Leather vs Textile Motorcycle Jackets

leather vs textile motorcycle jackets

Leather vs Textile Motorcycle Jackets

Leather jackets are heavy and lack proper ventilation. They also fail to protect a rider from the rain and will leave you soaking wet. Whereas textile jackets are often waterproof and have ventilation built into the jacket material.

Which do you think is best between leather vs textile Motorcycle Jackets?

There has been an ongoing debate in the motorcycle community on which of the two materials is superior.

The majority of motorcyclists find it difficult to pinpoint one as the best.

Both materials are unique in their own ways, which makes a textile vs leather motorcycle jacket test, extremely difficult.

As a biker, your major needs in a motorcycle jacket is one that offers the best in terms of comfort, protection, and design.

With these two types of motorcycle jackets available, making the right decision that will give you maximum satisfaction could be worrisome.

But do not worry over it because we are here to help you out by showing the pros and cons of each material type so that you can easily choose the one that meets your needs.

Abrasion Resistance

Abrasion resistance is the number one factor to consider when choosing a motorcycle jacket. 

In this aspect, the leather jacket has no comparison because it offers better abrasion resistance and improved impact protection. The only thing better than a leather jacket for protection is an armored motorcycle jacket.

Though textile material does a good job when it comes to protection, the leather still remains superior when compared together.

Now, because we say leather is better doesn’t make you careless when going for it.

The thickness of the leather should not be less than 1.2 mm in order to enjoy maximum protection. Leather comes in grade – you must go for the high-class leather and not just a cheap one you’d get at any local stores.


Your budget plays a crucial role when buying an item. It would have been better to get different jackets for different rides and weather conditions, but this would be expensive to afford.

Getting a jacket at an affordable price that will serve us for all sorts of uses, is what we are looking for. In this scenario, we can categorically tell you that textile is always cheaper.

Just have it in your mind that whichever you are going for between textile and leather, there is always low-quality and high-quality materials.

Remember that the best quality always costs a substantial amount of money. The quality you get is a function of what you pay for.


Both leather or textile motorcycle jacket materials are durable when it comes to the first crash, but how long can they withstand subsequent crashes is what really matters.

Leather appears to be more durable than its counterpart.

Textile materials also serve well, but if a leather jacket is well taken care of after a crash, it can go on to serving you for a reasonable period of time.

Remember, your primary aim is to save money while getting the best material.

So paying more for a one-time purchase of high-quality jacket will save you from buying over and over again throughout your lifetime.

Though sometimes you can find amazing deals on the cheapest motorcycle jackets.

Comfort and Fit

Whether you go for a textile or leather material, your jacket needs to properly fit your body.

A leather sports jacket is more fitted to your body than the textile material.

The leather jacket helps keep the armor in the right position, which is very crucial in case of any crashes.

In terms of comfort, leather is also softer and comfortable to use on your ride.

Although textile appears to be lighter in weight, it is bulkier to use.

Because textile materials are lighter in weight, they provide more flexibility than the leather jackets.

Each material has its good and bad sides in this aspect. Your personal preference is greatly needed here.

Choose Textile For Warm Weather

textile vs leather motorcycle jackets

Textile is better when it comes to different weather conditions.

Leather jackets are heavy and the ventilation is nowhere to be compared to the textile material, making it not too suitable for summer riding.

Most manufacturers of leather jackets don’t have perforated options for riders in hot weather, which makes textile preferable.

During cold weather riding, leather absorbs heat to keep you warm and it is resistant to the wind, while textile may need extra padding to keep you warm. In rain, your leather jacket can easily get soaked and ruined, while textiles are made of waterproof materials.

Staying wet during a ride can pose a hazard because it makes you uncomfortable.

If you insist on using the leather jacket during rain, you will have to carry a rain suit.

Biker Jacket vs Leather Jacket

When choosing a motorcycle jacket, it is essential that you go for jackets that fit your style.

While going for this, don’t be carried away by its design alone. It should have all the necessary features you desire and want.

For a classic and vintage biker look, the best choice for you is leather, while textile provides a more modern style.

They both come in different colors with other reflective features that offer additional protection.

Note that your jacket should offer proper protection while looking stylish.

Riding Speed

Your speed has a role to play in choosing between leather and textile.

We recommend leather if your speed is higher, while the textile jacket is usually suitable for commuters.

The type of ride you enjoy has a major part to play in this.

The leather jacket cuts the wind better while the textile jacket is better for adventure rider or daily commuter.

How To Clean a Textile Motorcycle Jacket?

For the textile jacket, dirt is more visible and noticeable than leather material, but it remains easier to clean.

Leather jackets require dry cleaning, while textile jackets can be washed with a washing machine.

While textile jacket colors fade more quickly, lots of care is required to make leather last.

The leather is easier to repair and patch. If textile jackets have holes, a replacement is typically required.

Therefore, from all indications, the textile jacket has a shorter lifespan than the average leather motorcycle jacket.

What about Leather vs Kevlar?

Kevlar is a man-made material which is very expensive to manufacture and was created with safety in mind.

It is also one of the uglier materials out there, but if safety is what you're looking for choosing Kevlar over leather could make sense for you.

Leather or Textile - The Conclusion

From the information given above, you can easily make your choice depending on the features you need.

Remember making a choice between a textile or leather motorcycle jacket is not the only factor – the quality of these materials must be considered if you want gear that will serve you over a period of time.

When it comes to the breakdown of leather vs textile, I choose Textile any day of the week.

The versatility of textile, as I can wear it in hot or cold weather, along with the multitude of features. It's an easy choice.

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