What are the Best Textile Motorcycle Jackets of 2018?

Best Textile Motorcycle Jackets

Today, I want to walk you through how to find yourself the best textile motorcycle jacket for your individual style. I’m going to provide you with some guidelines to keep you on track when you go to the store.

Finally, I’m going to show you some of the top rated textile motorcycle jacket reviews of 2018. When done you will be all decked out in the same gear as experienced bikers such as myself.

5 Best Textile Motorcycle Jackets 2018





Our Rating



Joe Rocket Atomic 5.0

joe rocket atomic 5.0 motorcycle jacket

Best Textile

five stars



Tourmaster Transition Series 4

tourmaster transition series 4 motorcycle jacket


4 and a half stars



Viking Cycle Ironborn

Viking Cycle Ironborn motorcycle jacket


4 and a half stars



Tourmaster Sonora Air

TourMaster Sonora Air motorcycle jacket


four stars



XtreemGear Waterproof

XtreemGear Waterproof Motorcycle Jacket1


four stars



Joe Rocket Atomic 5.0

Joe Rocket Atomic 5.0 motorcycle jacket

Best Textile

five stars


Tourmaster Transition S4

Tourmaster transition series 4 touring motorcycle jacket


4 and a half stars


Viking Cyclce Ironborn

viking cycle ironborn motorcycle jacket


four stars

Best Textile Motorcycle Jacket Reviews

When you're on the hunt for a top rated textile riding jacket, here are some questions you may be asking yourself:

  • How often will I use it in warm weather?
  • What is the best textile motorcycle jacket for summer?
  • Do I need a lightweight material with plenty of ventilation?
  • Do textile jackets come with armor?
  • Should I get a jacket that is waterproof?

These are just a few of the questions I thought about when deciding on which textile jackets to review.

Understanding the benefits of a textile jacket is something you can't fully comprehend until you test one out.

#1. Joe Rocket Atomic 5.0
(Best Textile Motorcycle Jacket)

Joe Rocket Atomic 5.0 motorcycle jacket

The Joe Rocket Atomic 5.0 Motorcycle Jacket comes with a waterproof outer shell as well as waterproof zippers. Making them easier to use in the rain.

It also sports some helpful back expansion panels and removable spine armor to make sure you are comfortable and protected.

The addition of belt loops to attach your pants to the jacket help keep everything in place so that you are fully covered. It was a close finish between this one and the Joe Rocket 92.


  • Mellow reflective panels

The Joe Rocket's reflective panels on this jacket are noticeable without being overbearing to those around you. This allows you to be seen in the dark while also providing a sense of style.

It isn't going to be an eyesore while worn in the daylight or at night, but you also won't be in danger of being missed by other people on the road.

  • Waterproof treated outer shell

Nobody wants to be rained on, and even more importantly no one wants to be soaked by that rain. The outer shell of this jacket is waterproof treated in order to make sure you stay dry even in the heaviest of downpours.

With the ability to stay dry, you can keep your attention on the road ahead of you rather than the cold.


  • Delivery problems, only one color

While largely the Joe Rocket Atomic 5.0 Jacket is a sturdy and useful item, there have been a few problems with deliveries. This has been a rare occurrence.

It is especially important to make sure that if you purchase this jacket you open the package as soon as possible so that any potential problems can quickly and easily be resolved.

five stars

#2. Tourmaster Transition Series 4

tourmaster transition series 4 motorcycle jacket

The Tourmaster Transition Series 4 is a top notch options for those interested in a highly perforated, high ventilation riding jacket.

It is also one of the safest, heavy duty jackets on this list.


  • Available in hi-vis

The TourMaster Transition Series 4 is available in a number of different colors and patterns.The most safety-conscious biker will appreciate the hi-vis model. 

As you might have guessed, the hi-vis Transition Series 4 is composed of a combination of traditional textile and a significant amount hi-vis material. Ensuring that you will always be seen on even the darkest of roads. 

