Klim Badlands Pro Motorcycle Jacket Review (2017)

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The Klim Badlands Pro Jacket is the definition of an Adventure Touring riding jacket.

Are you a thrill seeker that wants nothing more than to leave your home and go on a cross-country motorbike ride?

All you want to do is hit the open road.

Who cares about the weather? That’s only an obstacle.

What if I told you, you wouldn’t even need to stop and use the restroom?

Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?

Well then, you’ve met your match.

In this Klim Badlands Jacket review we will go into what makes this jacket so awesome, as well as how you can get it for the best possible price.


  • Adventure Touring Motorcycle Jacket
  • Great all season option
  • Made with 3-layer GORE-TEX Pro fabric
  • Tough armor and nylon protection
  • Windproof and rain protection
  • 8 zippered vents
  • 7 external pockets for different uses
  • Velcro wrist closures
  • Internal plastic snap hook with nylon carry bag
  • Adjustable armor pockets
  • Jacket and pants integration system
  • Chest armor made with mesh
  • Adjustable D30 Viper T5 Armor technology
  • Max flow ventilation system
  • Industrial grade reflective panels

Going on a Touring Adventure? Why You Need GORE-TEX

The Klim Badlands Jacket is made of lightweight 3-layer GORE-TEX fabric which is designed with indestructible durability in mind. This material will protect you from any type of weather, as well as cushion you should you suddenly get into an accident.

What’s really cool about it is the way it reduces sweat in warm weather conditions.

Not to mention it’s waterproof, windproof and extremely breathable. There is no better option that combines comfort with reliable weather protection.


It is a three-layer construction that sandwiches the GORE-TEX membrane between knit polyester and a soft outer material.

What’s crazy is the membrane has 9 billion pores per square inch. The pores are created super small so water and wind are unable to pass through from the outside.

The reason those materials were chosen is that they provide longevity, as well as great protection from the elements, without adding too much weight.

GORE-TEX material was created for adventure riders who need protection and comfort in all sorts of weather conditions.

Klim Badlands Jacket: Why Is It So Great?

This Klim Badlands jacket is an adventure riding jacket created for unpredictable weather conditions, made from technologies and materials that will last a lifetime.

When thinking of this jacket phrases like, “indestructible” and “built like a rock” and “best touring motorcycle jacket” come to mind.

Adjustable armor

It has adjustable D30 Viper T5 Armor technology, made from a polymer which spreads the impact across a large area yet is able to do it in a slim design.

The latest Motorcycle body armor this good tends to way 3 times the amount as the slim fit armor Klim built into this jacket.

Built-in back protector

The Badlands jacket has one of the most durable built-in back protectors I have ever used in my life. The majority of jackets these days don’t come with a back protector built into the jacket.

What you realize is that when the back protector is built in, it makes the jacket super easy to take on and off.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had issues with aftermarket armor getting caught on my jacket as I try to take it off.

Klim: Hydration bladder compartment

One of the coolest features of the Klim Badlands Pro is the Hydration bladder compartment which includes an internal hose.

We’ve all been on a long adventure and the last thing we want to do is stop and use the restroom.

The bladder compartment holds 3 liters of liquid and has a harness that supports it so the biker won’t feel the added weight.

Another key feature is the removable and adjustable kidney belt support system. Which provides the rider with solid protection where you need it most.

The jacket to pant YKK zipper integration is a nice addition. As the high-quality zippers easily move without the fear of it breaking off.

Pockets galore

With a total of 7 pockets, it’s as if you have a backpack built into your jacket.

This bad boy has one pocket on the left arm, which is useful as a change and cash pocket. Two pockets located on the chest, two on the hands, one rear pocket for your wallet and one secret internal pocket.

Max flow ventilation system

This is where it gets really interesting.

With all the features already mentioned in this Klim Badlands Jacket review, you’d probably think it’s going to feel like a sauna inside.

That is definitely not the case and that’s thanks to the max flow ventilation system counteracting the high sweat rates of active riders.

Any long time rider knows that maintaining a proper core temp is of the utmost importance on a motorcycle adventure.

Final Verdict

Ready to take on the world and set out on a motorcycle touring adventure?

I can honestly say, there is no better companion than the Klim Badlands Pro Motorcycle Jacket.

Just to recap the benefits of this Klim jacket:

Top-notch ventilation, a multitude of pockets, a built-in back protector and made from super durable GORTEX material.

Just buy it already, you know you want to.

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