Tour Master Intake Air 4 Motorcycle Jacket Review

TourMaster Intake Air Motorcycle Jacket Review

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Today we are here to provide a review of the Tour Master Intake Air 4 Motorcycle Jacket. In this review, we will take a look at the features this jacket offers.

If you are looking for a good touring motorcycle jacket there are a range of options available, each with their own positives and negatives. You may be considering price, style, fit or protection, or perhaps all three.  It can become quite a task to decide which jacket will work for you.

We will also tell you about its good points, but to be fair we will also look at the negative aspects. We will give you our verdict on this jacket and hopefully that will make your decision an easy one.

The Tour Master air 4 is made with armor link mesh material and comes with 1680D ballistic polyester in the impact areas for extra protection if you should fall. The jacket has a mandarin style collar and has reflective piping for just an extra bit of visibility at night.

The collar and the sleeve cuffs of the tourmaster intake jacket are lined with microfiber for comfort and warmth.  It has an articulated triple density back protector. It also has a range of pockets on the inside and outside including a chest map pocket.

The tourmaster riding jacket comes with a removable Aqua-therm two-stage waterproof lining. You can also adjust the waist belts and the sleeves for a tighter fit.

But let us take a closer look at the pros and cons of this jacket and if these features really measure’s up to the hype.


  • Made with armor link mesh material
  • It has 1680D ballistic polyester in the impact areas
  • Mandarin style collar
  • Reflective piping for very good visibility
  • Adjustable waist belts
  • The cuffs and collar are lined with microfiber
  • Articulated triple density back protector
  • Adjustable elastic sleeve take-up straps on the upper arm and forearm
  • Comes with an Aqua -term two stage waterproof lining
  • Zippered chest map pocket
  • It has two hand warmer pockets
  • Comes with an internal pouch pocket and a mobile media pocket
  • Weight: 16 pounds (7.2kg)


  • Breathable comfortable rain liner
  • Beautiful fit and finish
  • Snug fit lining
  • Very versatile 3 season riding jacket
  • Well designed ventilation for warm weather
  • Multiple f functional pockets
  • Reflective stripes keep the rider visible at all times
  • Sizing of the jacket is accurate
  • The collar is very comfortable and does not chafe


  • The back protector may need replacement
  • Not rated well for cold weather
  • It is not the best in terms of protection and durability with the wrist straps
  • The liner works well for drizzle but won’t keep you dry in a downpour
  • Jacket is a little pricey for what it has to offer


The Tour Master Intake jacket is on my top list of riding choices, as it is well made and designed with stylish functionality in mind. It fits snugly when fitted with the liners, though it tends to get a little loose when the lining is removed.

  • Provides proper ventilation

The intake air 4 will work well as a three season jacket and is well ventilated for a warm weather rider. One of my favorite aspects of the jacket is the multitude of pocket options, as you can store just about anything.

It will keep you safe with comfortable additional padding on the shoulders and elbows and it has good visibility with reflective strips. The collar is very comfortable and won’t chafe.

  • Lackluster backplate armor

Unfortunately, on the negative side, we have to mention that the backplate armor is not the best. We would really recommend that you buy a stronger back plate insert, or look into some of the better motorcycle jackets for protection. The last thing you want is to have weak armor on a jacket. The last thing you want is the main source of protection separating your body from the road.

  • Many backplate options available 

The backplate is the one area where you do not want to compromise on protection. Luckily there are many back plates that will easily fit this jacket. The only other real negative is that this jacket will not do well in very cold winters. For colder climates, you will need to invest in something a bit thicker.

  • Quality lining

The Tourmaster motorcycle jacket will also not defend you well in a downpour. The lining does well against drizzle and fog but heavy rain will leave you feeling a bit damp. Another negative aspect is the Velcro fasteners are not very durable and won’t last as long as snaps.


The Tourmaster Intake Air 4 Motorcycle Jacket is a good quality road jacket for different seasons. It does what it promises and keeps you feeling well ventilated and cool in warm weather with its mesh material.

On the other hand, it will not keep you warm in the very cold winters depending on your area.

But as we said,  it is well suited to warm weather as it offers excellent ventilation, especially if you remove the lining. It will also keep you relatively warm and dry in cooler weather and rain.

The Tour Master Motorcycle Jacket offers good visibility in low light conditions with the reflective strips. It is functional and has a good number of pockets so you won’t need to fiddle with space. It is available in classic black or a silver black combination.

If you really want to be sure you are consistently visible, there is a high-visibility yellow option. The Tour Master Intake Air is a bit more expensive when you compare it to other similar jackets of the same type, but it offers great features and a range of sizes.

We recommend the Tourmaster Intake Air 4 Motorcycle Jacket if you add a little extra back armor on to the deal. It is reasonably priced, but with the extra armor, it might be a bit expensive if you are watching your budget.

Hopefully, the tourmaster motorcycle jacket review has helped you clarify everything you wanted to know about this jacket. Stay safe on the road and enjoy your next ride.


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