  • Superior ventilation

The TourMaster Transition Series 4[/easyazon_link] offers what is undoubtedly one of the best ventilation systems of any textile riding jacket on the market today. 

The pipeline venting with pinch vents means air can flow freely through the jacket when the vents are open, yet it is virtually impenetrable to water when closed.


  • Unsightly

I mentioned already that even the best textile motorcycle jackets are not particularly fashionable.  Which holds true if you choose the TourMaster Transition Series 4. 

I mean, even for a textile jacket this thing is ugly, particularly if you go for the hi-vis model. Sure, it will keep you safe, but you’re going to have a hard time convincing anybody that you subscribe to that badass biker lifestyle.

4 and a half stars

#3. Viking Cycle Ironborn

viking cycle ironborn

The Viking Cycle IronBorn Motorcycle Textile Jacket offers an incredible degree of protection and warmth retention for a fraction of the price of a leather model. 

Those of you who are trying to keep costs down should pay it extra attention. I'd take the Ironborn hands down as #1 on my list of best motorcycle textile jackets.


  • Waterproof 

With the IronBorn Motorcycle Textile Jacket, the design team over at Viking Cycle sought to design a textile motorcycle jacket which would battle the elements without being too bulky or expensive. 

This jacket boasts a unique Waterproof treated Rock Tex 600 outer shell, which makes it almost impervious to rain. It seems the Viking Cycle has avoided using the phrase “100% waterproof,” but this jacket is as close as you’re going to get.

  • Removable armor

One of the unique features of the IronBorn Motorcycle Textile Jacket is its powerful armor. The padding, which is CE approved and located in the shoulders and elbows of the garment. 

The armor can be easily removed, giving you the choice between a practical motorcycle jacket and a lightweight casual coat.


  • Long drying time

The Viking Cycle IronBorn Motorcycle Textile Jacket will keep you safe from rainfall. 

Also, the exterior of the jacket is reported to have a frustratingly long drying time, even when placed on top of a source of heat.

four stars

#4. Tourmaster Sonora Air

Tourmaster Sonora Air riding jacket

With its collection of high-quality leather jackets, TourMaster has established itself as a favorite of the leather-loving members of the biking community. 

With the Sonora Air, the brand is looking for similar success among textile devotees.


  • Reflective 

Although the TourMaster Sonora Air is predominantly black in its color, it is just as reflective as a multicolor jacket. 

This is achieved through a unique combination of reflective stripes located on the upper half of the garment. These stripes are made up of 360 Phoslite reflective piping and TourMaster’s famous reflective rear triangle.

  • Adjustable waist belt 

When shopping for any kind of clothing, it is important to find a garment that fits you. It becomes especially important when you’re shopping for protective equipment.

Getting the right size in a motorcycle jacket is only half the battle. You will then have to fumble with straps and buttons until you manage to find a fit that is comfortable for you. 

TourMaster recognizes this and makes the process a whole lot easier by fitting this jacket with an adjustable waist belt. 


  • Lack of protection 

Don’t get me wrong, the TourMaster Sonora Air provides excellent protection, but that protection seems to be rationed out. While padding can be found throughout the jacket, it is noticeably absent on the back. 

Which means you’re putting yourself at the risk of serious spinal injury in the worst case scenario and a slight ache at best

four stars

#5. Xtreem Gear Waterproof

Xtreemgear is one of the most popular manufacturers of motorcycle armor in the world and has produced some of the finest leather and textile jackets of recent memory. That includes the Xtreemgear Waterproof Textile Race Jacket. 


  • Superior ventilation 

The ventilation system is one of the most important parts of any motorcycle jacket, a fact of which the folks at Xtreemgear are well aware. 

The design team cut no corners in the production of the Xtreemgear Waterproof Textile Race Jacket and had the presence of mind to fit the garment with a 6-vent ventilation system. 

The ventilation system is composed of 2 vents located on the chest of the jacket, two more located in the upper arms, and a final pair of vents which can be found on the back.

