Xelement CF508 Women`s Mesh Armored Jacket Review

Xelement CF508 Women`s Mesh Armored Jacket Review

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The Xelement CF508 Women`s Mesh Armored Jacket comes in black or pink. The jacket is a light model which is perfect for warmer weather.

Thus, this women’s mesh motorcycle riding jacket can be worn during spring or the hot summer days. It is a warm weather jacket due to the poly mesh materials. But although it comes with a light design, the jacket still has armor to protect you from any unwanted situations.

The level 3 armor that comes with the jacket is among the ergonomic options on the market. The armor is placed on strategic places which can be the most exposed.

Thus, the jacket comes with armor on the shoulders, elbows and in the back of the torso. The jacket also comes with padding in the lower back.

TheĀ Xelement CF508 Women`s Mesh Armored Jacket also comes with comfortable inserts and design which are made to improve your riding experience. Women will be happy to hear the arms of the jacket come with two adjustment snaps.

They can play an important role in the fit of the sleeves but also in the wind protection. Since you can tightly adjust the arm sleeves, there are fewer chances of wind getting into the arms area even at higher speeds.


  • Breathable mesh with pink panels
  • Level 3 armor for improved protection
  • Removable armor design
  • Adjustable arm straps
  • Interior pocket
  • Lightweight design with 2 pounds for the XL version
  • Reflective piping
  • Waist side straps
  • Mandarin collar


  • Lightweight design perfect for warmer days
  • Removable Level 3 armor
  • Breathable mesh
  • Adjustable cuffs to arms and waist


  • The end of the sleeves can`t be adjusted against the wind


The Xelement CF508 Women`s Mesh Armored Jacket is a great poly mesh jacket for the warmer days. Its lightweight design is perfect for spring or summer. But the lightweight design doesn`t mean the jacket is poor with protection.

It comes with armor in the elbow area, shoulders and the back with additional padding in the lower back. This means the jacket is well able to protect you in the essential areas.

The level 3 protection on the jacket speaks about the care Xelement has put into the model which although is a lightweight design it still comes with good protection. The CE-approved armor in the elbows, shoulders, and back is also removable.

So what can you expect in terms of wing and protection against the elements? The jacket comes with adjustable arms straps.

Great wind and water protection

They play an essential role in protecting you against wind or water. Since you will be using the straps you also might adjust them for the perfect fit. The front side of the jacket also comes with two hand pockets.

The interior of the jacket is a good place to store valuables such as wallets or phones. They can be stored in the non-removable zipper pocket of the interior.

The mesh lining makes the jacket very breathable and the correct option for the warmer days.

The torso is protected by the level 3 armor which has passed the highest standards in crash tests. The armor has passed the EN1621-1 & EN1621-2 impact tests making it one of the safest lightweight designs on the market.

But you also get wind protection in the torso. With adjustable waist straps, you get a custom fit which is perfect for thinner women or users who want the best wind protection.

One of the complaints some users have about the jacket comes with the end of the sleeves which can`t protect thinner arms. So this is the case with the non-adjustable sleeve ends which are not best suited for users looking for the closest fit.

If you`re not bothered by this issue, there are really no significant bad points about the jacket. Of course, you need to realize the jacket is only an option for the warmer days and wearing in the fall might not be the best idea.

Since it comes with a mesh construction it doesn`t offer enough protection in colder weather conditions but it is rather made for the breathability needed during the summer.


The Xelement CF508 Women`s Mesh Armored Jacket comes in a pink or black option. It is not different to the men`s version which may also come in yellow. There is the issue of visibility on both the men`s and women`s jackets.

Since you will want to be seen by other traffic participants it might be worth choosing a pink color for women or the yellow option for men. The colored mesh is perfect for the summer season both in terms of breathability and in terms of color choices and design.

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The Xelement CF508 Women`s Mesh Armored Jacket comes with one of the lightest design on the market. For example, the XL version has a weight of only 2 pounds making it perfect for warm weather.

With mesh construction and level-3 armor, you can expect a good performer in terms of safety and breathability. It would suit both the occasional and the daily rider who needs a lightweight jacket that comes with two front hand pockets and an interior mesh pocket for valuables

Adjustability is another strong point of the jacket. There are adjustment straps on the arms which will help you stay protected against the wind. But the jacket also comes with adjustable waist straps.

These straps are perfect for a quick solution in terms of fit and wind protection. The overall protection of the jacket is ensured by the removable armor which has passed the highest safety standards. They are located in the elbows, shoulders and back to offer good protection in the high impact areas.

If you`re looking for a good jacket which you can wear from early spring to the late summer, the Xelement CF508 is a good choice for most riders.

As long as you don`t mind you can`t adjust the end of the sleeve leaving your arms a bit exposed to the wind, you will have one of the best jackets in terms of breathability, comfort, and protection for the warmer days.

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