Xelement B7100 Classic Motorcycle Biker Jacket Review

Xelement B7100 Classic Motorcycle Biker Jacket Review

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Leather motorcycle jackets are tough, durable, and cool to look at. That is why the Xelement b7100 Classic Motorcycle Biker Jacket is made in a timeless design, while using the most durable materials.

This is a must-have motorbike jacket for every rider, learn more by reading our full Xelement motorcycle jacket review.


    • Premium cowhide leather
    • Heavy-duty silver zippers
    • Zippered cuffs
    • Quilted polyester material insulation liner
    • Multiple pockets
    • Belted waist, classic design


The Xelement B7100 Classic is made with only the best quality cowhide leather that is tough and durable and can withstand the test of time. The tough leather will also be very effective in protecting your skin in case of a fall.

Thick leather material

The thick leather material will also shield you from the elements such as light rain or cold weather. If you want, you can add to the insulation with a thick sweater or a hoodie underneath to keep you warm.

Quilted polyester

To keep you cushioned, the Xelement B7100 Classic comes with a quilted polyester material that serves as an insulation liner.

The thick quilted polyester material ensures that any impact incurred by you and the jacket in case of a fall will be significantly diminished to lessen the possibility or the severity of an injury.

Plenty of insulation

This insulation is a great addition to the Xelement B7100 Classic’s tough leather exterior that makes it an ideal riding jacket for serious bikers.

To keep things compact and so that you can keep all of your essentials with you without having to carry a bag around.

Heavy duty zippers

To match the tough cowhide leather in its durability, the Xelement B7100 Classic also comes with heavy-duty silver zippers that will not give out on you. Zip up and down as many times as you like and you can trust that they will function perfectly 100% of the time.

The Xelement B7100 Classic also comes with zippered cuffs for maximum wind repel. Your wrists and arms stay dry and warm, and you are assured that you will not incur unwanted drag due to wind entering your sleeves.

The zippered cuffs also make sure of your comfort as well as your safety as your cuffs are sure to stay in place as opposed to more open and more exposed cuffs.

Multiple pockets

The Xelement B7100 Classic also comes with multiple pockets where you can keep wallets, keys, phones, cards, registration and other essential or important items that you carry around while driving.

With these pockets, you also minimize the possibility of losing your most important items since you get to keep them on your person at all times while riding, and even as you get off your bike.

Belted waist

The belted waist of the Xelement B7100 Classic makes sure that it keeps snug against you, no matter what you may be wearing underneath.

This belt also ensures that you get an adequate fit that will promote comfort while riding, and for an attractive fit that you can wear even when you are not on your bike.

The Xelement jacket is made with a classic design that goes well with almost anything you may have underneath. The classic design is also reminiscent of the vintage biker jackets of the 1960’s.


According to a few previous buyers of the Xelement B7100 Classic, they were not satisfied by the material of the jacket.

Leather feels cheap

A few customers thought that the leather material was not up to par with the specifications provided, and seemed a bit cheap. Still, others complained that the Xelement B7100 Classic was a bit undersized when it came to their sizing charts.

An extra-large fits a large-sized person, according to a previous buyer, who had to have a friend try it on for size since the size he bought was too small for him. Try upsizing one or two sizes with this jacket to be able to get just the right fit.

Xelement leather jacket review – Verdict

The Xelement B7100 Classic motorcycle riding jacket may very well be the best leather motorcycle jacket in its price range, some may even say it’s the ultimate classic leather riding jacket of your dreams.

It is made from durable tough cowhide leather and heavy duty silver zippers, making the Xelement B7100 Classic a jacket that is made to last. Its size range covers a vast variety of sizes that range from small to 6X to fit every size body.

I hope you enjoyed my Xelement motorcycle jacket review and stay safe out there my fellow riders!

Xelement Size Chart


  • Does this jacket fit true to size?

This Xelement leather jacket fits small, check your measurements and order at least one size larger than normal.

  • Is it genuine leather or knockoff?

This bad boy is made of genuine cowhide leather

  • Does the Xelement b7100 have lace on the side of the jacket?


  • Does the jacket have a removable liner?


How good of value is this jacket?

The xelement b7100 motorcycle jacket is an awesome value riding jacket. Many of my fellow riders say they get compliments on it as if it was worth over $300.


  1. Hi there, thanks for this detailed review.
    I enjoyed reading it. This is something that I consider for my own reward. I wonder where can I buy this though.
    Do they have international delivery option?
    How about the return policy? Especially when you said there is complaint and concerns about the material.

    Sorry for asking too many questions.
    Looking forward for your response,
    thank you

    • Top Motorcycle Jackets says:

      Hey Habil,

      To purchase the jacket you just click the bold text link for the “Xelement B7100 Classic”

      As far as the return policy goes, all purchases are complete through Amazon.

      You will be directed to the correct Country, so there will be no international shipping charges.


  2. Really nice jacket. This has more of an old school look. It has all the pockets I’m looking for. Do you have any hoodies/sweaters that you could recommend to go with it? I may need one considering the colder weather we’ve been having lately. Any biking events going on locally or long distance coming up? Maybe I can sport my new xelement b7100. 🙂

    • Top Motorcycle Jackets says:

      Hey Johnathen,

      No hoodies yet but that may be something we review in the future! A clean black one would look perfect

      As far as events go, just follow our Facebook @topmotorcyclejackets for different events and promotions.


  3. Im glad that i find this, my friend is a big motorbike fan, he have a Suzuki Bandit, beatiful torque. Im gonna get him a jacket for his bday, I think i will surprise him with this jacket. I saw that the jacket have many features, he gonna love it. Thanks for that review, keep up the good work! Btw I also like your how to choose motorocycle jacket articpe

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