What are the Best Motorcycle Leather Jackets of 2018?

Best Leather Motorcycle Jacket Reviews

Finding the best leather motorcycle jacket in 2018 isn’t just a matter of finding one that looks good on you.

While personal satisfaction will inevitably play a role, you should be more concerned with what each jacket can offer you in the way of protection.

Isn't that the reason you’re buying a motorcycle jacket in the first place?

Though safety is my main priority, I can't deny my classic biker heart. I want a black leather jacket because it is flat out sexy.

5 Best Leather Motorcycle Jackets 2018





Our Rating



Joe Rocket 92

joe rocket 92

Best Leather

five stars



XtreemGear Vintage

Xtreemgear Vintage Style


4 and a half stars



Tourmaster Coaster 3

Xtreemgear Vintage Style


4 and a half stars



Leather Factory Sword

Leather Factory Sword


4 and a half stars



Chouyatou Vintage Pu

Chouytau Vintage Pu


four stars



Joe Rocket 92

joe rocket classic 92 motorcycle jacket review

Best Leather

five stars


Xtreemgear Vintage

Xtreemgear Vintage Style


4 and a half stars


Tourmaster Coaster 3

Tourmaster Coaster 3


4 and a half stars

5 Best Leather Motorcycle Jacket Reviews 

In the many years, I’ve been involved in the motorcycle community, I have worn my fair share of both leather and textile jackets.

But it's the former with which my heart and allegiance lie.

In this 2017 leather moto jacket buyers guide, I'm going to discuss reviews, ratings and everything you need to know about finding that head turning leather motorbike jacket of your riding dreams.

#1. Joe Rocket 92
(Best Leather Motorcycle Jacket)

Joe Rocket Classic 92 Motorcycle Jacket

The folks at Joe Rocket don’t do fancy stuff. They dislike the importance that has been put on the appearance of motorcycle gear. Over the past couple of years and choose to keep it simple as an act of rebellion.


  • VariableFlow ventilation

One of the greatest features of the is its VariableFlow ventilation system.

This is a collection of integrated vents located on the torso, back, and sleeves to ensure fresh air is always being passed through the jacket, making riding on warm days a breeze (pun intended only if you liked it).

  • Multiple colors

While the Joe Rocket Old School Leather Motorcycle Jacket is predominantly black.

The chest, back, and sleeves are decorated in brighter colors to alert other motorists to your presence should you be riding at night.

Furthermore, this Joe rocket brand jacket is available with multiple options of color pattern.

So you can find a jacket that suits your taste (which is actually a little ironic considering Joe Rocket is so staunchly opposed to styling one’s motorcycle gear).


  • Thin

While the fabric of the Joe Rocket Old School Leather Motorcycle Jacket is certainly thick enough to keep you warm when riding in the autumn months, many bikers have reported difficulties with the jacket in winter.

It just isn’t thick enough to protect the wearer from the icy wind and rain of December and will have to be backed up with a hoody to be of any use.

five stars

#2. Xtreemgear Vintage

XtreemgearVintage Style

The Signature Abrasion-Resistant Leather Jacket from Xtreemgear has been one of the most consistently best rated leather motorcycle jackets for men, thanks to it's rock solid armor.


  • Best Leather Motorcycle Jacket with Armor

The protection provided by the Xtreemgear Signature Abrasion-Resistant Leather Jacket is almost unrivaled. 

It boasts padding in the elbows, back, and chest to ensure maximum protection should the unthinkable occur. All of the jacket’s foam pads are CE certified.

  • Removable liner

The Xtreemgear Vintage Style comes equipped with a removable thermal liner that will keep the cold weather at bay during the winter months.

When things warm up, the liner can be easily removed to let you ride in comfort. 

To further reduce the risk of overheating in warm weather, the folks at Xtreemgrear have fitted this leather jacket with a number of intake and exhaust vents to ensure a constant flow of air through the garment.


  • Unusual fit

While nobody is going to argue that the Xtreemgear Signature Abrasion-Resistant Leather Jacket hasn’t been expertly designed from a protection and feature standpoint.

There are those who feel it is lacking in its fit. Many bikers with regular builds have complained about this jacket is too small in the arms, while simultaneously being too big in the chest.

All in all, if you're looking for the best leather motorcycle jacket with armor, this jacket from Xtreemgear is a top of the line option. Sometimes you have to sacrifice looks for safety, but isn't rider safety the reason you're purchasing a jacket in the first place?