  • Removable Liner

The Xtreemgear Waterproof Textile Race Jacket is perfect for those who frequently find themselves riding in bad weather. It is fitted with a removable quilted liner which can be used to reduce the amount of heat loss on a cold day. 

The jacket also comes fitted with an integrated waterproof liner that, according to the manufacturer, renders the garment 100% waterproof. 


  • Single color

The Xtreemgear Waterproof Textile Race Jacket could have been the best textile biker jacket in the world. The main issue is, that it is almost completely black. 

This single color design makes the jacket almost impossible to see in the dark. It puts your life in the hands of a barely noticeable reflective white stripe located on the back of the garment.

four stars

Best Textile Motorcycle Jackets - Buyers Guide

best textile motorcycle jacket

So you're sitting there wondering why you should choose a textile riding jacket. There are many aspects you must think about when deciding if it's the right option for you.

  • Do you enjoy riding in the summer or in hot weather?
  • Is waterproofing an important feature?
  • Does the jacket have perforated material?
  • Is the lining removable?
  • Are you looking for a jacket you can wear all season?

If you want to dig in deep to the benefits, as well as negative aspects of Textile Riding Jackets. Then keep reading.

Textile vs. Leather 

For the sake of timeliness, I’m going to assume you are knowledgeable about leather motorcycle jackets. After all, they are so plentiful that it would take us several hundred thousand words just to get through them all. 

Rather than singing the praises of the latest leather riding jackets, I want to take a moment here to discuss why so many bikers have decided to convert to their textile alternative, and why you might want to join them. 

Understanding how to pick the perfect motorcycle jacket isn't as simple as it once was, especially when it comes to the comparison of textile and leather.

Here are a few important things about textile riding jackets.

How breathable should the jacket be?

Do you live in a perpetually warm part of the world? Or just prefer to keep your riding to summer months? Well then, you are likely aware of just how unpleasant it can be to ride beneath the burning sun in a leather jacket. 

Textile motorcycle jackets are built to be breathable and allow cool air to flow throughout the inner parts of the jacket.

Leather is a heavy material for which it is almost impossible for fresh air to pass through. A lot of Leather manufacturers have attempted to remedy this issue by fitting their designs with mesh vents beneath the arms and on the back. 

Such additions provide only a minor release from the almost unbearable heat. 

Textile motorcycle jackets are manufactured from a variety of materials, including wool, cotton, nylon, and polyester. All of these materials are significantly lighter and a great deal more breathable than leather. 

To increase the flow of air throughout the jacket. Many textile riding jackets will be fitted with the mesh vents seen on their leather counterparts. This becomes's far more useful when integrated with a fabric that is itself breathable.

Is a Textile Jacket Inexpensive?

Quality motorcycle jackets are never going to be cheap. In fact, you should be suspicious of any manufacturer who claims they can provide you with decent equipment for an unusually low price (when it comes to jackets, that would be anything below $50 or so). 

Again, assuming you are familiar with leather motorcycle jackets. You know that they can set you back upwards of $500, which is a lot of money for even the most ardent advocate of motorcycle safety. 

Cheap Textile motorcycle jackets cost far less for manufacturers to produce than leather models. As a result, they tend to sell for a significantly lower price. 

Obviously, it’s impossible for me to give you any set price for a textile motorcycle jacket as numbers will rise and fall from jacket to jacket. The most determined bargain hunting biker will be able to find the best quality textile motorcycle jackets for men under $200

best textile motorcyclce jacket

What Is a Lightweight Summer Textile Motorcycle Jacket

I've always felt that bikers are not given enough credit for their conditioning and incredible ability to persevere under harsh conditions. 

A lot of people who avoid motorcycles don’t realize how much strength and stamina is required to ride one out of your driveway to your destination an hour or two away. Of course, you and I know just how challenging it can be. 

Biking becomes a whole lot more difficult when you cover yourself in weighty leather gear.

Even the lightest motorcycle jacket will weigh you down and you will certainly begin to feel it crushing your shoulders after a couple of miles behind the handlebars. 

