Webetop Mens Mesh Motorcycle Protective Jacket With Armor Review

Webetop Mens Mesh Motorcycle Protective Jacket With Armor Review

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Today we’re reviewing the Webetop Mens Mesh Motorcycle Protective Jacket with Armor, which is a high-quality jacket made of full polyurethane.

This, of course, makes the armor more durable. Since the alternative armors on the market might be based on various plastic materials, Webetop has managed to manufacture one of the most durable options for men.

Apart from its legendary armor, the jacket also comes with improved comfort which is much appreciated by many riders.

During the hot summer days, the jacket will represent a good solution for improved safety and comfort.

So what do you get with this armor jacket?

For the most part, you get protection, not a lot of material involved with the webetop.

The armor is created to protect the hands and forearms, the elbow, the front and back torso and the shoulder.

In the end, you are fully protected in all the most important spots that need protection in the event of an accident. This is why the Webetop Mens Mesh Motorcycle Protective Jacket With Armor offers impressive upper body protection with the solid armor.

Since many jackets don`t offer protection in so many areas, it makes it a recommended options for users looking to improve safety without sacrificing the comfort to an extreme level


  • Full upper body protection
  • Removable spine armor
  • Lightweight design
  • Fully adjustable straps around the major chest, upper and lower arms or shoulders
  • Waist nylon Velcro adjustment
  • CE approved


  • Lightweight design, perfect for summer days
  • Full upper body protection
  • Full adjustments for improved fit and comfort level
  • Polyurethane pads
  • Elastic wrist cuffs


  • Adjustability issues for elbow protection with tall or short users


The webetop jacket comes with good protection both for the arms and for the torso. The main difference between this jacket and your everyday riding jacket is what it covers.

Areas such as the shoulders and the front/back of the torso are areas they need the most protection.

Lightweight Motorcycle Jacket With Armor

Webetop managed to design one of the most complete sets of armor which protects essential areas of the upper body at an affordable price. Using higher-grade materials to regular plastic or plastic mix, the jacket provides solid protection to any rider.

The polyurethane pads give this armor above average protection and in the armor world, it’s considered an above average option. The essential covered areas include the back, chest, the shoulders, and the forearms.

Based on all the positive with this armored motorcycle jacket, I’d put webetop down as one of the best choices for full protection.

Are you looking for a customizable jacket?

As you may expect from a quality riding jacket, the back protection is removable making the jacket more manageable in certain situations.

One thing many riders seem to always complain about is the fit and adjustability of other jackets. Webtop took that into consideration when designing this set of armor, which This is why they included full adjustability.

Although this feature is increasingly rare to find, the adjustability gives the jacket the required comfort against the wind. So what does the system involve?

Basically, it allows you to adjust every major part of the jacket. You can tighten the upper and the forearms to avoid air discomfort. But you can also adjust the shoulder and chest areas which is where much of the air ended up while riding.

Complete with a velcro belt

But the adjustment is completed with the Velcro belt. This means you can adjust the fit of the jacket in the lower part of the torso as well. This way you can experience improved comfort while riding at higher speeds.

Something we don`t really see enough with modern jackets is the possibility to adjust the area around the wrists. But Webetop used a simple nylon wrist cuff to give this possibility to its customers.

This means that bikers can now fully adjust the arms fit in three locations: upper arm, forearm, and wrists. This makes the product a good alternative for users who don`t like roomy arms which might feel uncomfortable especially with longer rides.

The CE approved jacket comes with a reduced weight which makes it a good option for storage purposes. Although there are similar options on the market, the jacket stays popular because of its low weight and adjustable straps, which give it an improved fit.


Compared to the Alpinestars GP Plus R and the Goldfox Armor this jacket offers improved protection areas.

The biggest difference –one is mesh and one is leather.

One downfall of mesh tends to be the durability but it does have its advantages. One of the major benefits of mesh jackets is improved breathability on hot days. The riders living in Arizona know what I’m talking about.

Although the Alpinestars jacket comes with a stronger base material, the full grain leather is not as protective as the polyurethane pads which have the ability to disperse shocks to reduce the effect of the impact.


The Webetop Mens Mesh Motorcycle Protective Jacket With Armor is a strong polyurethane-based jacket. It comes as an attractive option for your first full body protection jacket.

Although the mesh is not known for its durability only time will tell if webetop came up with a top quality solution for daily armor.

A couple other quick tips to keep in mind

The webetop comes with complete adjustability, which means you can adjust the upper and lower areas of the arms and even the wrists to avoid getting too much air between you and the jacket.

The jacket is can also be used without the spine protection which is a feature we see in most products. However, its weight still recommends it for use with all the protective pads.

Who is a Webetop Jacket for?

The ideal rider for this jacket is a person who needs a daily secure option. Considering this riding jacket will not be used for special events or on other similar occasions, the jacket has a purposeful design.

It means it will keep you safe without making you feel you have a collectible item. The jacket is made to protect you as well as possible on hot summer days and with the lowest weight.

If you want a special design you can look elsewhere, but if you want a jacket which does its job, Webetop is perfect from spring to late summer.

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