4 and a half stars

#3. Tourmaster Coaster 3

Tourmaster Coaster 3

The TourMaster Coaster 3 is one of the most badass leather jackets for men in recent memory. Composed of sturdy cowhide, it is certain to last you for years. Even if you should be unfortunate enough to experience a collision or two.


  • Strong stitching

Stitching is of crucial importance when it comes to any sort of clothing. It is particularly important to consider when you are searching for protective gear, as weak stitching may lead to the garment falling apart.

The Tourmaster Coaster 3 is stitched with powerful bonded nylon thread, meaning the jacket would need to be tied to two trucks driving in opposite directions to show any signs of tearing.

  • Adjustable waist belt

There are few things more annoying than a poorly fitted jacket. Fortunately, that won’t be a problem with the TourMaster Coaster 3. Along with its expert stitching, promises a near-perfect fit to all who purchase it.

The jacket is fitted with an adjustable waist belt, which can be tightened and loosened. This allows you maximum comfort while you ride.


  • Expensive

I know I mentioned earlier that you shouldn’t avoid purchasing a leather bike jacket simply because of its price, but the TourMaster Coaster 3 is particularly expensive.

Often selling for $300 and beyond, it is one of the most expensive leather motorbike jackets on this list.

If you find yourself gravitating towards the design and you have the money to spend, I say go for it. However, you can purchase a quality black leather motorcycle jacket for significantly less.

4 and a half stars

#4. Leather Factory Sword

Leather Factory Sword

The Leather Factory SWORD Biker Jacket is so sleek and shiny that you could be forgiven for believing it is faux leather.


  • Four zip pockets

Most motorcycles don’t offer a whole lot of space for you to store and transport goods.

So it’s important to get a jacket with a couple of pockets. Which all you to store your phone, wallet, and whatever other valuables you wish to take with you on the road.

The Leather Factory Sword comes fitted with four zip pockets, spread throughout its interior and exterior, which can be opened and closed with ease.

  • Adjustable fit

At the hem of The Leather Factory SWORD Biker Jacket, you will find a number of snap buttons.

 These will allow you to adjust the jacket to ensure you always have a fit that is both unique and comfortable.


  • No covering on zippers

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll remember my earlier advice that you find a jacket with covered zippers.

The reason is in order to prevent the pull tabs from striking you in the face should you crash.

The zippers on this Leather Factory jacket feature no such covering. I know it seems like a minor issue, but the most safety-conscious among you might prefer a different jacket.

4 and a half stars

#5. Chouyatou Vintage Pu

Chouyatou Vintage Pu

If you’re looking for a jacket which combines style and safety, you’re definitely going to want to look at the Vintage Stand Collar Pu Leather Jacket from Chouyatou. This is a cafe racer leather motorcycle jacket.


  • Vintage design

The first thing you’ll notice about the Chouyatou is that it looks pretty freaking cool. 

With its vintage stand collar and belt, it is a throwback to the leather biker jackets of yesteryear and will ensure you’re the center of attention whether you’re riding solo or as part of a group.

  • Faux leather

A lot of bikers shy away from leather motorbike jackets because they don’t want to feel as though they are contributing to animal cruelty.

 If you are one of these bikers, the Chouyatou Pu will interest you, as it is made entirely from faux leather.


  • Faux leather

Yes, faux leather is both a pro and a con. While faux leather is great if you don’t want to give your money to those involved in the leather trade.

 It simply isn’t as effective as real leather when it comes to protecting you from the various threats you’ll encounter on the road.

four stars

Leather Biker Jacket - Buyers Guide

first leather motorcycle jacket

Believe it or not, wearing men's classic leather motorcycle jackets only became widespread during the Second World War when they were given to the military.

This was due to their ability to stave off the cold and warm the body without limiting movement. 

After the war came to an end, the leather jacket made its way off the battlefield and into mainstream American fashion.

It was adopted by early motorbike riders for the same reasons it was introduced to the army; it provided bikers with a constant shield against the elements while making them look a whole lot cooler than they would look wearing a raincoat. 

Owing to the infamous spark of rebellion which turns somebody into a biker, leather jackets became synonymous with troublemakers and were draped upon Hollywood bad boys such as James Dean, who introduced a generation to leather jackets and cigarettes in the 1955 film Rebel Without a Cause

Over the next couple of decades, vintage leather motorcycle jackets would find their place in the world of music, with iconic acts such as Elvis Presley, the Ramones, and even the Beatles donning them for performances. 

Of course, fashion may change, but practicality does not, which is why leather jackets have remained a favorite choice among bikers, despite their popularity elsewhere ever so slightly waning in the decades which have elapsed since the death of James Dean and the introduction of snapbacks and man buns.

