92 come with included armor?

No, armor is purchased separately

  • Are the sleeves long? Because the picture makes it look it would hang down past my wrist.

No, the sleeves are a perfect length

  • Are the stripes that go across the jacket made of reflective material?

No, there is reflective material on it, just not on the stripes.

  • What type of armor works best for this jacket?

There are plenty of armor options available, Joe Rocket provides a good selection:

Joe Rocket C.E. Standard Elbow-Knee Armor – Large/Black
Joe Rocket C.E. Standard Shoulder Armor – Black
Joe Rocket Dual Density Spine Protector – Mens/Black

  • Is it waterproof?

No, it is considered water resistant


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