Viking Cycle Ironborn Motorcycle Jacket Review – 2017 Rating

Viking Cycle Ironborn Motorcycle Jacket Review

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Today we will be reviewing the Viking Cycle Ironborn motorcycle textile jacket. We will take a look at what features it has, along with covering the pros and cons, in turn providing an honest review.

One of the essential pieces of gear you will need as a rider is a jacket. A helmet is not negotiable of course, but you will need something to also cover a little more than just your noggin.

A jacket will keep you warm and dry in difficult conditions. But most importantly it will also give you just that little bit extra in a crash that can mean the difference between a quick recovery or years fo pain.

That way you can make a clear choice about what will be between you and the rain, wind, and asphalt.

The Viking Cycle Ironborn jacket is an outer shell made from Waterproof treated Rock Tex 600. It has an adjustable system for a custom fit and you can remove the shoulder and elbow armor. It also has spine armor, with a pocket for additional C.E Approved spine armor.

But let’s take a look at some of the good and the bad so you can get a balanced view.

Viking Cycle Ironborn: Features

    • The outer shell of the jacket is made from Waterproof treated Rock Tex 600
    • Six-point Sure Fit adjustable system for a custom fit
    • Removable armor for the shoulders and elbows that are C.E approved
    • Insulated removable sleeve liners
    • Removable spine armor but has a pocket for optional C.E approved spine protection armor
    • Adjustable belt strap
    • It has the option to use headphones through the collar
    • Snap loops to attach the jacket to a belt
    • Pocket for quick access to your mobile phone
    • High-quality Reflective stripes
    • Weight: 4.6 pounds (2.08 kg)
    • Sizes vary from small to 3XL


  • Sized accurately but fits snug, which gives it a nice form fit.
  • Many pockets in convenient places
  • The padding is sturdy
  • High quality and made from heavy textile
  • Removable lining
  • The zippers are high quality and don’t jam
  • Excellent protection for crashes around 50mph (80km/h)
  • Reasonably priced
  • Good headphone management system


  • The Jacket can get very warm, with or without the internal lining.
  • Vents don’t work well in very hot climates
  • The Collar Velcro can cause a little irritation
  • Torso length is a bit short
  • Not completely waterproof and can take a long time to dry out

Viking Cycle Ironborn Review: Summary

This jacket has a street bike rather than cruiser style to it, but whatever your style, it will help you keep your skin on your body and off the pavement. The Ironborn is reasonably priced and has enough pockets to keep all your valuables close at hand.

  • Phone/Tablet storage

The Viking Cycle Ironborn motorcycle jacket has enough space for everything you could possibly need; a tablet, headphones, wallet and pocket knife and then some.

  • Quality zippers

It is warm and sturdy with well-made zippers. It fits snug and is a little on the heavy side, but it will protect your skin on local rides and should you crash at around 50mph you will be fine.

  • Removable lining

It is well designed in terms of functionality and can be adjusted at several places, the removable lining is also a nice touch.

  • Gets warm

On the negative side it is quite warm, so if you need to breathe you might need something lighter. The vents don’t do too much in terms of keeping the heat away in the hot climates.

One thing I’ve noticed is the Velcro collar can also become a bit scratchy around your neck, so you might need a shirt with a higher collar. The design has a short torso length so keep in mind what type of fit you like.

Even though it claims to be completely waterproof a big torrential downpour will be its match. So keep in mind that it has limits when it comes to keeping the water away.


This jacket compares well to other competitors when it comes to price. It has some of the same high-quality features of jackets that are usually double the price of this Viking. Its sizing can be a bit strange.

The torso is quite short and it is wide around the waist, so if you don’t have a large frame it will not sit too tightly. If you are larger in build, it will fit snug and won’t flap in the wind.

As textile jackets go this is a nice versatile option that won’t leave you without any money left for fuel. There are some nice extras like additional pockets and a headphone management system.

The Ironborn does get quite warm, but most jackets like this have a tendency to run hot. When it comes to safety, the protection of this bad boy is solid, though if you should crash at around 50mph but some tougher jackets will be better suited if you need high-speed protection.

But this jacket does hold its own and will keep your skin on your body even after a few rolls and tumbles.


So the jury is in if you need a good jacket that won’t leave you completely strapped for cash, this Viking Ironborn is a great choice. It offers many of the features that more expensive textile jackets have at a much better price.

The Viking Cycle Ironborn textile jacket offers good versatility and has armor in the most important places (you will still need to look after your head though). It looks good and will compare well to even the most stylish leather jackets.

You even have a choice of colors so you can match your gear to your bike. The additional reflective stripes are a good safety feature so the motorists will be able to see you a little better.

All in all, we recommend this jacket, and we even ranked it as our “best textile motorcycle jacket of 2017“. We tested and reviewed many of the latest riding jackets on the market and came to the conclusion when factoring in features, cost, comfort, safety.

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