This may make you feel like you've been bench pressing 200 lbs, for the entirety of your journey.

The best motorcycle summer jackets, however, are lightweight garments. They are so light, in fact, that you will likely forget you are wearing one 10 minutes into your trip.

Cruelty free

Leather jackets are great for us humans, there’s no doubt about that, but the leather trade isn’t exactly the best thing for our animal friends. Real leather is derived from the skin of animals. 

Generally, this skin comes from cattle, but a lot of Asian manufacturers have been known to turn to cats and dogs as a means of keeping costs down. 

A lot of animal-loving bikers have attempted to wean themselves off leather gear by using faux alternatives. While faux leather certainly looks like the real thing, it doesn’t offer the same level of protection and is generally lacking on the durability front.

For this reason, I will always advise leather jacket devotees to try a textile alternative. 

While a faux leather jacket offers the appearance of genuine leather, you sacrifice overall protection. 

Whereas, a textile motorcycle suit offers the overall protection of a genuine leather jacket at the cost of appearance.

Is Textile Easy to clean and maintain?

One of the most frustrating aspects of owning a leather motorcycle jacket is keeping it clean. While a leather jacket that is worn purely for stylistic reasons can be tossed in the washing machine. 

It is not recommended washing your leather motorcycle gear as it can weaken the material, which means all leather gear must be painstakingly hand washed. 

Furthermore, leather motorcycle jackets must frequently be treated with a collection of balms and oils to prevent the leather from drying out and becoming chapped.

If you're wondering how to clean a textile motorcycle jacket, it requires very little effort and can generally be machine washed provided it doesn’t contain any size-able patches of suede or leather.

How Is The Visibility?

Biking is dangerous enough as it is, the last thing you want is to put yourself at risk of being struck by another motorist when riding at night. 

While leather motorcycle jackets may be a little bit better at warding off the cold of a winter’s night than a textile alternative, they aren’t exactly the most visible garment in the world.

Most leather motorcycle jackets are entirely black, which, of course, makes it impossible for other drivers to distinguish the rider from the darkness. 

I know of a lot of bikers who have tried to remedy this by purchasing a leather jacket of a brighter color or a black model with a reflective white stripe running across the sleeves and down the back. 

While this certainly does increase the visibility of the wearer, it is far from the perfect solution.

If you really want to be sure other motorists are aware of your presence on an unlit road, you’re going to have to go with a textile motorbike jacket. 

Textile jackets are generally designed to feature a variety of colors on all sides of the garment to reduce the risk of the wearer blending in with the night. 

Womens best textile motorcycle jacket

Drawbacks of Textile Material

My aim in this article is to give you a fair and balanced review of textile motorcycle jackets in general. 

Admittedly, it will likely come across as extremely pro-textile jackets because I think they’re great, but I can concede that there are some drawbacks to owning one. These include:

Decreased heat retention

While textile and mesh motorcycle jackets do have the ability to keep the cold at bay and warm the body. They are not quite as effective as their leather counterparts. 

I guess this isn’t all that surprising considering the fact leather is infamously warm, but it is something to be mindful of before you make your final decision. 

Fortunately, a lot of manufacturers of motorbike textile jackets have had the foresight to fit their creations with removable thermal liners. This gives you an extra degree of warmth should you be riding on a cold winter’s night

I have also heard of resourceful bikers purchasing a hoodie to wear beneath their jacket to keep their body temperatures up while riding. 

Obviously, the argument can be made that you shouldn’t have to go to such measures simply to remain comfortable on your motorbike. 

But often times it can be less expensive to purchase both a summer textile motorcycle jacket and hoody to wear beneath it than a single warm leather jacket.

Decreased waterproofing 

The common textile motorcycle jacket will have some ability to hold up in a light drizzle. But most will cave as soon as that infamous hard rain starts to fall. This obviously isn’t ideal if you live in a wet climate or like to ride during the winter months.

That being said, waterproof, or, at least, water resistant, textile motorcycle jackets are out there for the bikers who are willing to drop an extra bit of cash. 

