Speed and Strength Off the Chain 2.0 Textile Jacket for Men Review – 2017 Rating

Speed and Strength Off the Chain 2.0 Textile Jacket for Men Review

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Have you ever searched for a racing jacket and found it difficult to choose because of the numerous brands available in the market?  Worry no more! Your search for that perfect jacket just got a whole lot easier. Say hello to the Speed and Strength off the chain 2.0 textile jacket.

For the primary purpose of your safety, it is paramount that you buy a motorcycle jacket that has all the features necessary for safety. Although limited finance can be a major factor when it comes to making any purchase, getting high-grade and durable material should also be put into consideration.

It could be so daunting whenever the thought of getting a racing jacket flashes through your mind because of the different brands available in the market. Getting the right product requires diligent search and comparison to know which will serve you better.

With the different information you can find online, it even becomes more difficult to choose that perfect biker cloak.

To make it easy for you, we have put together a comprehensive review of one of the top branded racing motorcycle jackets. It is known as the Speed and Strength Off the Chain 2.0 jacket.


    • Weight: 16 pounds
    • Dimensions: 30” x 2” x 2”
    • It has a rugged look that can withstand any weather
    • Comes with a reflective trim for illumination
    • You can remove the poly liner hood
    • It has an AR-600 water resistant frame
    • Comes with speed zip ventilation control
    • Has removable shoulder, spine, and elbow protectors that are CE approved


  • Made of durable and high-quality material
  • Water resistant
  • Provides maximum protection and good comfort
  • Works fine for all weather
  • It’s not bulky
  • It has enough pocketsc
  • Has back vents and zipper arm for summer
  • Offered in vintage colorway


  • Problems with the velcro wrist straps which can wear out quickly if it is overused
  • The sweater-liner sleeves can easily get bunched up

Time to break it down

The Off the Chain Textile jacket is among the top racing jackets available on the market. I know from firsthand experience this is a high-quality reasonably priced option.

  • Safety

This racing jacket meets all safety standards needed to protect you during your everyday commute or taking your bike out for a track day. It is made of high-quality material, has a rugged look and is durable and comfortable to use.

Buying the best racing motorcycle jacket which meets all safety standards should be your number one concern. That’s what you get when you buy the Off the Chain jacket.

  • Reflective trim

The reflective trim provides illumination in a low light area and has an AR-600 frame that is water resistant. It also has ventilation controls that allow for easy air movement.

  • Fabric

Made of high-grade fabric, and it has a rugged look to withstand any weather.

  • Removable protectors

The jacket comes with removable spine, shoulder, and elbow protectors to shield you from injuries in case of an accident.

The nice thing about the removable protectors on this jacket is they don’t feel bulky what so ever.

I’ve had jackets in the past where the first thing I did was get rid of the stock armor and replace it with something lighter. No need for replacement with this speed and strength jacket.

  • Ventilation

This bad boy is designed with back vents and zippers on the arm which make it super convenient to use during warmer months.

Going for this killer jacket is a good choice to make because it gives you all that is needed when it comes to both safety and fashion.


I hope it has become evident that the Off the Chain 2.0 Men’s Textile Jacket has features that make it stand out among other brands.

It offers maximum protection and is suitable for all weather conditions. It is not bulky and fits a wide range of human sizes. It is also a solid option for riders who enjoy racing in their spare time.

Getting the Speed and Strength Off the Chain Textile Jacket will serve the rider and longer because it is made of a durable and high-quality material, plus it is a chick magnet.

Seriously, I met my now wife in this jacket.

You know you want it.

FAQ – Speed and Strength Off the Chain 2.0 Textile Jacket

  • Does the off the chain jacket run true to size?

Yes, there have been no fitment issues reported.

  • Is a hooded liner included with a removable hood?


  • Does it have a concealed carry pocket?

A concealed to carry pocket is built in.

  • How is the insulation?

The speed and strength off the chain 2.0 jacket insulate’s very well, no issues have been reported with speeds up to 90 mph, and temperatures as low as 30 degrees. Make sure to zip the lining up separately from the jacket, as this will negate any zipper breeze.

  • Does this jacket protect from road rash on the highway?

Experiences have been reported up to 50 mph, and the jacket was able to fully protect from road rash and was still in good shape afterward.

  • Is the jacket too short?

There have been no reports of this jacket being too short, either for sleeve length or for jacket length.

  • Does your elbow shift in the jacket when riding?

The jacket has shown no reports to elbow shifting when riding the bike. There have been reports that the elbow pad shifts when not in the riding position.

  • How is it with temperatures over 70 degrees?

It has been reported to get warm with temperatures over 70, riders prefer it for colder weather riding.

Comparison of the Off the Chain 2.0 Men’s Textile Jacket with other brands

Apart from the off the Chain Racing Safety Jacket, there are other brands available in the market that offer similar functions as the former. Making comparisons is very important if you desire to get the best from a product.

Although there are different brands of racing jackets available for sale, some still have unique features that distinguish them from others.

We shall be looking at brief reviews of two other motorcycle safety jackets and see how they compare with the Off the Chain jacket.

Pro Mesh Waterproof Motorcycle Jacket

The pro mesh motorcycle jacket comes with a dual armor system. The Pro Mesh has external elbows and shoulders armor attached to the jacket, and an internal 5PC removable armor in shoulders, back, and elbows.

It is made of ultra-lightweight poly mesh and Cordura, the off the chain jacket is perfect for all weather. With a weight of 4.2 pounds, it is never bulky to use.

It comes with a customize sureFit that gives a full control over fit, and the waterproof liner is removable. The reflective feature also makes for visibility in poor light condition.

The good side of this jacket is that it is made of a great quality material that is suitable for all weather. In addition, it provides good ventilation, has protective armors in the case of an accident, and it’s worth the price tag.

The downside of this jacket is that the sleeves are extremely big at the wrist, and there is a need for waist straps because it appears too big around the waist.

Xelement CF330 Motorcycle Jacket for Men

The Xelement CF330 motorcycle jacket is another good product that is made of one hundred percent Tri-Tex Fabric & premium leather. The Xelement has virtually all the necessary features needed for a racing jacket to protect the rider.

The Coat comes with a collar that is lined with microfleece, and it is well padded with gel on back, front and sleeves. It has zippered wrist cuffs that have adjustable Velcro straps.

Other exciting features of this jacket include armor on the elbows, shoulders, and back to minimize injuries in case of accidents. It is less bulky, has an ergonomic design, CE approved protection and a high impact absorption.

The downside of this jacket is that the fit is small, which makes it less preferable to the Off the Chain motorcycle jacket.

Having Trouble Deciding?

If you’ve read through this review and come to the conclusion the off the chain jacket isn’t for you, take a look at best textile motorcycle jacket of 2017. There you will find the top 5 textile riding jackets, which in turn should make your decision-making process a whole lot easier.


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