Why Do Bikers Wear Leather Jackets?

motorcycle jackets leather vs textile

Why Do Bikers Wear Leather Jackets?

Bikers wear leather jackets for protection, comfort and style. Safety is the most important aspect when choosing a leather jacket, as leather is one of the most abrasion resistant materials. Bikers also choose leather for comfort, as leather jackets are made for long distance traveling.

Have you thought about the importance of wearing leather jackets on a motorcycle over other garments?

It is important for bikers to use jacket when riding a motorcycle because it offers full protection. The two major materials used in making these jackets are leather and textile.

Both are unique in their own ways, and they offer protection whenever you are involved in an accident.

The debate over which is more durable and preferred has been on for several decades, and it is somewhat difficult to select one over the other.

Though it is true that the material of a motorcycle jacket matters, the quality of the material plays a very crucial role in determining durability.

Even if we assume that a leather jacket is slightly better than textile, going for low-grade leather can never be compared to a high-grade textile and vice versa.

For the purpose of this article, we shall be looking at the benefits of leather jackets, and why you should wear leather jackets on a motorcycle.

Leather Is a Tough Material

When buying a motorcycle jacket, one feature you should pay more attention to is its durability. No one likes to buy the same product over and over again just because the previous one got spoilt.

It is advisable and reasonable to go for the product that is rugged even if the price is a little higher than the ordinary one.

When compared to the textile material, a leather jacket looks tougher and stronger, yet comfortable to use due to its soft nature.

In case you have an accident with your bike, your jacket should be able to shield you from grazes and cuts.

 A leather jacket is very durable and made of good quality that can last several years, but you may have to spend more on it.

Note: this does not mean all leathers are durable. Just as we have high-quality leather, there are also those of low quality.

Leather Jackets Are Everywhere

Why do motorcycle riders wear leather? Because they're everywhere!

One important thing about the leather jacket is that the size remains nearly the same, wherever you decide to purchase it, unlike other garments.

What this means, is that there is no need for you to start visiting different stores to try on a jacket to uncover if it actually fits you or not.

You can easily order your jacket from the comfort of your home from websites that sell the product.

By doing this, you have saved yourself from the stress of driving around, and the cost of getting gas to use to drive around. You can rest assured of getting a jacket that will fit you perfectly when you go for leather.

Benefits of Leather Jacket

Great For All Weather

Another interesting reason why you should wear leather jacket is that it is tough enough to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Leather can cope well either in the rain or in hot weather condition, and it still maintains its original nature as it was when newly purchased.

The leather jacket is so strong that it requires great effort to get it thwarted, unlike other materials that can hardly withstand harsh weather conditions. Therefore, the leather jacket is known as the “all-weather” jacket.

They Come In Great Style

why do bikers wear leather jackets

Apart from the protection motorcycle jackets offer to bikers, it should also be fashionable enough to look good on the users. 

This is what a leather jacket offers to bikers because it gives you a great stylish look on your bike.

To those who are fashion freak, you don’t have to look any further for other jacket types because all you need is embedded in leather jackets.

Leather jackets come with zippered pockets to protect items kept inside the pockets

Almost all the jackets made of leather come with numerous pockets both on the interior and exterior sides of the garment.

All the pockets have zippers to protect items from falling off the pockets during riding.

They also have waterproof features that add extra protection to delicate 

Easily Maintained 

You can use jackets made of leather for several years with little maintenance. You may decide to replace your leather when you feel like changing the style or design of the jacket.

It can be easily cleaned by dry cleaning and it takes less effort to remove stains. Although it is good to keep it clean at all time, the stains on leather are not so apparent.

Leather gear is also suitable for long distance riding because it doesn’t create pressure on the body and it is very flexible for turning on the bike.

Abrasion Resistance 

When you are buying a motorcycle jacket, your primary aim is to get the one that will offer full protection. Although all other materials also provide protection, they cannot be compared with leather in any way.

You must be aware that there are low-quality leather materials just as we have the high-quality material.

For you to enjoy its full protection, you may have to spend a good amount of money to get high-quality motorcycle jacket.

The thickness of the leather should also be considered. It shouldn’t be less than 1.2mm thick to prevent injuries during a crash.

With all the benefits and advantages of leather over other garments, you should definitely wear the leather jacket on a motorcycle. Leather material is tough & rugged and can withstand any kind of weather.

It is durable and long-lasting even with just minimal maintenance given to it.

With a leather jacket, you can enjoy maximum protection, and it comes with several interiors and exterior zippered pockets to help keep your items from falling off during a ride.

Why Bikers Wear Leather

Bikers wear leather mainly for the classy look, great protection and the ability to wear it out on the town, whether you're riding or not.

Leather jackets may not be the best choice for rainy weather, or for super hot summer weather. 

But they do have their purpose and you can't go wrong having one in your arsenal. 

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