TMS Enduro Armor Jacket with Armor Review

TMS Enduro Armor Jacket Motorcycle Jacket Review

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If you ride, you need to look the part and feel the part as well and for that, you most definitely need a great motorcycle jacket. The TMS Enduro Armor Jacket with armor is a great option if you ride motorcycles, dirt bikes or ATV’s.

The TMS armor is highly affordable and is made from nylon which makes it both waterproof and windproof. It features a number of interior pockets that are home to armor pads along with a lining that can be removed.

Your purchase includes the armor pads so that you are ready to go with this armor right out of the package. It also features Velcro snaps along the cuff areas, the upper arms, the neck and the waist areas. The front flap is waterproof with air vents that zipper up.


The TMS Enduro Jacket with armor is a great option for on or off-road riding. It is a well-built product made from high-density nylon. The material used to make this motorcycle jacket give it the ability to be windproof and waterproof.

  • Removable zip out lining

The TMS armor is equipped with a lining which is removable and can be easily and quickly zipped out. There are a number of pockets inside the jacket where you can also place your soft armor pads which are included with your purchase of this jacket.

  • Velcro pull-tight

For adjustability, the Enduro motorcycle jacket features Velcro pull tight areas at the cuff, waist, upper arm and neck areas of the armor. The collar of the jacket is lined with the softest material to ensure your comfort. The motorcycle jacket has a waterproof front covering the main zipper to keep water outside the jacket in rainy situations.

  • Belt included

The waist area features belts that can be adjusted to provide a more comfortable fit, as the jacket is designed with the safety of the rider as well as their utmost comfort in mind. And as such, it also features reflective strips for when riding in low-light and nighttime conditions.


  • Great for on and off-road riding
  • High-quality nylon material
  • Made with windproof material
  • Zip outlining
  • Zip-out pockets where you insert the armor pads
  • Made with waterproof material
  • Front flap covering the main zipper is waterproof
  • Waist belt is adjustable
  • Air vents close with zippers
  • Includes armor pads
  • Removable armor pads
  • Amor pads made from soft foam
  • Comfort lined soft collar
  • Suitable for wear in all types of weather
  • Reflective strips for riders safety
  • Air vents included for ideal ventilation
  • Multiple sizes all the way to XL
  • Easily adjustable thanks to Velcro straps strategically placed at cuff, wrist, upper arm, neck and collar areas


  • Uses soft armor only
  • Runs a bit small so you will have to order up

TMS Motorcycle Armor Summary

The TMS Enduro jacket with armor is an affordable all-around jacket for the avid cyclist or ATV rider. Stay stylish and protected from the elements with this model from TMS Enduro while saving you money as it is quite affordable.

The jacket is made from durable nylon material which is windproof as well as waterproof so the jacket is the perfect choice if you are looking for the best armored motorcycle jacket you can wear year round. The durability of the material that is used to make the jacket also ensures that your money will be well spent since it will last the test of time.

It features a removable lining and removable armor so you can take those out when in warmer weather or when going on short distance rides. The collar is also lined to provide warmth during colder weather. You will find the ability to adjust the various parts of the jacket where cold air can enter in with Velcro straps.

The TMS Enduro Armor motorcycle jacket is built with a very technical design. It is created this way because it’s geared towards the safety and comfort of the rider. It is amazing that TMS armor was able to put all these design features into the jacket making it great while still keeping costs down so it can be passed on to you the consumer at an affordable price.


This particular motorcycle jacket armor is one of the best affordable jackets on the market.  It has a lot to offer even though it is affordably priced. While the TMS Enduro Armor motorcycle jacket does have soft armor, it doesn’t have hard armor.

If you are more of a daredevil and need a jacket with hard armor you can check out the Pro Mesh Motorcycle Jacket.

This jacket is a bit more expensive than the TMS Enduro Armor but if you really need that hard armor it is a great affordable option. When it comes to price the TMS Enduro Armor cannot be beaten.

Any jacket that you find at a more affordable cost will not match up to this one in terms of the quality of the materials and a number of features it offers.

It is a great all round and all season jacket and persons who already own it only have praises to sing for it.


If you are a biker of any sort, you will need to have a motorcycle jacket. This is a key item in the wardrobe of every biker no matter what you ride and no matter how often you ride. The right jacket will protect you from the elements and will keep you comfortable for the entire ride.

One of the best parts about this jacket is its ability to keep the rider both warm and cool. With this the TMS Enduro Armor you get an all-season jacket that offers you protection for all the environments you ride in.

I’m a fan of TMS motorcycle armor, as it is made with some of the best quality materials. You will be comfortable with the price point, the look, and the fit. This TMS jacket is also made with comfort based materials. We definitely recommend purchasing the TMS Enduro Armor motorcycle jacket.

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