Pro Mesh Motorcycle Jacket Review

Pro Mesh Motorcycle Jacket Review

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If you are looking for your first motorcycle jacket and are on a tight budget then continue reading because we have the right jacket for you right here. I speak of none other than the Pro Mesh Motorcycle Jacket.

The Pro Mesh Motorcycle Jacket is a great jacket for use all year round and it provides extreme value for money. It is a great choice for the newcomer to motorcycle riding who is on a budget.

With the purchase of this one jacket, you will have a jacket that you can wear all year round no matter what kind of weather you are riding in.

With a double armor system, you can ride in this one with confidence, which is not something you can say about a lot of models that fall below the $100 price tag.

The features don’t stop there though as the jacket is waterproof and has removable liners to help you to stay comfortable in all types of weather.


The Pro Mesh biker jacket is made with Cordura and poly mesh which makes the jacket both lightweight and abrasion resistant. With a double armor system, this jacket will keep you safe with armor in the places you need it the most; the elbows and shoulder.

The double armor system features double density foam armor as well as hard CE approved armor too. The hard armor is made from plastic and is stitched into the elbow and shoulder area of the outer shell.

On the inside of the jacket is where the double density foam which is the soft armor is placed.

The liner of the jacket can be removed so that in warmer climates you can use the jacket without having to worry about getting heat stroke.

This is also great because it makes the jacket very versatile. And for a customized fit, you will find the adjustable synch straps on the arm along with two outside pockets.

This jacket is great for the hot seasons with its ability to provide you with maximum airflow. The chest, inner arms, and back of the jacket offer maximum airflow due to the abrasion resistant mesh that is used in the jacket.

Why you need the Pro Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

The material is lightweight and gives an airy feel while providing you with the highest level of protection. The material on the elbows and shoulders is covered with 1680D ballistic nylon.

The other areas of the jacket that are not made with mesh are covered with 600D polyester.

The Hydraguard liners on this jacket will block out rain and the wind. The jacket has a generous overall fit so that you can easily fit it over a fleece liner. The wrist cuffs offer zippers along with hook and loop adjusters.

On the forearm, you will find snap adjusters and on the waist, you can find hook and loop adjusters. With so many ways to adjust this jacket, you can easily get a customized fit.

The collar of the jacket is made with microfleece so that it is always comfortable to the touch.

The jacket also features reflective panels to help improve visibility to other road users during low light and nighttime hours. If you wear biker pants you will find that this jacket has a zipper on the back that will help to connect the jacket to the pants so as to provide you with more security and more protection against the elements.


  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Features design and materials to make it very breathable
  • Priced affordably
  • CE approved armored protection
  • Hard and soft armor to protect from falls
  • All weather design makes it suitable for wear all year round
  • High-quality Cordura and poly mesh materials
  • Removable waterproof lining
  • Reflective tape for low light and night time riding
  • SureFit features ensure the jacket is customizable by means of number of adjustable straps


  • Not insulated
  • Pockets are not waterproof

2017 Summary

The Pro Mesh motorcycle jacket is the type of jacket that gives you extreme value for money. This jacket comes with all the features of high-end jackets without that high-end price.

The pro mesh jacket features all the protection from falls that you need including soft and hard armor that is CE approved so you know it is the best out there.

The jacket is useful for all season wear with adjustable and removable functionalities that make it easy to wear and very versatile. For your safety, the jacket features reflective tape.

The jacket has a waterproof liner which is removable but the rest of the jacket itself is not waterproof so if you have anything in the pockets you will need to protect them in plastic bags.

This is a very advantageous motorcycle jacket to have as it covers all the bases when it comes to a good quality motorcycle jacket.


There are not many top motorcycle jackets on the market that cost less than $100 and this is one of them. It is not too far under $100 though so if you are looking for something that is more affordable you can check out the TMS EnduroArmor motorcycle jacket.

Other than the price the two jackets don’t have too much different. If you don’t ride very often you may opt for the TMS jacket instead of the PRO Mesh.

But if you plan to be out there almost every day then the Pro Mesh is your go-to for an affordable yet high-quality motorcycle jacket.


The Pro Mesh is definitely a great buy. It is a highly affordable motorcycle jacket and it has all the bells and whistles of your high-end mesh riding jackets. You really do get great value for money when you purchase this particular jacket.

It offers you comfort and protection for your rides no matter what season of the year it is. And that is the main reason it offers so much value for money because when you purchase the Pro Mesh motorcycle jacket you purchase a jacket that you can wear all year long.

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