What do you need? Motorcycle Protective Gear For Commuting in 2017

Motorcycle Protective Gear For Commuting

For your commute, it’s necessary to have quality gear for a variety of reasons. Motorcycle glasses will help to keep the sun and wind out of your eyes, making sure you have full use of your vision for a safe trip. Gloves will keep your hands warm as well as protect them in the event of an accident.

Finally, a backpack allows you to carry all your belongings in one easy place. Not all of the things you may need for your trip may be able to fit in the pockets of your jacket or pants, making it important to have an added piece of equipment to carry your things.

Best Motorcycle Protective Gear

With the multitude of options available in the motorcycle gear department, it can be hard to sort out which products have the quality and price that you are looking for. Oftentimes, gear can be expensive or it can be hard to tell what aspects of it might be beneficial to you.

In this article, three useful items of motorcycle gear will be discussed, including a summary as well as the pros and cons of the item. You can use this article to gather information and make choices on what equipment will work best for your daily riding needs.

Private Label Motorcycle Riding Glasses

This 3-pair set of glasses comes at a great price and in different tints including clear, smoke and yellow for various times of day and climates. They have UV400 polycarbonate lenses that will help to keep the sunlight out of your eyes and allow you to focus on the road rather than trying to avoid the sunlight. Vents are also included in the glasses to keep them from fogging up, allowing you to see clearly and get where you are going in a safe and comfortable manner.


Great wind protection

Between the glasses themselves and the foam added around the edges, these glasses keep the wind out of your eyes so that your vision can remain untainted. The Wind can be harsh on eyes, particularly at high speeds; it can leave eyes weepy or simply unable to see well. The design of these glasses does a great job at avoiding that.

Multiple tints

Instead of only providing one tint, this is a set of 3 pairs for different occasions and to use during different times of the day. The smoke tinted glasses are excellent for bright days, keeping the sun out of your eyes without making it difficult to see. The clear glasses are perfect for the night when a tint isn’t needed but you still need to protect your eyes from the wind, and the yellow-tinted glasses are great for all the times in between.


Break easily

These glasses can sometimes break easily. This is especially true for the arms of the glasses. It’s important to keep in mind that there is a fine balance between inexpensive and items that are cheaply made. There have also been problems with the foam not being added in an efficient way, sometimes leaving a sticky feeling to the edges of the glasses.

OMGAI Upgraded Men’s Full Finger Motorcycle Gloves

These gloves have a very cool look and include touch sensors to allow you to be able to use your electronic devices without having to take the gloves off. They also have a carbon fiber addition to the knuckles in order to keep them protected. The adjustable wrist strap also allows you to have a comfortable, secure fit.



These gloves have a flexible and comfortable fit, allowing you to keep full use of your hands and fingers even with the added protection. They feel great and the smart touch makes them even easier to use than most gloves.

Solid knuckle composition

The material stretched over the knuckles is tough and very capable of providing the protection they may need should an accident occur. They have a lot of coverage without being overly bulky, which allows them to walk the line between safety in case of an accident and being functional even when you aren’t driving.


No palm protection

While these gloves are relatively thick and have reinforced knuckles, they do not have reinforced palms. This can leave one of the most vulnerable parts of your body open to damage in an accident. It’s very important to make sure you take a good look before purchasing and make sure you feel comfortable with the amount of protection provided.

Ogio Adult No Drag Mach 3 Backpack

This great looking backpack is made to fit your body, allowing for streamlined traveling. It’s water resistant and won’t become deformed under the weight of the wind. It’s a great choice for your commuting needs as it doesn’t carry a lot, but will fit just enough for your quick trips to and from work or other places.


High quality

This is a well-made bag with a lot to offer. It has compartments for shoes, electronics, and anything else you may need during your day. Durability is also a strong feature of this product. It is long lasting and can take a beating.

No drag

The Ogio backpack has a streamlined design that makes it easy to carry. It isn’t bulky and won’t stick out and catch the wind. It’s also very lightweight and therefore, won’t place too much weight on your back. Overall, this backpack is made to be comfortable as well as provide a convenient place for your possessions.


Limited storage

In order to have a non-drag design, storage space is sacrificed. This makes it better for short-term trips where you won’t need to pack a lot with you. The cover of the bag can also tend to be prone to scratches


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