Milano Sport Gamma Motorcycle Jacket 2017 Review

milano sport gamma motorcycle jacketq
4 and a half stars

Motorcycle jackets are fashionable and protective. At the same time, they protect you from abrasions, as well as from bodily trauma brought about by the impact of a fall.

The Milano Sport Gamma Motorcycle Jacket is no different.

Another thing they can protect you from is the weather. The Milano Sport Gamma Motorcycle Jacket has the ability to keep you dry on your motorcycle in the rain.


  • Waterproof
  • Removable thermal liner
  • Zippered chest and back vents
  • European sizing
  • Shoulder and elbow armor, CE approved
  • Four colors available, available from small to triple extra-large
  • Reflective stripes
  • Color choices
  • Advantages

    The Milano Sport Gamma Motorcycle Jacket allows you to ride in rain or shine since it is waterproof. You can be protected from the cold and the rain whenever you ride with this jacket on.

    This is super important if you live in an area where there is a lot of climate change.


    Considering you are exposed to external elements whenever you are riding a motorcycle, unlike when you are riding in an enclosed vehicle like a car.

    I recommend you have a waterproof riding jacket, which gives you a great advantage since you no longer need to stop to find shelter whenever the weather takes a bad turn.

    Removable lining

    The Milano Sport Gamma Motorcycle Jacket also comes with a removable thermal liner that can insulate you further to help you combat the wind and harsh weather, especially in the colder seasons; you can remove the thermal liners during warmer weather.

    This thermal liner can also serve as additional protection for you as a cushion to absorb any shock or impact that you may encounter during an accident.


    Even if the Milano Sport Gamma Motorcycle Jacket is waterproof and insulating, you will still also be able to enjoy a fresh ride since it is equipped with a ventilation system through its zippered chest and back vents that you can open or close as needed; you can adjust them according to the weather and your needs.

    If you are riding out midday in the heat of summer, you can simply open these vents so that you get some wind inside the jacket to keep you refreshed. Simply zip it closed in colder temperatures to keep the warmth in.

    CE approved armor

    To keep you cushioned from any possible impact, especially in vital areas, the Milano Sport Gamma Motorcycle Jacket is equipped with shoulder and elbow armor that is CE approved so you can be sure of its quality and standards that are sure to keep you safe from injury.

    It is important to have CE-approved gear since items such as motorcycle jackets are vital in keeping you safe, and possibly saving your life when needed.

    Multiple color choices

    To make sure that your Milano Sport Jacket matches with your motorcycle, and your personality, it comes in four colors from which you can choose.

    It can also accommodate a variety of sizes from small to 3XL, so whatever your build, gender or preference, the Milano Sport Gamma Motorcycle Jacket most likely has it all for you.

    It also may be custom fit to your exact size, thank its adjustable twin Velcro belts to cinch it against your waist.

    A stretch panel may be found in the upper torso area, as well as the back of the shoulders where men are usually a lot broader than the rest of the torso.

    For additional visibility in the dark, especially if you are driving in the night, reflective stripes have been sewn onto the arms and back; this is an added safety bonus for you.

    Milano sport gamma motorcycle jacket blue


    The Milano Sport Gamma Motorcycle Jacket is not really a good fit for you if you wear an extra large size and above, as it can get pretty tight around the torso and belly area.

    Riders I've talked to about this jacket say the sizing is a bit off, and recommend going a size up.


    If you live and ride in an area with chances of rain or wet weather every now and then, the Milano Sport Gamma Motorcycle Jacket may be a good investment.

    Its waterproof quality makes it an advantage for those rainy weather days.

    The Milano Motorcycle Jacket ensures you will surely be kept dry and comfortable with the Milano Sport Gamma Motorcycle Jacket

    And during those hot days, you always have the option to open the vents to let in some air. The versatility of this jacket along with the price make it a great pick for a daily driver textile.

    4 and a half stars

    Milano Sport Gamma Size Chart

    Milano sport gamma size chart

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Does the Milano Jacket fit true to size?

    The Jacket tends to fit one size under your normal fit. If you wear a medium, order a large.

    • How do you clean the jacket? Can you use a washing machine?

    Use washing machine on gentle setting. Do not place gamma jacket in the dryer, hang to dry.

    • Is the Milano Sport Jacket waterproof?

    The Jacket includes a windproof, waterproof and breathable drop lining.

    • Can the CE 1 back armor be replaced with CE 2 armor?


    • Does this Jacket have any pockets? If so, how many?

    It has 3 pockets.

    • Where can I find a back protector insert made specifically for this jacket?

    D30 back protector is the most common back protector insert for this jacket.

    • What is the Milano Jacket made of?


    Having Trouble Finding The Perfect Motorcycle Jacket?

    It can be tough finding just the right jacket for each occasion. I mean, for us motorcycle enthusiasts we know that each type of jacket serves an entirely different purpose.

    Finding the perfect jacket takes determination and staying up to date with the latest motorcycle jacket reviews.

    If you want to be the coolest person in your friend group, then making a thrift store jacket purchase is out of the question.

    Not to mention, you're going to sacrifice safety, as you have no idea who else wore the jacket before you.

    So stay informed, try it on and follow us for the latest advice.

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