Waterproofing in a textile jacket is obtained through the use of Gore-Tex. Which is a breathable manufactured material with holes that are large enough for air to pass through? Though they're not nearly large enough for rainwater to gain access to your body. 

Gore-Tex is a trusted material among bikers and outdoorsmen alike. It is so well-respected, in fact, that it is often fitted in jackets designed for skiing and mountaineering (neither of which are things you want to do with inferior gear). 

The problem with Gore-Tex textile jackets is that they are not particularly versatile and are of little use when it is not raining. If you are riding during the summer, a Gore-Tex jacket can be a pretty uncomfortable despite its ventilation system.

For this reason, a lot of bikers make the decision to purchase a Gore-Tex textile jacket. They choose to wear it during heavy rainfall and another motorcycle jacket for cruising in all weather conditions

Textile Is Unfashionable

This may seem like a trivial entry to some of you. But I include it because I know there are a lot of bikers who put a great deal of emphasis on just how they look when they ride.

Leather jackets can make even the biggest of geeks look like a rule-breaking badass. The same cannot be said of textile motorbike jackets. 

Textile riding jackets are generally designed for practicality with the only little thought being given to appearance.

For this reason, you probably won’t be able to get away with wearing a textile motorcycle jacket to nightclubs or family gatherings. Which, in theory, would limit the number of places you can travel to via motorcycle.

How To Choose a Textile Motorcycle Jacket

If like me, you believe the pros of owning a textile biker jacket far outweigh the cons. Then there are several things you should keep in mind when choosing the one for you. 

What does Denier rating mean?

The denier rating of a textile motorcycle jacket denotes the weight of the strands used to create the garment. So, if a jacket has a high denier rating, it will be thicker and more durable than a jacket with a low denier rating. Or, at least, that’s how it’s supposed to work.

In reality, every manufacturer uses its own unique methods to determine the denier rating of a jacket. Which means a jacket that is rated 1,000 deniers by one manufacturer may be the equivalent of one rated half that by another.


While the textiles used in the manufacturing of textile motorcycle jackets vary from jacket to jacket. Few textiles are more popular than Cordura. 

Cordura, first introduced by DuPont, is perhaps the single most trusted material among textile-loving bikers. This is largely due to its incredible strength. It is purported to have twice the strength of nylon and three times the power of polyester.

CE rating - Does it matter?

In motorcycle jackets, the level of protection offered by each garment is measured using a CE rating. If the padding located in the arms, chest, and back of a jacket is worth their salt, it will have a CE rating of some kind. 

Which the manufacturer will proudly boast about. As a result, you should be wary of any motorcycle jacket which does not make its CE rating known. 

A jacket with a rating of CE 2 will offer greater protection than one with a rating of CE 1. Though it is not absolutely necessary. CE 2 jackets are generally best suited to those who indulge in a lot of off-road riding or are not yet confident in their motorbike riding abilities.

Armored Textile Motorcycle Jacket

One of the best aspects of owning a textile jacket is the ability to customize it with whatever type of armor you want. When it's hot outside, you then have the ability to remove it if you choose to do so.

When choosing an armored textile motorcycle jacket, make sure the armor isn't built in, as that can become a problem later if it needs to be replaced. It's much easier to just replace armor, rather than replacing an entire jacket.

Final Take 

As you’ve probably guessed—mainly because I’ve said it over and over again—I am a total textile fanboy. Because of that, it is almost impossible for me to pick one of these jackets over the others. 

That being said, if I were asked to advise readers to pay careful attention to any particular textile motorcycle jacket on this list, I would go with the Viking Cycle Ironborn.

The IronBorn is, in my opinion, the best textile motorcycle jacket for newbie bikers. I say this because it is windproof and water-resistant, easy to maintain, and comparatively inexpensive.

These features also make it a great choice for experienced bikers. Especially ones who are looking to abandon their ancient leather gear in favor of a more simplistic, animal-friendly textile alternative.

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