Why Choose Leather?

So, we’ve already touched on one of the main benefits of donning a leather moto jacket.

Leather jackets provide wonderful protection against the elements. 

What else do you stand to gain from choosing a leather jacket over a jacket of a different fabric? 

As well as keeping you safe from the wind and the rain, a quality leather motorcycle jacket with armor will serve as a shield should you fall off your bike.

In the event of a crash, a thick leather jacket will protect your skin from the road and minimize the risk of cuts and burns. 

Being the strong material that it is, leather holds up much better than many other fabrics used in the manufacturing of clothes, so you are likely to get several years of use out of one, providing it is properly maintained.

But Isn't Leather Expensive?

Yes, leather can be pretty expensive. Particularly if you decide to go the whole nine yards and purchase a pair of leather gloves and leather trousers to accompany your leather jacket. 

Over the years, I have encountered many bikers who have proudly told me about how they managed to beat the system by purchasing a leather jacket from Wal-Mart or a similar store for $20 or under. 

I know this may seem tempting, especially considering the fact a lot of the best leather riding jackets in the world can go all the way up to $1,000 and beyond, but purchasing a leather jacket for such a low price is incredibly ill-advised. 

For a start, you need to remember that most used leather motorcycle jackets for sale are generally poorly designed and mass produced, meaning the stitching is likely to come undone within only a couple of months. 

Furthermore, such jackets are geared towards those who are looking for something they can wear on a night out with friends. Not something that is going to protect them from the elements as they roar down the highways of America. 

For this reason, cheap leather riding jackets are unlikely to be waterproof or even water resistant. I know it probably isn’t what you want to hear. 

But it is my advice that you spend that extra bit of cash and get a the best leather moto jacket in at least the $200 range. One that is built to withstand the elements and whatever bumps you may suffer during your time behind the handlebars. 

A quality leather jacket will last you for many thousands of miles, while one of those cheap $20 models is unlikely to see you through the year, so you can look at it as an investment.

Motorcycle Leather Jackets: Things To Know

best leather motorcycle jacket

When you’re in the market for a top rated leather motorcycle jacket to keep you safe while you ride, there are a couple of things you should take into account to ensure you end up with a product that will meet your needs and tick all the boxes. 

These include the following:


When buying a motorcycle jacket made from leather, you should search for one with only a few seams. 

I know more seams are generally associated with greater movement, but leather is a flexible material when it doesn’t cling too tightly to your body, so a well-fitted leather jacket will provide you with all the movement you need, even with minimal seams. 

An abundance of seams simply leaves too many vulnerable spots in your motorcycle body armor and can be ineffective in preventing injuries should you suffer a crash or fall. 


The vast majority of top rated leather motorcycle jackets, you’ll encounter in your search, will be black, which is apparently the color of the “ideal” leather jacket. 

While a black leather jacket is certainly a great deal more stylish than a red or brown alternative, it will also be a great deal more difficult for drivers to see should you be riding at night. 

If you foresee yourself frequently climbing aboard your motorcycle in the darker hours, you should consider purchasing a cowhide leather jacket of a brighter color which will be easy for other motorists to spot.

Or take a look at the massive amount of colors available in some of the ​best textile motorcycle jackets.

Failing that, you should look for a black leather jacket with some sort of design on the sleeves or back to ensure you stand out from the dark of the night.


Zippers may seem like a minor detail when it comes to choosing the top leather motorcycle jacket for you, but they are actually pretty important and should be paid careful attention throughout your search. 

If you should have to retrieve something from the pocket of your jacket for any reason while riding, the last thing you want to do is take your hands off the handlebars for an extended period of time, as it will likely lead to disaster. 

Try to find a jacket which is fitted with zippers that are easy to open and close. This eliminates the need for haphazard fumbling. It is also advisable to purchase a leather riding jacket which has its zippers covered by a padded flap. 

This will significantly reduce the risk of a zipper causing damage should you suffer a crash (I’ve heard some horror stories of pull tabs breaking away upon impact and becoming lodged in an eye or nostril).


One difference between the leather jackets available in your average clothing store and those available in specialist motorcycle stores is that the latter comes equipped with protectors (or, at least, they should). 

Protectors, as you might have guessed, are pieces of padding which are generally fitted to the arms of a jacket in order to decrease the risk of damage coming to your elbows or shoulders in the event of a crash.

A lot of leather biker jackets will also feature protectors on the back and torso. Though such a great level of padding is almost definitely going to bring up the cost of the jacket. If a jacket has a satisfactory level of padding, it will be labeled as “CE approved.”

There are, of course, different CE ratings, with CE 1 and CE 2 being the most common. CE 2 jackets offer a greater level of protection than their CE 1 counterparts. It is generally recommended to those who frequently find themselves biking on dangerous roads or in bad weather.

Perforated Leather Motorcycle Jackets With Added Breathability

In my experience, the major drawback of wearing a motorbike leather jacket is that leather isn’t the most breathable material in existence. 

Obviously, this isn’t much of an issue when you’re riding during the winter months, but the inability of leather to let air in and out becomes painfully apparent in June, July, and August. 

That being said, riding when the sun is shining down upon you is one of the greatest feelings in the world and it’s something I believe everybody who has a passion for bikes should experience. 

Your solution to leather’s lack of breathability shouldn’t be to just avoid riding during the summer months. What you should do instead is a search for the best mesh motorcycle jacket for hot weather.

There are a multitude of leather jackets which offer ventilation and good breathability.

There are plenty of leather jackets out there which are put through various intricate processes during manufacturing in order to render them breathable and wearable in warm weather. 

Similarly, a lot of leather jackets are fitted with mesh vents and added perforation which can be accessed simply by unzipping or unbuttoning a portion of the jacket. 

Such jackets provide wonderful ventilation. Though many bikers avoid them as they believe the mesh lining cannot withstand the impact of a collision.

Truth be told when it comes to the ventilation of a jacket, I would recommend looking into the latest mesh motorcycle jackets if you need one for warm weather or hot climates.

How To Clean a Leather Motorcycle Jacket

best leather motorcycle jacket

As I mentioned already, a quality leather motorcycle jacket can last you for years on end. My first-ever model hangs in my wardrobe to this day. But in order to ensure you get the most out of your jacket, you must take proper care of it. 

Fortunately,  how to clean a leather motorcycle jacket isn’t too difficult. But there are a couple of things you can do to make sure the material doesn’t start to weaken after a couple of road trips. 

Avoid machine washing

I know there is a growing number of people who say machine washing a leather jacket is absolutely fine, but those people are fashionistas, not bikers. 

While you may be able to get away with machine washing a leather jacket once or twice, it is almost definitely going to start showing the effects the aggressive mechanical washing sooner rather than later. 

Perhaps this is just me being paranoid, but in order to ensure my leather jackets remain clean without compromising the material or the protectors within, I hand wash each one. 

That may sound a little tedious, but it can actually be done pretty quickly once you know what you are doing. 

To hand wash a leather jacket

You should add a non-abrasive, non-scented liquid soap to a small amount of warm, though not boiling, water. 

Using a sponge, gently spread a small amount of the concoction over the surface of your jacket’s exterior, paying special attention to beneath the arms. 

The same mixture of soap and warm water can be used to clean the interior of the jacket. Though you should be sure to use significantly less than you did to clean the outside of the garment. 

Because the exterior can be so delicate. A lot of bikers like to forgo the soap and water combo. They do this in favor of simply spraying the jacket’s lining with some sort of freshener. 

While this can be an effective way of warding off odors early on. You will still have to use water to clean the interior every couple of weeks to avoid a buildup of sweat and stains. 


You should be sure to regularly treat the garment using either a leather balm, leather oil, or petroleum jelly. 

Spreading one such substance across your jacket is a great way to ensure continued flexibility while you ride. This prevents the leather from hardening or drying out. 

A quality oil will also help protect your jacket from water. Bikers who regularly ride in bad weather should remember to use a waterproofing spray or get a 100% waterproof motorcycle jacket. This will ensure their jacket is totally resistant to rainfall.

Best Leather Motorcycle Jacket Brands

When you are in the market for the best quality leather jackets. You should be sure that the products you purchase come from a respected brand with a proven record of excellence.

Leather jackets from unfamiliar brands may cost significantly less than a product from a well-known manufacturer.

Furthermore, most do not offer a warranty on their products, so you will be left out of pocket should a problem arise a couple of weeks after your purchase, which it almost certainly will. 

Among the many recognized and beloved manufacturers of leather motorcycle coats in the world, today are Chouyatou, Xtreemgear, and Tourmaster.

Best Motorcycle Leather Jackets: Conclusion

There are so many quality motorcycle jackets out there that choosing the best one is never easy. In fact, it’s pretty much impossible. What you can choose, however, is the best one for you. 

The Joe Rocket 92 is one of the lightest, most comfortable, and super stylish leather motorcycle jackets you will ever own.

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